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Commission Mario Bros Comic Page 9

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Page 9 commission for :iconthebadgamingboy:

The princess needs her sleep. Poor Peach she really does deserve it. Toadsworth is always looking out for her as well. 

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All character belong to Nintendo.
Script is done by him.
Art is done by me. 
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Wow, seems the Peach from this comic it's much more busy than the Peach of my world.

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TOADSWORTH is how you give the toads personality! It's a shame that Nintendo has buried him.

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I know right? Why did they left him out like that? He was cool. The writer did a great job getting his personality right :aww:

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Because Nintendo forbid any of the Toads from having names. Or any of the regular Mario world species really.

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That's very nice. Not much to say about this one. ^^

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Thank you glad you are enjoying it at least :)

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Beeing a Princess is harder than I thought....

Nice Page(s)^^

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Yeah and stressful. I am tired just thinking about how much work she does with it. :0

Thank you!!

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I am really happy about how Peach's life is portrayed.

Being a Princess is also hard work.

And I think it is a hard job to show respect for.

I just think that Bowser and Peach are hanging around in their offices most of the time when not doing some sport or kidnapping together.

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Toadsworth is such a bro. Well drawn. Merry Christmas to all.

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You bet. And Happy Holidays :D

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