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Monkey D Luffy Gladiator

Monkey D. Luffy, also known as "Straw Hat Luffy" and commonly as "Straw Hat", is a pirate and the main protagonist of the anime and manga, One Piece. He is the son of theRevolutionary Army's commander, Monkey D. Dragon, the grandson of the famed Marine, Monkey D. Garp, the foster son of a mountain bandit, Curly Dadan, and the adopted brother of the late "Fire Fist" Portgas D. Ace and the revolutionary Sabo. His life long dream is to become the Pirate King by finding thelegendary treasure left behind by the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. He believes that being Pirate King means one has the most freedom in the world. He has eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi. As the founder and captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, he is the first member who makes up the crew, as well as one of its top three fighters.
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More like Grandpa Luffy
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Nice pic . Hi donaco do you have account in instgram ??
Nice work man. I'm new here, i wonder if you can tell me how i can download your pictures? They are awesome!
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just right click and save image as
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