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Commission Mario Bros Comic Page 10

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Page 10 commission for :iconthebadgamingboy:

Well that was sudden and quick! Bowser is going to be so proud of his son for capturing Peach lol. And I guess Mario didn't hear them. :0 I hope you like it! I will post the final pages tomorrow!

**Commissions are closed**

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All character belong to Nintendo.
Script is done by him.
Art is done by me. 
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Please, continue with more.

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I only have a couple of more pages done so far so stick around for those :)

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You guys have good points and all but did you know that domestic here doesn't like the term bound and gagged?

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It's not that I don't like the term. I am just not a fan of the concept and I have explain this to you before. I am not into single art of any character getting gagged. But like I said this comic is an exception because that's how the concept goes.

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Okay I understand many artists draw it though and I respect that you don't want to do this but there's a lot of people commissioning that however I appreciate that you want your art style to be safe and comfortable and I think you should never people to do anything you don't want to do.

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Exactly. Please understand that I will never do anything that will make me uncomfortable.

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As far as I can see, you’re the only person who has actually used that term.
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Yes but those were commissions i had and some artists don't know about it which is why i had to tell her about it she's never heard of that term before i introduced it to her!

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Well, Here we go again.

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He's actually doing her a favor tho
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That's what I said. XD

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Jr. your gonna make the paperwork load worse!
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He has a job to do. That is kidnap her for his papa. :0

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Fun and well drawn.

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I love to think that Peach just gets taken away and Toadsworth is tied up while Mario is (probably) in the next room enjoying his midnight snack (some sandwiches with milk) not noticing Peach getting kidnapped.

It's great.

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I know right? How can he not hear that? XD Or maybe he went fast asleep because a big snack could put you to sleep just like that.

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Now the game can REALLY begin!

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Well, that was pretty awesome. ^^

Merry Christmas. ^^

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Thank you! Merry Christmas! :)

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