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Respite or Maybe Not, Chapter 6 - Foot Loose by Donatellosgirl36, literature

Respite or Maybe Not, Chapter 5 - Little Rascals by Donatellosgirl36, literature

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Respite or Maybe Not, Chapter 6 - Foot Loose by Donatellosgirl36, literature

Respite or Maybe Not, Chapter 5 - Little Rascals by Donatellosgirl36, literature


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All Grown Up by Donatellosgirl36, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Literature
My Bio
Art Requests and CommissionsDue an increase in recent requests, I’ve decided to post my requests/commissions info.
Rules related to request/commissions
    1.       I retain the right to refuse to draw any piece for any reason.
    2.       I will not draw t-cest, nudity, or sexual content. No M or NC17. No NSFW.
    3.       All drawings will be digital.
    4.       I will strive to be timely, but realize this is not my primary source of income and I am a busy mom.
    5.       Request will be free, but please be sure to credit me.
    6.       I may not be familiar with all genres. I am most familiar and comfortable drawing TMNT and X-Men. However, if you still wish a piece from another
Fanfiction Requests and CommissionsI will write fanfiction for the following genres:
Inu Yasha
Star Trek OTS, TNG, DS9
Beauty and the Beast 1987 TV Series
Other genres are a possibility, if I’m familiar with them.
    1.       Requests – this means I’m doing it for free, just for the joy of writing. Commissions - mean I am being paid to write a specific story. Thus requests will be done at my leisure and when they do not interfere with my own fanfics.
    2.       My stories are priority. However, commissions will be done as promptly as possible.
    3.       I do not take anonymous requests and if I discover you stole an idea from another writer, I will remove the work.
    4.       I am willing to write some M rated pieces, but they will only b

I am more of a writer than an artist. So, please forgive the roughness of my work. The pics here are mainly related to my fics. My favorite turtle is Donatello (which you could probably guess) from the 1987 show. It's the one I grew up on and will always be my fave! I like the 2003 as well, but have a few issue with the 2012. But as there are so many versions of our lovable turtles out there, I'm willing to dip my toe in all the pools -sorta speak.

There are 28 parts in the Bound Series. Below is the link to the TOC for the series.

TMNT Bound Series - Table of Contents Vol. 1Bound Series - Meet the Family
Bound Timeline
Or, listen on soundcloud!
NOTE: I have removed my AO3 account, so no links to there will work.
Part 1 - Bound

The arrival of a long lost friend brings back memories and emotions for the turtles, especially Donnie. Lives and futures hang in the balance. 

Bound Chapter 1 - Remember Me
Bound Chapter 2 - Forgiveness
Bound Chapter 3 - Food and Furniture
Bound Chapter 4 - Family and Frustration
Bound Chapter 5 - Distractions
Bound Chapter 6 - Stay With Me
Bound Chapter 7 - Overwhelmed
Bound Chapt
TMNT Bound Series - Table of Contents Vol. 2
Bound Series
Volume 2

This is the second volume in this series. The turtles are getting older, they have families of their own. This part picks up from Chapter 15 of "A Never Ending Bond." Below are a few quick references that might help if you are trying to pick up in the middle somewhere.
Bound Series - Meet the Family
Bound Timeline
Bound - Family Character Bios
TMNT Bound Series - Table of Contents Vol. 1
1. Broken Again
Life forces us to make decisions and we grow in the process. As Kaz and Ona must make their choices, the past tries to interfere. Mikey discovers just how bittersweet life is. And April, meanwhile, is forced to make some decisions of her own. Time is an unstoppable force that we must adapt to or risk growing stagnant.
Broken Again, Chapter 1 - Domino Effect

Outside of the Bound Series, I now have several fics in play.

TOC: Other TMNT StoriesI have compiled a list of my other TMNT stories. These are unrelated to my series and universe varies.
Any Universe
The Heart of the Matter
Summary: Splinter wishes he could give his sons a proper Christmas. But they remind him he has already given the greatest gift of all, by returning it to him. A turtle-tot Christmas fic.
Brother's Keeper
Summary: Some things can never be forgiven. Some things have to remain in the darkness.
Little Terror
Summary: The turtles find an abandoned puppet in the sewers and take it home. But more comes home with them than just a wooden doll. A creepy turtle tot Halloween one-shot.
The Monster's Sister, Chapter 1 - Cruel Fate
Summary: “They say he’s a monster. They say he’s bad. They say he’s not worth saving. But all I can think about is how he saved m

The Monster's Sister
Identity Crisis - 2016 TMNT Universal Fanfic Competition, Loveliest Romance 2nd Place
What Makes a Mutant a Man
Katsaridaphoia October 2016: Donatellosgirl36 by FoxKids1302
The Heart of the Matter
Between WN yearend 3rd place 2017 donatellosgirl36 by sampsonknight
Breaking Chains (sequel to The Monster's Sister)
Making a Memory WN March battle 2017 donatellosgirl36 by sampsonknight
Brother's Keeper WN July battle 2017 donatellosgirl36 by sampsonknight
It's a Wonderful Life, Raphael WN August battle 2017 donatellosgirl36 by sampsonknight

TMNTFA Nominee Stamp by AdventureHobbit3791 ***Winner of Best Oc-Insert Writer catagory*** 2017

put this on your
---██--- DeviantArt page
█████ if your
---██--- not embarrased
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you're a Christian

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Favourite Movies
The Princess Bride
Favourite TV Shows
1987 TMNT, Beauty and the Beast, Star Trek (any)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Garth Brooks and other country music, but sometimes when I'm in the mood 3 Doors Down.
Favourite Books
Bible, Lord of the Rings
Favourite Writers
S. E. Hinton, Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, Stephen King
Other Interests
Quilting, crafting
Hello, everyone! I hope you have all been well. I know I haven't been on much this past year. As you all know its been a crazy one! So, forgive me for not being as attentive here as normal and thank you again for your patience. After homeschooling my special needs son, I am completely wiped at the end of the day. But he'll be headed back to school next year with any luck and then I can get back to rocking and rolling with my writing. Speaking of which, Amazon will be offering a new format for serial writing in a few months. So, I'd like your help. What are the genres and such that you would be most interested in reading about? Or are there any original characters/worlds that I have created that you would love to read more about? No TMNT characters, please. This is originally created material only.
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Hi, everyone! I hope you are all doing well and having a great holiday season! I miss you guys a lot but still trying to find the time to get back on at a regular basis. With school out in another week I may finally have some time to write. It's tru
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So, I'm sure a lot of you have been wondering, "Where the heck is Donatellosgirl36? Why hasn't she updated her fanfiction or favorited anything lately!" Well, that's both a simple and complicated question. I started out writing my novel. And thanks to a very dear friend I was able to complete it and get it on Amazon Kindle. Just $2.99. Thank you, Kristee for all your wonderful help! I'll have the print version available soon. This was the beginning of an onslaught of projects. In the past five months, I have made a king-sized quilt, 23 teddy bears, numerous other small projects, face masks, and in the last two months homeschool my special needs son. I have on occasion sat down to write the next chapter of "Respite" and got a few paragraphs written before I am called away again. So, I am not ignoring this story. IN FACT
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