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hes blind thats why is eyes are always closed ^^

Name| Basile Baudin
Nickname| Basil
Age| 18
Birthday| 15th March
Gender| Male
Height + Weight| 178cm + 60kg 
Orientation| Homosexual 
Occupation| Student | Florist and Gardener 
Nationality| French 

Super Hero/Evil Villain Identity| Blanc Ninja
Powers, Abilities, and Weapons
  •      Powers - Echolocation : Sends echos over the city to be able to hear/see inside or behind buildings and locate people from a great distance.
  •      Abilities - Agility and speed and still be silent also, strong hearing and smell ^^
  •      Weapon - Strong Wire / String to be able to catch or set traps for the enemy and keep them in the same place. Also is used to swing from building to building.

Personality| Happy go lucky - Calm - Childish - Girly -  Naive - Absent Minded - Kind - Shy - Goofy - Positive - Clumsy
                 Basile is a very calm and collected person , he can be childish with kids and really shy , he loves smiling and never sees the bad in people which is why hes so naive XD.
                 Basile usually forgets a lot of things easily and just laughs it off.
He can only concentrate at one thing at a time. 

Weakness|Basile is a little claustrophobic so he feels really uncomfortable being closed in tight spaces with many people around as his sense of smell and hearing grows weaker as he cannot concentrate and pick up a smell with so many people with a scent around, forgetting where he is. When in a closed space Basile usually panics and tries to get out to get fresh air to calm him down which takes quiet some time which is a disadvantage to him when fighting an enemy.

History| Basile was born in a family as an only child and used to love gardening with his mother. When he was 5 he became blind but at the time he didn't really care and just loved gardening even-though he couldn't see the flowers and crops he would smell them and instantly know which crop and flower it is. When he was 17 His family moved to a different city that was sort of close by as well as traveling to other places. He stayed and began a part time job as a florist and gardener at a nearby shop below his apartment.
His goal is to just do what he likes best which is gardening and see where it takes him.

Likes| Gardening - Flowers - Hair-clips - Big jumpers - Cute clothes - Smells - His Family - His customers - Children - Fruit salad with ice cream and sugar - Fruit - Frills 

Dislikes| Dead Plants - Being deceived - Close spaces - People sneaking up on him 

Kwami name| Fluur 
Gender| Female 

Personality| Upfront - Fancy - Bossy - Hot headed - Assertive - Stubborn - Caring - Mature 
Fluur only speaks her mind and never lies unless its for a good reason.
She bosses Basile around but she really cares for him and thinks of  him as a great partner and friend.
Fluur is quiet posh and wants to look her best that is until she eats blue berries and gets her fur all blue as to which Basile has to give her a bath everyday XD 
Kwami's food| Any type of Fruit - Especially Blue berries.
    Animal : Serval White

History with Kwami: One day Basile was cleaning up the plant pot that a few kids knocked over and while cleaning the soil up he felt a small clip inside a box and put it on his apron for the moment hoping that someone would recognize it and find it.
Out of nowhere he heard a voice behind him saying he shouldn't let those kids get away with it but he just laughed it off which caused Fluur to help him.Not really noticing Fluur was not human he treated her a normal customer until she told him.... after eating all of his blue berries.
Since then Fluur stayed with him and told him about the Miraculous and continues eating all of his blue berries.


Partner Name| TBA 

History with Partner | TBA 

Significant other| None
Relatives |

Mrs. Babette Baudin - Mother |Gullible|Kind|Childish|
Mr. Auguste Baudin- Father |Strict|Funny|Flirty|

-Both love to travel around the world 
-Both visit Basile as much as possible 

Friends| (( Plz be his friend ;;v;; //slapped))

Fahim Rayer ( Such a cutie ! ;;v;; ) 

Enemies| TBA 

Other Relations| TBA

Extra Info 

-Pointy Ears 
-Loves collecting plushies of wild animals
-His eye color used to be a light blue 
-He has a collection on hair clips 
-His family usually bring new flowers when they travel
-He has a dog named Nounours 
-His favorite Fruit is pineapple
-His favorite flower is Lily of the Valley
-Gives children and customers that visit his shop a cute little flower after they leave
-Has a habit with pulling his middle bang to hide his nervousness 
-Long eyelashes
-His features are really feminine 

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Hello, my name is KR Bozick, and I'm a user from Quotev. I'm currently working on a Miraculous Ladybug x Reader Oneshot book, and I'm going around this site looking for OCs to use. If it's alright for me to use yours, I have a couple of questions. 

Which character would you like your OC to be paired with for this oneshot? This can be romantically or as friends.
Do you have any preferences when it comes to what will be happening in the oneshot? When I'm writing, I will be taking into account the traits of your OC, so you do not have to have any preferences if you don't want to.
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Such a cute character!
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Thank you so much ! <333
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This hun is sooo adorable!!! <3
So glad you got in as well! <3
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Thank you so much ! Likewise ! 
Mry Is super  cute ! I hope we can Rp !Of course if you want to ^^  
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The kwami design is lovely
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Thank you so much !!! <33
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omg he looks so cool ;7;;;;
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Thank you so much ! <33 
Eleanore is just soo cute ! I just love her design ! ;;v;;
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Your character looks so cool!
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Thank you so much !!! ^^ 
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I hope you get in the group!
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Ah Thank you but I just noticed that their was a list of animals you have to reserve and bat was already taken XD 
Im so stupid haha so instead im just going to make Basile a citizen ahaha XD 
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I don't think it's entirely hopeless. You can reserve an ocelot, jaguar, or somethign along those lines. Then maybe alter Basile's kwami and costume a bit and you can still keep most of everything else the same.

I really like Basile as a character and would really want to see him in action as a hero.
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Ah I did ! I finished it this morning as I thout of an animal while i was trying to sleep hahaha XD 
I actually updated his new look which I like more then the bat look haha I think the new look, looks more girlie but thank you for the idea !

Ah thank you ! ;;v;; ! He might actually be my fave RP OC that I have ever made ! I find him so cute ! Hhaha Thank you so much ! 
I hope your adorable Olli and Basile get accepted ! <3 
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Lol, thanks!
If we both get in, it'd be fun to roleplay.
Since Olli and Basile are both really childish and girly!
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Ikr !!! 
Ahh just imagine them wearing lolita !! <3 Hhahaha
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What an adorable character!! I really hope we both get in, Basile looks so cool hehe 
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Thank you !!!!
Ah I hope so too ! ^^ 
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Omg I'm cry he's such a precious baby child //hugs him ;;;7;;; 
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Hhaha ! 
Thank you ;;v;; !!!! <333
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hell yeah another cutie let's be friends 
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Ah yes ! ;;v;; 
Thank you!
Also If I havent seen your adorable App of Marguax I would have never found out about this Group ! ;;v;; 
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awwhh ;v;;; im glad you found it!! wanna rp btw? 8D
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