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Cream U mad

LOL I remember that my little sister always watches Gumball. I really don't care much about it but when I was eating at the kitchen one day, I saw that episode where anais gets mad from the suitcase. So I kinda made a reference of that and added cream and vanilla. :XD: she hits tails. Just a random character being hit. I hope you guys like it :giggle:

cream and vanilla is by sega
art is by me.
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Rayo: you know you could've just ask for help right?

Cream: *facepalms*

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That expression on cream is perfect XD
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Remember that Sonic is another aunt of Ocho. I got the reference.
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Cream: *gasp* Tails!
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This comic is funny, really like it. xD
Is it alright if I can dub this? I'll make sure I'll credit you. ^^
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Thank you!

Oh yeah! By all means go for it. :D I would love to see a dub version of this myself XD
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Tails: obviously there wasn't anyone.. Like,.. That got hit by a suitcase,,,

Cream: who fucking cares!!!
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um... I'm not done yet.



Ok I'm done X3.  Nice reference by the way :D.
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Hahaha I'm glad it gave you a silly laugh. I forgot about this comic tbh. XD What's funny is that I don't watch gumball but everytime my sister does, I always see this scene. :rofl:
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Ha ha ha ha. I love Gumball.
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I remember this episode XD
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Who doesn't? XD That's the funniest part in that episode lol
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Poor Tails.......
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