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Against Chairman Meow

By DomNX
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This started out as one of my propaganda animal pieces, but then I was reminded on the news that it was the 20th anniversary of the protests in China.

Thus, I incorporated the two and created this poster with the appropriate message.

You've all probably seen this image/clip before, on TV, or in books or online. If you haven't, check it out:
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June 4th, 1989.

A Date that should be forever remembered.

Now Erased, Buried and Forever Forgotten... 



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nice poster, but I'm also offended by it. Because Chairman Mao is also a hero to the Chinese, because if it weren't for him, then there wouldn't be the powerful China now.
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Excellent work!!!
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what did you use to make this?
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any vector program will do.
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first day on this site thanks to my brother, a contributor (law007), and i must say I LOVE YOUR WORK! very talented.
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have you played the psn game of RISK factions where you can play as generalisimo meow?
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haha LOL
thatz awesome mate...
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here, meet my Friend big mean doberman pincher, he LOVES CHINESE food
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Hey, mind If I use that cat's face as an avi?
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Totally just bought a print of this, excellent :aww:
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awesome, I would love a pic of it up on your wall!
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this is great!
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Fucking brilliant!
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We're all against Maow ! :)
Seriously, well done... Oo
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