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Isabelle enjoying spring time~ I hope you like it ^^

Isabelle belongs to Nintendo.
Art is done by me.
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May i use this only for a profile picture? I won't be using it for anything else...! (Cuz that would be stealing ._.)

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Of course! Go right ahead :aww:

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What a precious pup!  Someone who works as hard as she does, deserves some time to get away from work for a while. :)
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wow i love that it's so cute!!!
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Aww thank you! I'm glad you like it!!
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What a cute little dog, she's definitely enjoying the outdoors.

Very cute work! 
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Yes she is! Gotta enjoy spring time where flowers are blooming and birds are singing.  ^^

Thank you!!
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Cuteness Overload! x3
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Holy crap this looks outstanding. It's so bright and the colors pop! May I post this on Instagram? If not that's alright :)
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Thank you! And yes you can! Just credit me is all I ask. :aww: 
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is it me? :0 i see alot of improvements in your art somehow WOOOH! <3 
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Aaaaa you really think so? ;0; I try to improve. It really means a lot!
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Isabelle looks quite cute and adorable in this picture you've done of her, my friend! :D
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You're very welcome as always! :hug:
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"T-They wanna smash me?!"
isabelle screams for glory 
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