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A Sonic Decoration

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So yesterday morning, we got Sonic Mania Adventures Part 6 and I was nit expecting to see Amy! :0 The short was so adorable that I decided to draw a picture related to it :D

Amy gave Metal Sonic a bow, now it's Sonic's turn~ :giggle: of course, Sonic is not too amused by that. XD

At first, I wanted to draw Amy and Metal Sonic, but I ended up not knowing what to draw them doing so instead, I drew Sonic cause I wanted to draw something cute with these two anyways. <3

I hope you guys like it and happy holidays! :dummy:
Also, if you guys want to see Part 6, here is the link. C:

**update: Wow! I got over 500 favorites for this?!? :wow: THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is a Christmas miracle to me :giggle: you guys are the best! :hug: **

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Amy and Sonic belongs to Sega.
Art is done by me.
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Sonic's face if just too funny!Sonic Laughing Icon

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Sonamy Classic Kawaii!
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this is awfully adorable.
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Aww, they're so adorable. ^^
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Heheheh I saw that short, it was so adorable
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I know right!? :D It was really adorable indeed <3
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I think you very well captured the tone of the shorts.
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Thanks! I really wanted to draw them like in the style here so I'm glad I captured that well. :D
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;3 ~ ♥️♥️♥️ Lovely work! X3
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Thank you so much! X3
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This is absolutely perfect, I love everything about it, but especially Sonic's face XDDD
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Thanks!! Sonic's face is the best indeed. :XD:
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The second I watched this episode, the instant I found Amy to be an absolute sweetheart. ^^ Awesome work here
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Yeah she is very sweet on that short. <3 and thanks so much!
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