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FTL fanart

By dominicjan
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[link] Timelapse! I really like FTL!
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Just another day on the job for the crew of the Kestrel!
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"There's a breach in the de-oxygenated, fire and enemy surrounded O2 system room!"
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Despite the high chance of death, I would join the Federation as a pilot
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Literally every game I play bluh XDD 
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"We lost shields, main power's off line and our weapons are gone!" 
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"Fires too? Send the repair drone to fix the shields! And Send our Rock to put out the fires in the engine room!"
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Не хватает только абордажного дрона)
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That's definitely FTL in a nutshell.
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Engine down! Control down! Door down! Oxygen down! Teleport down! Sensor down!

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It's nice every species is there. 
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I'll say it again, Giant Alien Spiders are no joke.
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I love this! So epic! Just like this game!
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Seen alot of fanart but I specially made an account to create FTL art. :)
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Where the hell is Isaac Clarke when you need him?! Dx<
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Ha. Everything is burning, generally not okay and packed with actuion. Yep. That's FTL for ya. Very well drawn!
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This is truly awesome, thank you so much for making such an epic fan art!
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i see a distinct lack of the crystal race in this picture
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Man I wish there were more fan art for this game. GET EM ROCK!
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*gasp* That poor Mantis...

What am I saying?! I hate Mantises.
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Gorgeous game, awesome fanart. You've done a lot from a few pixels - very awesome. :)
jakspigot's avatar the best drawing I've seen in a while........thanks....
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It's doing my head in!! And yet I still play!

I swear to fuck it's making me die whenever I get a certain distance through.
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this what would happen if microsoft made ftl turn it old style to realistic. like this alot though.
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