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Every man should learn how to walk in high heels.

In a fit of malignant narcissism, I've decided to ask: Which of my OCs do you like the most? 

20 deviants said Sexy Librarian
19 deviants said Leopard Babe
18 deviants said Rocker Chick
8 deviants said Dragon Lady
6 deviants said All of them
1 deviant said Office Honey
1 deviant said Another OC from someone with whom I collaborate.



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United States

If I were to sneak up on you from behind and kiss the nape of your neck, you would 

60 deviants said Sigh and smile
33 deviants said Scream in shock
22 deviants said Punch me in the mouth
5 deviants said Scream in outrage


DominiqueMelted School Girl Cutey variation #2
Gray tights, gray themed tartan skirt, white body suit, horny (very) disposition.
Roller Derby Pt. 1
I can't figure it out ...  Moko :icondoormatlizardess3: , Emily :iconemilyflat: and I can't seem to escape the nefarious plans of ... all clues lead to Miss Fondre ... but what's going on here?

Moko :icondoormatlizardess3: is my bestest friend from the day I found myself transported into the Cartooniverse, Emi :iconemilyflat: is my weakness, and you know who I am, right?

Art by the inimitable and super-cool :icongunshad: .   Stay tuned! ;-)
DominqueMelted Office Honey
A very sexy and sensuous rendition of me as Office Honey.
Beautiful artwork by the mysterious but fascinating :iconsashlmlsan:
DominqueMelted Office Honey Melting Like Butter
I can't help it ... whenever my Kitty Kat comes near me, I just turn into a puddle ... :love:

Artwork by the totally adorable :iconselirum:
Night Meeting
The three of us girls, that is the sexy sorceress :icondoormatlizardess3:, and the adorable pantyhose model:iconemilyflat: and Your Humble Narrator™ were looking forward to a night of pizza and beer, and then this bizarre electrical storm came to town. We agreed that maybe one of the other girls, who was not invited [it was a last-minute thing] might be signalling her displeasure with being over-looked. Somehow, we became the pizza, and flatter than yesterday's beer.

Art by the always entertaining :iconelcesar18:
DominiqueMelted as School Girl Cutey
Just a sexy little plaid skirt, navy blue tights, and an attitude.

Addendum: these tights are from the We Love Colors catalog. This style is the old, classic 100% nylon tights. I've been purchasing, mostly, the Spandex/nylon mixture, but these tights have that retro, Catholic School-girl look and feel. I was always besotted with the tights-wearing Catholic School-girls in my orbit ...
Gipsy Queen
Lounging around in Gipsy 40 denier Metallic Gold pantyhose, black latex minidress, black heels ...
Office Honey Melting Deliciously
Whenever I cross paths with :iconselirum:, I just can't keep it together -- she has this effect on me ... sigh ...

I love my Kitty Kat. She knows me ... :heart: :love:
Leopard Babe Steamrollered, Again!
I was talking on my cell, on my way to meet :icondoormatlizardess3: and :iconladysolonna:, not really paying attention to the construction zone and the road work around me. I remember I was talking to :iconemilyflat: and :iconshykiba: on a conference call, and that ... "SPLATSQUISH!!!" 
Uhhhhhhh, help?!?!
Someone? Anyone? Bueller?

Idea and artwork by the mysterious and sexy :iconimaranx:.
I am by no means an expert, but what impresses me here is your use of lighting and shade. I can see that your lines are strong and definitive, yet there is a quality of freedom to them; they outline your character, and they set the stage for the action.
As for the coloring -- I like how you have used a minimal amount of color ... you have the lighted colors, and the shaded matches. With just those two tones, you capture the spirit of this OC beautifully. Even though the picture is a "freeze-frame" of motion, the lines, colors and shading work together in harmony to give this piece a nice, dynamic charge.
Excellent work, Liquid!
OK. :iconshykiba: started it.

    1.       You like to flatten people and get flattened out yourself.

    2.       You remind me of the colors gold and blue. Your blonde hair and eyes.

    3.       You remind me of a cat, and a minx.

    4.       Ann Jillian from an old, 1970s sitcom called “It’s a Living”.

    5.       Are you really a blonde?

    6.       The fact that you are so adventurous, uninhibited, accepting, and honest.

    7.       I’ll call you “Teaser” …  You. Know. Why.

    8.       My mail.

    9.       Dare ya!!!

    10.   On the cheek? I’m going to kiss you full on the mouth, baby-doll.

It's been years since I've actually responded to one of these, and even longer since I've shared the response. 
But :iconshykiba: and I have an um ... arrange ... no, no ... a repartee? a rapport? uh ... a relationship? :-) ;-) :kiss:

The bait:

1. I will tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 4 minutes.

2. I will tell you a color you remind me of.

3. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.

4. I will tell you what movie, tv, or video game character you remind me of.

5. I will ask you a question, and you must answer.

6. I will tell you something I like about you.

7. I will give you a nickname.

8. I will tell you the object that's to the left of me.

9. I will Dare you to post this in your journal.

10. I will either give you a hug or a kiss on the cheek.

Her responses:
1.)Your love of picasso~ (which makes me want to make you look like a picasso >w>
2.)Hmmmm~ Maybe A Ruby Red for those lips?~ Lol but actually blue~
3.) >///> Of course a leopard fir how much we pounce on each other and your persona~
4.)I suck at names but definitely the leading girl from the fifth element ;3 
5.)>w> Whens our next hot and steamy session? >///>
6.)*Nibbles your neck softly* The way you melt in my mouth~ and your overall personality.
7.)Hehe~ well nicknamed for you depend on your form mu blueberry syrup X3
8.) A towel~ Nice and ready for our steamy session~
9.) Would you like to post and spread word of our lovely encounter~
10.) *Kissed you softly* Too bad there wasn't a third option~

Your thoughts?
Dominique Rocker Chick
This lovely pic was drawn for me by :iconcrossdressbat: a cute Latina who looks stunning in mini-skirts and black hose. That being said, I am awestruck by the shading and coloring, truly a superb work. I want to commission my friend now ... :-)
Whoa. 90K page views. I must be doing something right.

Thank you! :heart:
Caught in the Act, Melting for My Kitty Kat
She said "Melt!". I could not say "no".

This super incredible piece is by none other than :iconselirum:, who asked me if she could choose the TF and the pose ...
How could I say 'no' to that? :love:
Flattened By Giant Female Wrestler
Emily and I found ourselves transported to this strange planet inhabited by Amazonian female wrestlers ...

Art by the amazing :iconmaki12: from a story-line by my hunny :iconemilyflat: 
OK. Once again I have over 300 feedback messages to respond to. I keep telling myself I am going to keep up, but RL just has more pressing matters for me to attend to. I have had to deal with: an accusation of harassment at work [totally false]; a change in schedule due to this bullshit  -- I now have to teach a class I know zero about ... I actually need to teach MYSELF and then teach others; I have a severe sinus infection which has affected both inner-ears; and I am dealing with the cancer I was diagnosed with last June.
I am not looking for sympathy or pity. I just wanted to let you all know that my plate is full, and I can't dance at two weddings with one ass.
I WILL respond to every DA denizen who has taken the time to Fave, Follow, Gift a Llama, etc. I do not forget my friends.

-- Your Domi
DominiqueMelted Rocker Chick Left Flat and Floppy!
I must be making some very powerful people here in the 'Tooniverse mighty irritated. I think I was pointing out to no one in particular that I'm nobody's pancake, but I think that 'Bot that rolled by might have been one of Fondre's or any number of power-hungry Toons around here ...

Art by the lovely :iconimaranx: from this cute piece  Sombra Compressed By Redflare500-dapkaik by DominiqueMelted  by :iconredflare500: 
Time For A Massage With Dominique And Emily
My hunnybunny :iconemilyflat: and I were discussing where we'd like to go for our "Girl's-day-out™" massage. We were so animated, that we both forgot we were in a new construction zone, and we both stepped off the curb at the same time. I guess we found our massage! :love:

I cannot, for the life of me, understand how I did not post this priceless gift from the magnificent and charming :iconelcesar18: when he first posted it. My bad ...



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