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Yellow Charge

In my painting "Ambush" the knights in yellow/black were going to attack the noble Lord with his knights at a narrow passage in the woods. 
But something went terribly wrong and the attackers have to escape the counterattack of the knight in red.…
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SO Cool!! 0w0~
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This is amazing! I love the bright colours you used and of course the speed in this drawing, you captured it absolutely perfect! It really feels like you're there when looking on this, and it's going really fast! Great job! :love:
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Thank you once again
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Amazing work! :]
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I love the action of this piece! You’ve captured the fury and energy of this scene wonderfully! The colours and details are nice too, but I’m just blown away by the feel of this piece.
Bravo! This is a fav of my favs!
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This is absolutely amazing!! There's so much movement and color and a visible story and wOW. Also I love how it seems to be from the perspective of one of the riders, very creative :)
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Wow! Once again, you've blown my mind with how dramatic and energetic you can make a scene with nothing more than paints. I mean, you didn't even use action lines, and I can still tell how fast everyone's going!
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Thank you! I am really glad u like it! The forms I used in the clouds and the field, as well as the direction of all the elements are quite similar to action lines in drawing. Everything is pointing the the center of interest and that has the same effect.
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Ah, very good to know.
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GASP. The colours and the dynamics are freakin amazing!
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This is so exciting and vivid! So much emotion and story in one piece :D
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