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Liberty with Restrictions

By DomNX
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With the U.S. elections up to a running start, I looked at the parties involved and wondered why it took so long to get this far. For example, we're one of the last countries in the world to elect a woman as president of our country. And with a country made up primarily of "immigrants," you'd think we'd be beyond racism. Thus, this piece was created.

Side note: I created the pieces to this over the weekend and was in the process of putting it together. But then just recently, I went and saw Cloverfield (great movie by the way) and now that's the only thing I can think of...
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I like this poster- it screams "Orwellian" to me. I like the tone of it also- it's cynical, yes- and it still does tell the truth- Americans as a people are a mixed bag of nationalities and races- a real melting pot of immigrants whom the country welcomed. These immigrants came from poor living conditions, or oppression, or famine- and they all came to seek better opportunities to enrich their lives and the lives of their children. fast forward to the present, and the descendants of immigrants forget where we come from. For myself, I don't forget since my dad was from the Philippines and he was also in the US Navy. It was his path to citizenship. But I digress.

Nowadays the children of immigrants forget that they live in a land of freedom which was bought with blood. In order for us to keep our freedoms sometimes we have to bleed for it. The American Revolution was an economic breakaway from England before the actual shooting took place. The colonies were in a fight against tyranny, sure- it was Parliament who passed all those Acts which broke the colonists' back, and the colonies weren't represented.

And these children of immigrants also want to give up their freedoms, all in the name of security. Well, I see that our civil liberties are slowly being taken from us in the form of the Patriot Act (read ALL of it) the National Defense Appropriations Act of 2012-13 (Indefinite detention for AMERICAN CITIZENS who perform acts of terror...) Suspension of Habeas Corpus...well, the fella with the blinders on needs to read and take a look out his window cause odds are he has a mobile guard tower looking at him from across the street. And I quote Benjamin Franklin: "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
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Thanks for the info. Glad to see someone who sees the world that way as well.
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Might I be able to post this to my FB page called: The Voice of Reason? This is wonderful work! :)
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sure. send me the link once it's up.
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Nice propaganda poster.
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It never ceases to amaze me what the "progressive" world view can come up with when it comes to trashing this country.

How would having a woman president improve your life?

You don't get out much do you? You have no idea what real oppression is, or what "boot-on-your-neck" tyranny looks like, or what its like to live in a country that would not let you produce your particular brand of art. I suggest you go hang out with some folks who haven't been as fortunate as you ... people from Iran, Iraq, or any communist country that pops into your head. Ask them why they came to this country. Ask the women what its like to live there. Ask them what they do to homosexuals. Ask them what happens when they call a cop.

I admire your work and would like to have you create a poster for me. It might be therapeutic to take the edge off of what is obviously a constant thread that runs through all of your work.
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And Hitler only killed 14 million civilians, while Stalin's reign could've claimed over 40, so we shouldn't think of the Holocaust as a terrible thing by your logic, we should say "That's better than what he did, so it's okay."

Really, you shouldn't be taking the capitalistic approach of life being a race and you only have to do better than everybody else, you need to look at it and ask how you can make it perfect--not better than the worst, but the absolute best it can be. That's what this nation is about, and we're still working on it (little thanks to people thinking like you've stated).
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:lmao: but whos to say that the great white race is so united! Im definitely part of the majority on this poster but definitely not a WASP that caused the problem in the first place ;) I guess that shows in my politically incorrect comic. you gotta be able to laugh at and criticize yourself before you can to others.

by the way this is excellent. sorry just love to stick in my stick in and stir up the pot of sh*t I like to call home (America)
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Thanks! That's what the freedom of speech is for! :)
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everyone is a little bit racist. in my country we are not.... because we dont get a chance, if a foreigner comes he is more like to be victim of a paparazi stare in the streets than a victim of discrimination.
but yeah in the states (i went for a month in summer) there is more like a inconcient discrimination than a direct act. also some americans tend to be "afraid" of "be racists"
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I'm a woman, but that doesn't make me want to run for president. Even if I were a white male I wouldnt' run for pres!

I personally don't know too many racists/sexists, just a few, and I live where nearly half of the population speaks Spanish. I believe the reason America has not yet voted either "minorities" in for president yet is mostly because none of those minorities have risen to the occasion until now. They've had 30 years to do it. Many of those minorities are in power, just not as president. I'm pretty positive that most Americans don't really care what sex or color a person is. It's mostly the media that hypes it up and likes to call all of us racists for simply existing. I would rather vote for a person's political reasoning rather than their genetics. Believe me, if Condoleeza Rice were to run for president, she would immediatly have my vote, and she fits both of your categories here. And I wouldn't vote for her just because of her sex and color, either. She does good politics, in my opinion.

But as for this coming election, I'm afraid I hate both of the candidates, regardless of sex or color, and I will be forced to vote for the lesser of the two evils. The candidate I wanted didn't make it in. And he didn't make it in mostly because of his peaceful religion...which is a lame reason if you ask me. In a way, although he was, indeed, white, he was a minority, too, regarding how viciously he was treated by the media because of his religion. It's a real shame because he had a lot more experience in foreign and financial affairs than our leading candidates, and that's what our country really needs help with right now. :(

And just as a random, rather silly thought, I have never understood why women have been called a minority. There are just as many women in this country as there are men. The only country I can think of where there are definitly more men than women is China.

Oh, and the colors you used are striking and effective. They really caught my eyes. :D
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Hehe, kinda reminds me of Micah Wright's work.

Anyway, how many trolls have decided to rant about this poster being
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*heheh* It's not so much "unamerican" as it is "antiestablismentarianism." (yeah, it's a word) Just the colors make it look like those early 20th-century propaganda posters.
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You mean like that one poster who claimed that conservative white males are a minority?
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Congratulations, Just notifying you that we featured this piece in Vectography: February 2008.: [link]

If you find the time, please :+fav: the article to make it more popular so more deviants become aware of the vector category, and your art work! :)
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nice graphic style... and very clean vector. i love it.
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Sadly.. oh so true.. :-(

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so very cool
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As much as I respect your abilities and artistic's a tad cynical don't you think? This is the most free country in the world and gives the most freedom to the people whom you mention in the image.

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If you say so.
Let me ask you: Do you belong to any of those groups listed?
Zeartist's avatar
No I belong to the new minority: Conservative, heterosexual, patriotic white males.

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Ah. 'Nuff said.
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