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Peace Out

By DomNX
For a poster competition [link]

I just enjoy ironic, oxymoronic (is that a word?)statements.
...and a sexy babe always seems to make it okay, no matter if you believe it or not.
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I just found your art and I fucking love it. You are a master of the propaganda style (Walrus one is love btw, just saying). Seriously, fully bamf.
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Great piece! And the statement is somehow true. Peace is worth a war cause peace at all costs always leads to even worse war. But it's just an observation.
Nice concept. Simple but not rough work, interesting colors. Simply great.
DomNX's avatar
Sadly, that's the irony of the whole situation :(
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And in camo short-shorts as well!
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Nice one... u should have a look at my "we bring peace" :P
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nice work. the gun is pretty cool.
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dom, I'm always looking forward to your new vectors, coz I seem to find great inspiration in them, really. For example, I've just finished my first photo vectorization yesterday and thought - how could I make it look revolutionary like domnx makes it? :D oh yeah, I'd sure love to talk with you about the oldschool, "communist"-like, propagandist "feel" you add to some of your works :) Oh and great work, as always ;)
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Thanks. You did a pretty good job with Col. Sanders, btw. :)
nickolasnaim's avatar
War is peace...?

Freedom is slavery...?

Ignorance is truth...?

I recall reading that somewhere, and possibly hearing something similar in a recent speech.

Nice piece though :)
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uh...Thanks, I think...
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Hooray for babes! :D Gotta love 'em.
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"...and a sexy babe always seems to make it okay, no matter if you believe it or not"

Amen, brother!
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Well you know what they say, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
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Like they say; Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity
ssimon2001's avatar
Desdinova, like most liberal dolts, you're missing the point. It's never about the war; it's about being willing to fight to maintain human needs and rights.

Deterence is the point.

MasterOfPointillism's avatar
Have you seen this, then? [link]
Desdinova84's avatar
go whine about it in a blog or crawl back under the stone you came from, starting a debate in someone else's deviation comments is just stupid
ssimon2001's avatar
Go back and read the posts; I'm pretty sure YOU started the debate with your comment. :-?

And I want to apologize for the name-calling in my post, something I shouldn't have done. :stupidme:
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