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The Dream Maker



Rhino 3d, PSP7 and a bunch of plugins for postwork.

I found a cyberpunk/sci-fi render by dbrv6 over at rendo lately, reminding me of one of my all time favourite movies (besides the "Battle of Midway"): The Blade Runner.


I bought the BR "2007 final cut special edition" (a really fair deal) later that week, and, again got caught by the dense atmosphere of that 1982 future noir cult classic - just like about 25 years ago. As Rutger Hauer puts it when recalling his work on the set in 1981:"I was living there!".

I tried to achieve the look of a painted storyboard concept artwork like they were done in pre-production of films in those days. The skybike is inspired by the flying car (the so called "spinner") used by the LAPD cops in 2019 - think of it as a single seated version, just like a police bike. Perhaps the chinese "Dream Maker" sells the only chance to escape from the dying rainy Dystopia Philip K. Dick imagined in "Do androids dream of electric sheep ?" - at least for a while.

Thanks for viewing.
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