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Lady of Pain

By dominuself
For those of you not familiar the D&D roleplaying game, The Lady of Pain is the fictional protector of the city of Sigil in the Planescape campaign setting. She is also known as Her Serenity, for the permanently vacant expression on her face, The Bladed Queen, or simply The Lady. She is an immensely powerful being who rules Sigil, the City of Doors; she is an entity of inscrutable motives, and often those who cross her path, even if accidentally, are flayed to death or teleported to one of her extra-dimensional mazes.

Bonus: 1920x1200 Wallpaper [link]
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You shall not fuck with the Lady of Pain!
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That's a superb Lady of Pain!
It's awesome!
Using the wallpaper version right now
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wonderful drawing
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Excellent! Please make a prink of this.
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Thanks krenum, print is available here: [link]
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Planescape was D&D's best setting and they did nothing with it. At least we got Torment from the setting. :)
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Hail to Tides of Numenera :)
Hardly wait.
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Lady of Pain is one girl you do not want to meet.
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very nice. iLike.
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Yes I really like the godly cold beauty.
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I simply love your version of The Lady. :D
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She is womderful... And she has shapes of raven, I think... Darkness in square... Great... *___^
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*Makes a semi-circle near the heart*
'Tis nice portrait, blood. But are you alive, or someone posted it here post-mortem?
Coz.... you know, basher. No one gives Her Serenity a laugh! [link]
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