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Town Map

Town map for a D&D campaign.

It's free for the purpose of printing it out for D&D.

If you are interested in a higher resolution image, you can get it at DriveThru RPG:… (free of charge, of course)

If you would like to see more maps like this one, please consider supporting me on Patreon:
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Maaaaan, Domigorgon, THIS is the First Map of Yours I saw! Still makes me feel Happy!

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Lovely little map! the level of detail is just gorgeous. Well done!
Just a great map, Thank You 
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Why does "Riverside Inn" have brackets? Does that mean it's a brothel or worse a butcher shop?
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That's just its name. Compare with the tavern, the name of which isn't given. :)
This is a very beautiful and useful map. Thanks a lot. And for the hi-res-Download, too.
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nice work!  Love the simplistic feel!
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I loved this map so much that I use it in my OpenQuest RPG campaign, however as the town grew, so I had to expand the map into a full fledged city. However I kept your original style, my gamers adore it.
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Could you share your expanded map? (assuming Domigorgon doesn't mind also naturally)
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Cool, I love the bird's eye view on this! Very nice colours!
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Beautiful map. :) Will be using this for the next Ars Magica campaign I run I think...
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Very nice!  Thank you for doing this!
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This is one of the best maps I've ever seen. Man you should definitely do some more like this !
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very nice work!
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What an awesome map! This will work out perfectly for a game I'm going to run! Thanks a lot :)
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Wow thats really cool. I dont play DnD but this is exactally the type of inspiration I was lookin round for.
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This is very well done map.
Very nice, I will be using it.
This map is fantastic! I love how you labeled stuff too. I didn't notice any more in your gallery, but do you have any other maps similar to this one?
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No, unfortunately. Not yet. But I hope to make some more sooner or later. :)
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Very charming work. Love the muted colors and casual style.
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