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Fly Away with Me

I finally got a chance to colour this piece and I love the end result. I muted the colours a bit to give it that classic sort of look.
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Excellent work!
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Belle version féminine
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Have you seen Ivy Doomkitty? She may well have been inspired by this artwork, and she rocks this as a Cosplay in the most fabulous way possible.
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Fantastic, but even if you were thinking Bettie Page it works even better as a Stevens tribute when I think of ex-wife. She's none other than the lovely (and you've captured her here wonderfully) Brinke Stevens... gorgeous 80s scream queen movie star babe :)

From IMDB: "When Dave Stevens was working on his "Rocketeer" comic, main character Cliff Secord's girlfriend was a pin-up model named "Bettie" - as portrayed there, her face was that of 1950s nude/bondage model Bettie Page (and was a major factor in bringing Bettie back to notoriety) - but her body was Brinke Stevens."
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Great work! I love Rocketeer!
Wow! Wonderful work and clever idea! I beleive Dave Stevens would've been impressed with this.
I also think you've just created a new fetish... ;)
Very good... the Rocketeer miniseries from IDW last year actually had Jenny borrow the jetpack and helmet in one story, btw.
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Love the Rocketeer, and really like your pinup work. Cool to see a fellow Canuck turning out great work!
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Great tribute to Dave Stevens's work!!
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Absolutely beautiful work.
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I saw this in a yahoo search and had to comments. This is amazing. Brings back memories of the Roketeer movie. Awesome work.
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Love your quote "Tomorrow is the yesterday and that we fear most today" because when I was in middle school and on I have liked this quote... "Today is the tomorrow that we worried about yesterday"... I've always liked that and it just reminded me of it! Anyhow... Have a great day/night!
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Thanks you Very much.
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wow these are very good
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I love pin up style.
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The Rocketress! This is so cool and hot all at once. Love the costume, love your art style too. Great pic!
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The movie was cool. This has made it way cooler. Top work
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Love everything about this!
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The orginal is on SyFy right now! (^_^)
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