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Smash Bros. Wart!!

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So this was made mainly for a contest, but also to open your hearts to Wart in Smash Bros.

So what we have here is the contest said "be sure to give them an awesome set!!" sooo that's what I did. They didn't really make sense in writing so I decided to draw them all out.
Despite the fact that some of them look similar I did draw all of them individually.
Also I did not trace any sprites even though certain positions such as when he spits a bubble looks similar to the sprite. I drew all of these freehand haha I'm not a cheater.
Made on MS Paint (not kidding)

I decided that since Wart never actually jumped in the game, but he only did a little hop. He could use a bubble in his mouth to let him hop higher off the ground. He can puff into the bubble 3 times to give him a boost kind of like Kirby. He can jump on top of the bubble and bounce upward when in need of an extra boost.
After he shoots 2 bubbles out of his mouth he pulls out a Cobrat that shoots a bullet. Just to mix things up.
He can also eat players and put them inside of a bubble that they either have to break out of or they can just touch something to pop, but being in the bubble does cause damage.
As for the final smash I think I pretty much explained it in the picture. In Super Mario Bros. 2 when you pick up a key you're usually chased by a Phanto so that's where the idea came from.

As you can see I did not draw this after the official artwork. The reason for that may sound a bit.. odd. I kind of loathe the official artwork for Wart. He looks nothing like a giant frog, but an alligator with no tail. To me it's obvious that they drew Wart to look like Bowser (or more threatening) because at the time the Mario bros series was still young. Perhaps if he was popular Wart could have been the permanent main villain? Probably not. However they wanted someone to compete with King Koopa. Maybe it was to look separate from Doki Doki Panic? Ever since I played the game a few years ago I loved the sprite work on Wart. He was a big chubby green Frog King who spat bubbles. When I looked up the artwork I found a croc with a small head that had rows of sharp teeth on top of a equally sized body wearing a sleeveless robe. Finally, he had yellow eyelids with pupils...even in the Gameboy version that had updated sprites wart had no separate head, he had LARGE long sleeves, he had no teeth accept for when he smirked, and his eyes were always slit-like. RANT OVER. Bottom line I based this off of the original game sprites.

*edit fixed spelling errors
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I love it!

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Lily-Lyn-RainHobbyist Digital Artist
... this would be awesome...
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His faces are killing me.
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OtakukillerStudent Writer
that's a brilliant idea. i love the Key idea for a Smash. I loved SMB2. I also wish Birdo got a chance to do this. think you could design one for Birdo?
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Morbidly-ObtuseProfessional Traditional Artist
wow, I love this! Excellent drawing and I'm glad that others are also giving some love to Wart! Wart was also in Link's Awakening for original Gameboy, going by his Japanese name, Mamu. He teaches Link a weird song called "Frog's Song Of  Soul" to learn - it sounds almost distorted or twisted. Would be cool to make a move where the 2 other frogs, from the game, jump out and start singing with him and anyone that comes within the radius, of the song, is subjected to their controls becoming mixed up. ie. left goes right, up is down, jump is attack, attack is jump. Something like that!
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I want King Wart for Mario Kart 8
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How did you make something this glorious in MS Paint?! Seriously, this is awesome. I love his Final Smash, and the fact that he uses bubbles from his throat to float up.
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8-BitGirlHobbyist General Artist
Hello! Sorry for the delay but the prize I offered for the NintyFans competition is ready...a feature on my blog, 8-Bit Girl!…
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WOAH cool! haha thanks! Sorry I kind of disappeared for awhile  
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8-BitGirlHobbyist General Artist
No worries! :)
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BonnyJohnStudent Digital Artist
Awesome job man, you did amazing!  Really well thought out and the time and effort you put into this shows.  That said, I really want Wart in the game on account of your work!  Seriously!  Again, congrats!
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Thank you so much!! Sorry I didn't reply sooner, but I've been really busy. I've always kind of Wanted Wart deep down, but there really isn't much hope for that haha
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BonnyJohnStudent Digital Artist
No problem!  At the very least then he should appear as an assist trophy! 
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great entry and very detailed. 
congratulations ! you deserve it ! 
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Thank you!
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you're welcome
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(I actually just read it)
Haha THANKS MAN I didn't think I would come in first haha
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Thank you!
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Retro-DeathHobbyist Digital Artist
Including my own yours is definitely my favourite entry dude! The ideas for the attacks are just so perfect and I love it how you added standard A attacks in there too. The fact that you added taunts and ko animations etc... brilliant. Plus you drew him really funny and cool and he is such an obvious choice somehow yet never ever mentioned.
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Haha thank you! I wish he could be in, but it's probably far too late now to pitch this idea haha
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MysteryManBobHobbyist General Artist
"vegetables!?!  I hate 'em!"
"put a machine that dispenses them in my quarters at once!!"
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