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Red Moon

30 min Speedpaintin
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Incredible aesthetic :o

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Fantastic!! 0w0~
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This is gonna sound weird, bear with me

I wish these colors were a food so I could taste them.
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amazing, clouds remind me to a curled oriental dragon uprising and with the mouth open. Too vague to afirm that it was intended, but just enough to catch your eye 
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i have no words

what program did you use for dat pls
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Nick Brandt's work as source image?

Nonetheless great job man, the color and feeling compliment each other excellently.
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Such an incredible work!
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Mesmerising, confronting, skilful.
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30 minutes!? Wow...You must be, like, the god of drawing! xD

Awesome drawing tho! Love 'eet!
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Whoa, this is intense :o  This is how I would imagine Armageddon if I was standing in the middle of Africa. The brute size of the elephants, with the bizarre and intimidating silhouettes of the warriors, with the whole sky stained blood-red makes for a terrifying point of view :XD:
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Wow! Love the light in the horizon... super cool!!
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So fu***** awesome I am a dummy! 
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Epic! Just the right amount of detail, leaves room for imagination.
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amazing composition and atmosphere!
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