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Happy Mar10 day

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Today is Mario Day!! Well at least at my end it still is. For others it'll have to be Marii Day XD I have been wanting to draw this when the time came because because of this guy I like video games and I grew up with him. So if you thought that I grew up with Sonic just cause I drew him a lot here well guess what? He's not. But Sonic is also apart of me in a goid way!:D In honor for this day I wanted to draw the characters that were really popular and in the middle is the regular Mario style. (Can you tell, I'm really excited for the mario odessey game!! Asdfsadda!! Time is going to freeze the more I think about the release for this game. XDD) Sorry for the bad background. It looks like a mess, but I hope you like it!!

What's your favorite Mario game? 

Happy Mar10 Day!!

Mario belongs to Nintendo/Miyamoto.
Art is done by me.
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Ahhh I love this! >w< Mario through the ages! I know I'm late, but that doesn't mean I still can't enjoy this picture! Meow :3 I love your style, it's adorable, and your choice of Marios for this :D It's amazing how Mario has grown to be one of most known, if not the most known video game character of all time! It's crazy if you think about it! :gasp: But it's awesome, as, Mario is awesome! ^^ And I will forever love him and his bro <3
(and the rest of course x3) Favorite Mario game?? I CAN'T CHOOSE!! Happy tears There's just too many to pick from!! I LOVE THEM ALL!! :lovely: 

...Well, I guess, if I had to choose a series, (cuz we all know there are many owo) I'd say my favorite would be the Mario and Luigi games. Words just cannot express how beautiful the music, graphics, plot, characters, development, or gameplay is!! OMG - Watch that And everyone in the games are just bursting with so much personality on every corner, and it's just so hard not to fall in love with this Mario RPG series!! 007 - :owo: v1 Plus, you can play as both Bros. at the same time! And they speak Italian-sounding gibberish!! I am a dummy!  How awesome is that? :3 Gotta love Mario and Luigi <3 mario and luigi 

(Not to mention Luigi cross-dressing in SuperStar Saga was the best thing ever XD)
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Ahhh thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about your favorite series! Sorry for the super late reply as well! Since my internet is slow I sometimes don't bother to dig down my old comments. ;0;

But omg I'm glad to know that you like Mario that much! Believe it or not I do too. I grew up with mario and still like it today xD Oooh the Mario and Luigi RPGs are cool! I had super star saga when I was really young and still like it this day. It is pretty funny how they talk italian gibberish! And the personality betweem them two really shows! I also have paper jam and if you have played it, it's a beautiful masterpiece in my opinion. :D Anyways, thanks for sharing and I'm glad you like my art style!
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My favorite Mario game is Super Mario Sunshine!
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OMG That's my favorite game too! :D It brings me back good childhood memories. :dummy:
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Wow, me too!
In fact i'm playing it now!
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Oh cool! Late reply xp

But how was it? :)
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Mario through the ages! Nice touch!
They all came out really nicely~ (I especially like the colours in the SMB2 version ^^)

Favourite Mario game? For me... Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES - 1988)

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Thank you so much! I thought it would be interesting to draw the other styles of Mario around the modern one. :nod:

Oh very good choice! Super Mario Bros. 3 is a good one! :D Thank you for your opinion.
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Hehee~ you're very welcome! ^^ Well, it worked an absolute treat here :aww:

Yeah, I was playing that game from quite a young age...and I grew up loving that game so much :)
Still love it even today! :D
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I actually grew up playing Mario too! My first game was Super Mario Bros. on the NES. And from there, I was a mario fan XD I still like all the Mario games myself. And glad that you still like it too!
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Hehee~ nice! ^^'s a staple of a lot of Nintendo fans' childhoods! :D
SMB3 was the first Mario game I played... but SMB2 was the first I owned :giggle:

Yep~ I seriously can't see myself backing down from Mario games!
I've been a fan for 26 years now~ :D
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This picture you've done of these different versions of Marios from past games as a way of celebrating Mario Day looks very nice for sure, my friend! :D
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You're very welcome as always! :hug:
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I should remind myself that it's around March when Mario's anniversary starts. I guess that's my fault for not being into the franchise as much as others. ^^;

Lovely work with this thoughtful and cleverly illustrated art piece, Domestic!~ :)
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It's not really his anniversary. It's just a silly day because March 10 spells "Mar10." Get it? XD And it's okay I not into other franchises as much as the others. For instance the playstation XD

Awww and thanks! :)
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Yes it does. ;P

Yeah, I'm not worried about that. XD All I'm happy is the franchise is still ongoing as we speak haha. :D

You're very welcome again!~ >v<
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I know right? I'm glad it is.:D
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Yup, and hurray!~ :aww:
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Its hard to say i love all mario games but i have to go with super mario galaxy
Great drawing btw! 
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Mario Galaxy is a good one. :) And thanks so much!
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