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Space Age Years by Don-O Space Age Years by Don-O
The Space Age Years is a personal mix-tape that barely contains a lot of the cultural sign posts of the post-WW2 era of late 50’s, 60’s and a toe dip into the 70’s; shades of World’s Fairs (New York and Seattle), Disney, Tiki, Esquivel are tagged, well as some small side trips on Bacharach, 2001, Moog, etc.

Noting that this audio topic can go on into infinity and your friendly local internet radio stations like WFMU and LuxuriaMusic, the limitations placed here will be maddening for the obsessed as the original and personal challenge here is to whip it all up within a 2 CDR frame.…..and even with THAT, I failed as I ended up with two versions; expanded and CD versions. Expanded is (approx..) 2 hours and 45 minutes while the CD version is basically minus two tracks.

The following is the track list in its expanded form:

Atomic Cocktail/Slim Gaillard Quartette

Space Age segment:
a) Blast Off/Free Fall (excerpt)/Col. Frank Erhardt & Cast
b) Space Suite - Count Down / Flight Into Orbit & Empyrean/Bobby Christian
c) Venus/Russ Garcia
d) Re-Entry/Thomas Dissevelt

Esquivel! Segment:
a) Sentimental Journey
b) Whatchamacallit    
c) Latin-Esque
d) Brazil
e) Goodnight from Esquivel (live from Stardust)

Movin’& Groovin’/The Three Sun

Exotica segment:
a) Torch Lighting Ceremony #1/Frank & Jo Byers
b) Quite Village/Les Baxter
c) Quite Village/Martin Denny
d) Quite Village/Arthur Lyman
e) Cherry Blossoms/(Sakura) Norrie Paramor
f) Luau Is Calling You
g) Torch Lighting Ceremony #6/Frank & Jo Byers

The Enchanted Tiki Room
It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (Overture/Main Titles)/Ernest Gold

Pacific Ocean Park segment:
a) POP radio ad
b) Mission To Mars/Spaceship Sunshine

Walk On By/Dionne Warwick

Seattle’s World’s Fair segment:
a) Invitation To The Fair/Joe Juma2:03
b) Mister Here (From Way Out There)/Mister Here5:49
c) Space Age World's Fair /Attilio Mineo

Bendix 1: The Tomorrow People/Raymond Scott

1964/65 New York World’s Fair segment:
a) World Of Tomorrow/George Bruns (Walt Disney)
b) Futurama/General Motors
c) General Motors Futurama Ride (slight edit)
d) The Fair Is Fair (Official Song)/1964-65 NYWF

Little David's Fugue/MJQ & Swingle Singers
Music For Night People/Larry Page Orchestra

PeopleMover segment:
a) The New Tomorrowland
b) PeopleMover Theme
c) PeopleMover Spiel

One Note Samba/Spanish Flea/Perry & Kingsley
Crystal Illusions/Sergio Mendez & Brasil ’66
Funky Fanfare/Keith Mansfield
Main Street Electrical Parade/Walt Disney Productions

Airline segment:
a) KPSA radio I. D./PSA Airlines
b) Pan Am/The Lettermen
c) The Other Side Of Clouds/Continental Airlines
d) Come Fly With Us/United Airlines
e) American Airlines Theme/American Airlines

2001/Star Wars/HAL 9000-Nick Rivers

As for the CD version, subtract ‘Atomic Cocktail’ and ‘Crystal Illusions’ and burn away.

NOTE: this is for show and tell and is not considered definitive, so if you think something is missing from YOUR version of this playlist….well, you can make one up for your own….and good damned luck with it as they were a TON of edits involved here.

Good luck with what’s left of the space age,
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Interesting stuff.
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