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Dom was long overdue for a new reference, so here he is. He has undergone quite a big evolution. THIS is really what he looks like.

Please tell me why on earth I can happily spend HOURS drawing each little scale on his body, and yet I can't seem to muster up the patience to do detailed backgrounds or whatnot.

Not sure what category to put this in--it was about equal parts digital/traditional. All the lines/texture is by hand with an 0.5 mech pencil on bristol.

Normally he would be drooling but...maybe later, heh.

I think I'll be daring and ask for a crit on this. But please don't crit the background--I know it's pathetic, lol.
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He is absolutely stunning! I adore all of the detailing on the scales, and trust me, I'm right there with you when you say that you can spend hours on stuff like that but not have the patience to take on backgrounds |D I'm the exact same. I find it's easier though to draw backgrounds first and then insert the character, but since I almost always draw the character first I get so involved in the character drawing that I don't pay much attention to the background.

But ANYWAY, I really dig the marriage between horse and draconian / equine anatomy and I think you did that flawlessly!
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I would not wanna fuck with him.
I love your technique on this piece.
So detailed!!
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Lots of love for the Dom! :D
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Awesome creature. The scales look very good!
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I'm loving Domnopalus! <3 He's almost everything I love into one! ^^ Great job, your detail is really realistic!
what are the black things
ive looked at all your drawing but i cant figure it out
is it eyes
are they eyes
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woa. kudos to you for all those scales/osteoderms! I have to say i like this creatures horse-like structure (but with a twist!)
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well, I faved so I will write (its nice)

I'm not sure how to explain the awsomeness that is your drawing. :D The details are so perfectly executed and this is certainly one of the most interesting OC's I've ever seen. I luffles this picture.
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Aww, thank you so much! I'm so glad you like him :3 You seem to have an eye for dragonlike critters! You have a lovely gallery--I love the pup sitter pic! <3
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Dom is easily my favorite character. He is pure awesomeness. o_O
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Absolutely stunning. The attention to detail, the muscles, the scales. Everything down to the wrinkles on his eyes and the little plates on his limbs.

I certainly wouldn't have the patience to do something like this but you have certainly inspired me. All of those little scales...

I feel like I can reach out and pet him and he would feel just like a croc, not that I have ever petted one before but, that is what I get from the picture. xD
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kool another reptile horse! Love your design.
Here's mine: [link]
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I want to marry your picture
and together, we will have a beautiful baby called "art talent."
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Dear Daggerwrist, the art work is truly unique in its own sense. sorry i couldn't quite do a crit. since i'm not a premium member & all. but i shall here. w/the eyes(if that is what you call them on the face)i would definitely go for more light & dark contrast like you did on the neck & lower near the hind quarter. a couple more things you might want to look into is defining the ridges along the neck, back, & tail. Try to pull out the pointed right side of the spaded tail. The ears might be defined a little more in width because they look a little small, though not too wide. overall it is amazing work & don't worry bout the back ground. i'm not great at doing them either or wanting to do them. though back grounds do help to sell off the piece if you get good at it. Keep up the exceptional art work & try out the back grounds & see what happens! Good luck! -Nixirhei
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Thank you so very much for the crit! I definitely do tend to shy away from a great deal of contrast, but as you say I definitely think it would have helped to define those parts you mentioned, and I'll keep that in mind for next time (or if I go back to this one, which is likely--I want to add drool anyway, lol). I'll try to remember not to be so afraid of contrast too in the future, because as you imply it definitely makes things look better/more impressive.

Thanks so much for the encouragement, too!! That means so much to me, and really helps!
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You are welcome. :) It takes alot of guts to try something new when it comes to art, but if you really want to push your self & stand out you have to learn to take those leaps & bounds every now & again. I like your idea of the drool, that would be a cool new addition that keeps you looking & guessing at what you are going for in a piece. Remember when trying something new, go easy at first & gradually work into it. It helps you to transfer/transform into something else (aka:makes it less scary or painful). Way to go!
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Good ol' Dommie! <3 Love all the detail and work you put into him, and I love how his eyes stand out.
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The detail on this is beautiful! I can't believe you did all those scales by hand, that is incredible. The color gradation is really lovely!!
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