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So yeah, with all this Thief IV buzz around I decided to draw a full view of Garrett posing. Really looking forward to the new game.
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I would really love a true Thief 4 sequel and not the remake they did
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me too, me too...
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He's good at stealth and covert operations.
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One of my favourite pieces of Thief fan art. A real classic you have here, taffer. :-) Thanks for creating it.
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Excellent. True to the original. :D
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THIS is what Garrett looks like, a gloomy "Strider" type look. Not a fan of that new Garrett from TEEF.
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I love how you kept his face in dim light and the design of Garrett in this picture,it's really thief-like and not some sort of ninja as in the new game. I can imagine his (real) voice just now looking at him.
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Absolutely nails it. I picked up the first two games last year to play on my crap PC, and I have fallen in love. Between his voice and the gameplay, this is pretty much exactly how I picture Garrett.

*Sigh* It's a little sad seeing this now, after Eidos have released their concept for a steampunk spider-ninja who is somehow supposed to have the same name.
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Amazing work, man. I can't wait for T4 either.
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Awesome job on this, he looks pretty bad ass.
I love this guy, partly because he's just so awesome, but mostly because he has the same name as me :D
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My dad has played Thief 2: The Metal Age when I was young!
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Looks a little like Strider (Aragorn)
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"I prefer my payment in cash...not liquor..."
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He looks... annoyed. As if he really does not want to stand still for this silly little portrait :D
I love his pose and the coloring is just gorgeous - very realistic
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Very VERY cool! Awesome work!
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This is amazing! I've seen this over on TTLG

It's helping me greatly in gathering my materials for my Garrett cosplay!
I wondered if his hood was attached to his cloak or his tunic!

Wonderful work! I'd love to see more!
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thanks! :)

and yes the hood is attached
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Well, it's perfect.

'Nuff said.
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Dude I have yet to buy 2-3 I beat Thief when I was 5. XD
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Fantastic work! You capture the spirit of Garrett himself!
Waiting for Thief 4...
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Nice work!
I can't wait to get my hands on Thief 4 :XD:
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