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Morgan Ironwolf

This is a commissioned pieced I just recently finish and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.
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This takes me back to the 1970s Basic D&D rule book. Excellent work Dominic-Marco.
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Very nice! One of your best, I think. <3
I'm like your job. Very cool.
See your work
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I'm a big Jeff Dee fan; I bet he'd love this. Has he seen it that you know of?
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@Luvnic-kdn that comment was unecessary. The image isn't about fat pussies and nipples its about the empowerment of women. To be able to see such a beautiful one kick ur insensitive shallow ass would be refreshing. Alas she is FAKE. So it won't happen. I love and hate pictures like this because people (men in particular) Loose sight of a real Women because they expect us to live up to the standards within them. Its just my opinion. As for this image the details are amazing. Brilliantly executed.
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I am a HUGE Fan of the warrior ladies, Wonderful job!
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oh dude... just absolutely brilliant. I totally forgot about Morgan Ironwolf! I'll have to say, you do come up with some of the greatest Fqd up ideas and make them come to life with great art.
Good, Very Good.

You are a best artist.
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The same Morgan Ironwolf from the TSR D&D Basic Rulebook?
Nipple stand + Fat pussy = Happy!
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Oh fuck yeah, I'm in geek heaven now! :boogie: :party: :clap: :w00t: :worship:

A fantastic homage to the original drawing by Jeff Dee and a wonderful tribute to the creative brilliance of Tom Moldvay.
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do you colour in with Photoshop?
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very very nice, this is shading right? u dont use a wacom?
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wonderful shading
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fantastic work...
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Very cute. Very nice character design and great choice of clothing and fabric.

Best wishes, Jack - Keylowna pinup art
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The detail that went into this is amazing!
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Wow, the lighting and colors are fantastic. The monster's face on the sword is a cool touch.
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Wonderful work! :)
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