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You're dating me...NOW!

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Ha! Young love. :p

Pretty self explanatory lol. I hope you like it!

Sonic and Amy belongs to Sega.
Art belongs to me.
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There's a scene like this in my fanfic.
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Oh really? That's pretty cool :D
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Sonic is not amused. lol
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Nope he is not XD 

Sorry for the super late response! I just saw this. Lol
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Ha ha ha! Amy has finally had enough! She is pulling him along for the date! I really love the expressions! Sonic sure doesn't like this, but Amy sure doesn't care! LOL
I love the light colours you have put on this! It's very pure! ;)
The outlines, the colouring, the shadings and highlights, and the background are all very fanatical! :la:
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Haha sonic can't escape her now~! And thank you! I thought the light colors will give a nice soft mood into it or something like that. Not too sure to stick with it, but hey I'm proud what I did ^v^ Also thanks!!

Btw sorry for not replying to this. I just saw this. :''D 
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Oh, dear! Poor Sonic! He just can't get a break with her! XD
Well, I sure love the light clours! Brilliant choice you've done! Yeah, it does give a soft mood! =D
You are more than welcome! :huggle:
Oh, you're totally fine. No need to apologise. That happens to me sometimes as well. :thumbsup: :aww:
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This is what happens when you keep a girl waiting too long; she has to take things into her own hands LietPol Glomp 
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This is when your girl says that you are going out and she takes no for an answer 
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Indeed XD Because she is just tired to wait too long.
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Evidently, Amy has never heard the phrase "Good things come to those who wait."  Or maybe she just doesn't care. :XD:

Excellent work with the expressions, though. :lol:
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Nah she doesn't care now. She gave up trying and waiting as well XD

And thank you very much! ^^
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Yeah, Sonic! Deal with it! BLAM! :XD:
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Yeah! Deal with it Sonic! XD
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So cute I adore the bright colours :la:
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Aww thanks! I am glad  you do :la:
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Daw, adorable ><
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Thank you so much! ^^
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