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Commission Mario Bros Comic Page 4

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Sorry for the late post. I was busy but here is page 4! Commissioned by :iconthebadgamingboy:

Bowser did the right thing to let her go otherwise she might have hit him again. XD And I guess he doesn't need those two bozos to kidnap the true princess. Hope you like it :D


**Commissions are closed**

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All character belong to Nintendo.
Script is done by him.
Art is done by me. 
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Really Bowser, your not even gonna think about keeping Daisy hostage since she is a princess as well.

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Someone should really make a comic dub of it!
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There will be a comic dub later on according to the commissioner :)

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Man Daisy's got some bite in her!

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She put Bowser in his place :rofl:

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I know right? XD Bowser is like "I am not planning to kidnap this one for sure"XD

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Another reason I adore Daisy more than Peach....she can kick ass

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Haha he messed with the wrong princess. She is not gonna let that slide so easily.

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wonder why she didn't stomp those goombas and koopas deal? to many of them I guess so yeah ^^;

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I just noticed Bowser's chin looks like a butt.
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Really enjoying the pages of this comic. ^^

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