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Scott ( Domino )
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United States
Hello. I'm Domino. ^_^

More publicly, I'm known as author Scott M. Stockton. I joined Deviant Art some time ago, as a way of expressing my creative interests - such as drawing and occasionally modeling. Lately I've wanted to focus primarily on my writing, and I hope to gain a wider audience here.

My genres I write are: Paranormal, Thrillers, Noir Mystery Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Horror, Gay Romance - Drama/Erotica. I also occasionally write poetry.

I also enjoy Cinematography and Machinama film making. My studio is known as DominoPunkyHeart Productions.

I'm engaged to the most wonderful man in the world, Miah. <3 He is also here on Deviant Art. :)

I speak English (obviously), German, and I also Japanese semi-fluently.

I'm a lover of music. When it comes to music, I love many different kinds. Music is a powerful and beautiful part of life. Something I need everyday to function. I enjoy many artists and singers, but no one will ever be greater than Connie Francis. I'm also a vinyl record enthusiast and preservationist. I host a channel known as "PhonoMuse" on Youtube where you can find videos of my collection.

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

This is the preview of the first two chapters of my Paranormal Thriller / Supernatural Fiction book "Power of the Gods:  Sabrina LaMore" first published in 2009, and republished in 2017.  This is from Book One in my "Power of the Gods" series.

There is a link to my book's description at the bottom of this journal, which will also provide you with locations where you can purchase this book. :)

  This is copyrighted material protected by law.

You are NOT allowed to reupload, redistribute, copy or reuse this material in any form without permission by the owner / author.

Copyright  ©  2009 by Scott M. Stockton
Copyright  ©  2019 by Scott M. Stockton

All Rights Reserved

Part One

The Beginning

Chapter One

Shall We Begin?

     She was born in the winter solstice during a time when the world was still new. Meaning, it wasn’t ready to understand. At the hour of midnight on the third of January, an angry snowstorm had announced the arrival of the girl that gave Warren County a piece of dark history. Sabrina Celestine LaMore…was a rare seed. The small city of Warren, Pennsylvania, doesn’t talk about her much…for fear of “what she’d do”. Scientists say, we humans only use small percentages of our brain. Although, Sabrina LaMore tends to “bend the rules”. Don’t worry, what most people didn’t know…won’t kill them.



     Victor LaMore was the type of man that always proved to be decent. He was good with children, and he quite often used his fortune for kind purposes. Being born into millions of dollars is rare, and many people in the city of Warren were grateful he’d shared his money when others truly needed it. Victor proposed to, and married his wife Erika during springtime, and the wedding had been held at LaMore Manor in the rose gardens. Erika had come to Warren to visit her grandmother, whom is now deceased, and she had met young Victor while shopping. The two seemed to hit-it-off right from the very start. Sometimes, love works that way. It wasn’t his wealth that captured her eyes, but his charm and handsome stature. Victor took pride in his physical appearance, and without boasting an ego – just as some men do when found to be attractive. His sporting moustache gave him an old-fashioned, yet dignified look that told Erika he was respectable. Complete with jet black hair and wavy bangs above his green eyes, he was quite unique. He always spoke in professional manner, and he could settle an argument without raising his tone. Something most people can’t do, even while trying.

However, even the most steadfast of men have a flaw or two. What many people, during that time didn’t know, was that Victor had a secret. Something so “different”, he hadn’t told Erika until she was pregnant with their first and only child. Victor…was telekinetic. He was able to move any object with his mind. Sometimes just thinking about it, or simply directing himself to move something without touching it. Erika had heard of it before, but not as the same term it’s now known to be today. In truth, hearing about paranormal ability of the mind was thought to be madness fueled with fantastical lies. She didn’t believe in such “stupidity”. She thought a force like that could only belong to the gods themselves. However, she quickly changed her mind when her husband “showed it” to her. Obviously startled at first that Victor could do such things, she made a vow to stay away from the man she so dearly loved. Victor pleaded for her to stay, and promised he’d never hurt her with his rare gift, but Erika was just too surprised to listen. So…he let her go.

Erika stayed with her mother for short while. During this time, she did some reading up on telekinesis. After realizing that it was in fact very real, and people studied it in various places, she went back to her husband. She knew, deep down, that he loved her, and she couldn’t keep his unborn daughter away from him.

Victor welcomed her back with loving arms, except, there was only one problem. During the time Erika was gone, Victor had an affair. Erika was appalled by this and immediately demanded to know who it was. Victor said the woman’s name was Marsha Nelson, and was just another woman who lived at the other end of town. She meant nothing to him. Heartbroken and distraught, Erika didn’t speak to Victor for the rest of her pregnancy. Then, on January 3rd, Victor met up with Erika at the hospital…and their daughter was born.

Erika chose the name, Sabrina. Her daughter was born with jet black hair and cat-green eyes, just like her father. After looking at their precious baby, Victor and Erika forgot about the affair and decided to stay together, and raise Sabrina. Erika had only hoped that everything would be “okay” with her daughter. When she had studied telekinesis, she found out it was a genetic trait. Victor could have easily passed it on…just as he had inherited his own. She confessed her worry to her husband, and he in return…said it was only a matter of time…before it would take effect.

Chapter Two


Sabrina LaMore sat quietly in the large library of LaMore Manor. Unlike other thirteen year olds, Sabrina loved to study. Just the thought of learning more about the topics she loved, fascinated her. Sabrina had always liked mainly science, but learning about certain history sparked her interest too. Sabrina was very intelligent for her age…and very serious. At school, while the other kids played at recess, Sabrina chose this time to stay by herself. She would either read, or sit and watch the others. Many adults were puzzled by this. Especially the teachers. Victor and Erika were often questioned about Sabrina’s anti-social personality. However, her parents had no answers. It didn’t even bother Sabrina that nobody spoke to her…that was how she liked it.

Sabrina also showed a rare appearance. Her beautiful black hair was much longer than most girls her age. She had only had it cut once when she was younger…and she hated it that way. Her hair was sacred to her, and she loved it long and shiny. To her, it felt very unnatural to alter something that was meant to grow. Sabrina’s clothing was mostly dark colors, since she had a fondness for black. Although, she fancied red too. Not just any red…scarlet, crimson, and blood red were her favorites. Light colors were too “common” to her, and she only accepted them in art and paintings.

As Sabrina sat at one of the round tables in her second favorite room of the mansion; her bedroom was her first; she was suddenly interrupted as the doors of the room opened. A short, middle aged woman wearing a maid’s outfit, stepped inside and caught Sabrina’s attention with a wave of her hand.

“Sorry for the intrusion, Miss LaMore, but lunch is now served” the woman said with a heavy Spanish accent. Sabrina closed her book on Japanese Culture, and spoke softly without a change of expression.

“Thank you, Rosario. What is it today?”

“Smoked salmon, one of your favorites” Rosario answered. Sabrina nodded and placed her book back on one of the many bookshelves that aligned the walls of the room. Rosario closed the double doors as she left, and Sabrina walked slowly over toward the large vast windows of the library. Outside, the cherry blossom trees were in full bloom. Sabrina’s favorite season was winter, but she liked it when the flowering trees around LaMore Manor bloomed in the spring. The library was on the second floor of the mansion, and Sabrina was looking at the tops of the trees. Considering her family’s wealth, Sabrina had traveled overseas before. She’d seen London and Paris, but where she truly wanted to go…was Japan. She promised herself to go there one day, no matter what the cost.

Sabrina walked slowly into the large dining room where her parents were already seated. Since she had been in her library most of the morning, Sabrina hadn’t seen her parents yet until now.

“Hello, dear” Erika said, as she saw her daughter walk in. Sabrina didn’t reply. She simply walked over to the dining table with a straight face and sat down. Victor and Erika had noticed this behavior in Sabrina for quite some time. Their daughter was changing, since she approached puberty.

A man wearing a black suit, soon came through the door with a dinner cart that held their food. His name was Dmitri Vallenway, and he’d been the butler of the mansion ever since Victor was nineteen. He was from Cheshire, England, where he was born to a English father and a Russian mother. He was greatly trusted by Victor personally, having spent all of his life living with him thus far. In truth, the two men weren’t very far apart in age. Dmitri had been only twenty years of age when first hired by Victor’s parents. He was trusted by them personally as well, having met in England on holiday. Dmitri was the first person Victor ever confided in about his telekinetic ability, and to his surprise, the butler hadn’t rejected him. In fact, Dmitri was Victor’s only true friend for a long time before he was comfortable enough to share his secret with a select few others in his world around him.

     Rosario Guten, had been hired as a maid back when Sabrina was born. She too, was from overseas being born in Madrid, Spain. She migrated to America with her family in her twenties, but now spent her life working for the LaMore family line in her early forties. She was hired by Erika personally when felt she needed extra help taking care of the mansion after Sabrina’s birth. The home was simply too large for only three people to take care of prior to her joining the family.

Sabrina waited with little patience, as Dmitri handed over her plate. She had been a bit on edge ever since she’d woke that morning. She had a slight headache, and she could feel something new inside herself. She couldn’t tell what it was, and little did she know, it was something that would change her life…forever.

“Is something wrong, Miss LaMore?” Dmitri asked. Sabrina looked down at her salmon and spoke.

“No” she said with a short, dull tone. Victor wasn’t convinced, and motioned to Dmitri for his attention.

“Would you please bring my daughter some medicine, Dmitri? I think she has a headache” Victor asked.

“Right away, sir” Dmitri answered. Sabrina shot a look over toward her father.

“I’m fine” she said blandly. Victor continued eating and Erika spoke up.

“No, you’re not. You have sweat running down your face” she said. Sabrina then gave a glare out of annoyance. Her mother was right, since Sabrina had been sweating ever since she had entered the room. Something inside her was waking up. She could feel it in her veins, and in the objects of the room. Some type of energy force was surrounding everything. Sabrina began to breathe heavily as she stared down at the table. What was happening to her? She felt as if her head was going to split apart.

“Sabrina? What’s wrong, dear?” Erika asked cautiously. Victor looked over at his daughter, and dropped his fork. Sabrina looked up at her parents.

“I…don’t know” she said uneasily. Victor then stood up and went over beside her.

“Stay away from me” Sabrina warned. Victor ignored the request and he came closer. Erika noticed as the dining objects on the table, slowly began to vibrate. Sabrina glared darkly at her father for not listening to her.

“What’s going on, Victor?” Erika asked.

“Sabrina…calm down. You’re just feeling sick…that’s all” Victor said carefully. Sabrina felt her headache increase and her eyes dilated. The feeling inside her wanted out. It screamed for her to set it free, and Sabrina finally gave in to it when Victor took her by the hand.

“Let go!” she demanded roughly. At this point, Victor fell backwards by some unknown force, and there was a loud crack as a thick and ugly line, swerved it’s way through the top of the dining table abruptly. Erika’s drinking glass shattered and she gave a short scream as she stood up quickly. Sabrina’s eyes rolled back as she suddenly fainted to the floor beneath her.

Victor looked at his daughter in surprise, and he stood up slowly. Erika put her hands up to her face in alarm.

“What the hell just happened?!” she exclaimed. Both Dmitri and Rosario came running into the room from the sound of the commotion. Victor knelt down beside his motionless daughter and he put a shaky hand on her forehead. Her headache was now gone, and he then looked back at the line in the table. The wood was completely split in two, and he could slightly see the floor below it. Looking over at his wife, he spoke with a whisper.


“It’s time” he said.

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You can read more of this book and its description by following this link provided here:  :) (Smile)

link:   Power of the Gods (Book One) - Sabrina LaMore


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