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Gonna try this 'art' thing again, maybe this time even do something with it. :shrug:

Favourite Visual Artist
Rembrandt, Reiq, Masamune Shirow, everyone at WETA Workshop
Favourite Movies
Star Wars 4-5-6, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Guardians of the Galaxy
Favourite TV Shows
Knight Rider, AirWolf, Buck Rogers in the 25th Centruy, Star Trek (original), Battlestar Galactica (original), Stranger Things
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mozart, Beethoven, EpicLore, Daft Punk,
Favourite Books
9 Tomorrows, The Laundry, Ender's Game
Favourite Writers
David Brin, Stephen Baxter, Jeff Haskell, Issac Asimov, H. P. Lovecraft, Charles Stross
Favourite Games
Fallout 2, X-COM UFO Defense, DOOM Shareware, System Shock II
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Android
Tools of the Trade
PC Blender Photoshop Wacom
Other Interests
Sleeping in
Back in Nov of '21 I left a comment on a post-apocalyptic alternate history map remarking on the factions listed, and how they differed from actual 1877's America. In response, two days ago he replies: "Sorry for the late reply but please get off my profile frankly you're a perverted disgusting old man and i dont want to associate with you in any way" Now, as the title says... his statement's not entirely incorrect, but it is a bit harsh. The details are debatable, as I'm only 45, hardly an "old man" but some people won't like my art, or my comments, which is fine. We're all allowed our opinions, you, me, him, everybody. That's no reason to be crude though, and certainly not a reason to indulge in the childish "leave a nasty comment and block the other guy" playground bullying he's pulled... but hey, two can play at that game. And if there's one thing I've learned from my 45 years of life experience, nobody is as childishly petulant as a perverted disgusting old man. :shrug:
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I first read Wheel of Time in 1993-94 shortly before Lord of Chaos came out, so I read from EotW to LoC all in one go... but I missed the releases of A Crown of Thorns & The Path of Daggers in 1996-98 because I was on my Mission. When I got back into WoT with ACoT in late 1998, I realized I had forgotten a lot of what had happened previously, so I re-read EotW through LoC to prepare myself for a "proper" reading of ACoT and PoD. I had so much free time back then! After that, it was a "tradition" that I re-read the entire series each time a new WoT book came out... I had no life. When New Spring came out, I read it by itself, but added it to the re-read list when Knife of Dreams came out two years later. Because of this insanity, I have read: New Spring five times The Eye of the World, The Great Hunt, The Dragon Reborn, The Shadow Rising, The Fires of Heaven, & Lord of Chaos eight times each A Crown of Thorns & The Path of Daggers seven times each Winter's Heart six times
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Spent an hour or two painting a picture for AAAA. Gimp crashed on save. I don't think I'm meant to "art".
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Haven't heard from you for ages!

You doing okay?

I'm hanging in there, you know!

Tons o' Love! - PAV and Jimbo

Hey Professor!

I'm alive, but working crazy busy, but that's good for business, so I hope to stay well!

Big thanks! - PAV

YOU'RE Preverted!!!!?

I beg your pardon!, But

I'm the Uncle-Of-Deviated-Preverts (UODP [pronounced: "you-dip"]!!!)

Anyway! I hope that you and family are doing well.

My household. . ., we are getting older, and slowing down... .


I do not likr grtting old at all!

Getting old sucks, but at least we can be old UODP together! ;p


Keep creating to stop the hating!

I love's yah's! PAV and Jimbo

You okay matey? Gone silent... hope ya okay :)