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People live their lives in a rut; like a hamster running in his wheel. Doing lots but getting nowhere. We tend to stick to what's comfortable to us as people. Then we get to a point in our lives wishing we did more. Regretting our choices (or lack thereof) and wishing we pushed the boundaries: Wishing we asked that girl out in high school, wishing we took on that job that would've pushed us over the top into notoriety or even more money, etc. etc.

Take a risk once in awhile...

Colors and proportions were adjusted to accommodate new print sales. So buy now and buy often!
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Hi, I Saw that you had a lot of talent in drawing digital art hamsters so I was wondering if you could help, I need a hamster logo for my new games and social networking site,
the site is not ready yet but we will be needing the logo, what we are looking for is a digital art hamster possibly holding a laptop and smashing through the the screen, in like a star shape or hamster outline shape, I can show you an example before I start. Or even better if possible an origami and cardboard looking hamster but that can be sorted later, please email me at if you are interested or fr more information. As you read this you will be thinking, what is my payment so here it is?
you can have up to 2000points depending on the quality or be paid a fixed cash amount or have a percentage share in our global company. We can also give you a mention on the site once it is released.
thanks and get back to me soon.
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:rofl: I am so getting this print - what a great idea.
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love this/ very funny and accurate..... cant wait to see some more...
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lol! oh my gosh this totally made me laugh. well done!
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love this! look for my payment this weekend!
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Stand up we hamsters! Get off the wheel and live our lives!
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yea animal propaganda makes the WW2 stuff look utterly stupid.

nice job, comrade.
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Гениально мастер!
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I'm not sure what you just said, but...Thanks?
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brilliant master! Inspired by your work :Ъ
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I like it, alot
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This is awesome ^^
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you are super cool!!
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thanks for saying so.
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I love this. And so true.
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This piece is featured here [link] . If you would like it removed, send me a note, I will remove it. Nice work!
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Awesome. Thanks for the feature!
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very well done. great color combinations
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