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Cult of the Shunned Ones

Amidst the misty marshlands hidden within soaring white peaks skulk the children of Xibalten, eccentric and eerie beings not unlike the shadows whom they worship. These wolves brave and welcome the darkness as part of their beings, and in the dreaded holy grounds they deem as their home they prosper as a unit- as a brotherhood. Vektren is not an unfamiliar name to be whispered across the lands: an ancient cult, or guild, whose reputation was built upon blood and fear, and a great deal of scorn. Whispers of their sinister offerings echo throughout the lands, the assets and core trade of their existence: the hearts of living beings, keys to safeguarding the Underworld.

Intrepid and cunning individuals, they seek no glory nor lust for mortal power, but aim for spiritual ascension and heed the call of their unholy masters: This wicked family does not welcome those weak of mind and body, but the ones who are ready to challenge mortal rules for the sake of divine service. United in their dark deeds, these misfits look after each other and have a deep understanding of the delicate metaphysical structure they believe to belong to, with respect, loyalty, religion and devotion as their bedrock. Above all, they are a hardworking, dutiful and close-knit bunch who do not tolerate lethargy and work together as each wolf pulls their own weight for the sake of the whole, and use the adversities of their lifestyle to harden themselves physically and emotionally to face the world.

Vektreni are everything but dull, however. Within their sacred abode lies love, passion, tenacity and equality. They enjoy the pleasures of life with the same fire as any other, and don't see their task to be different than any other. Together they pray, they fight, they prosper and they die- only to be united again in afterlife.

Vektren is easily interpreted with different facets united under one name. For some, it is just an organized group of qualified assassins and thieves who work as hired gun, and that's all there is to see. For others, it is a cult dedicated to the dark arts of shunned and considered 'evil' Gods - that plays a critical role in keeping the world protected from the evil that sprouts from the Void by devotedly following the rulers of the underworld. The latter is the concept where Vektren was built upon, and the purpose it serves up to this day: keeping their divine Father and Mother of the outer realm pleased is their one and only goal.

Even though honor among such an organization is generally dubious, they do adhere to one standard: contracts are met and agreements are kept.

A strict system of work is instituted over its members to avoid havoc, considering their personalities are often problematic - all while intellectual and spiritual progress and development are valued and provided in unison with their physical training. Vektreni are born breathing war and accustomed to the harshness of the world, and even those who join them down the line must pick up such pace.

Vektren wolves usually do not see themselves as evil, but merely instruments of their Gods' will. It's no doubt for those outside, however, that their organization is up to no good, a bad reputation vektreni themselves named as stigma. Born servants tend to see it as a natural prejudice to the limited views of outsiders regarding their work, while those who were not born in the cult are commonly already accustomed to misjudge prior to joining.

After religion, comes the family. Each member is considered precious and the brotherhood aspect is extremely valued, ties encouraged constantly by their system and through creed as it is. One that's already established on a task is often asked to mentor or disclose their work to the servants-to-be, assuring this way the words that unifies Vektren are trust and loyalty.

Occultism and Science

Vektren is completely devout to the arts of studying hidden secrets and worshiping shunned Gods. Besides following the ancient ways of its predecessors by living, breathing, and serving the Gods at each task performed, there is also a generous amount of interest on science, alchemy and astrology, all connecting to their doctrinal core.

More than simple murderers, their services are religious centered and most decisions rely into a spiritual hand first - they truly believe their cause is righteous. Each death is a prayer, each heart offered a promise of a safer world, and each dark action is the will of the Gods fulfilled.


Vektren is fruit of its last living (and still standing) Herald's efforts, rebuilt from the ashes of the previous pack body not unlike its predecessor before it, as has been their custom for generations now. Hekate survived the Purge of Southwestern Vektren as a whelp, and blessed with connection to the Shunned Ones, made her life-moving goal to restore the pack to its glory. Structuring a name for herself as assassin at first, she then sought to recruit more to her follow until the cult was once again an united standing force, ready to spread its dark grip on the Domain.

Not unlike any ancient organization, many of its ways have been forgotten, created or reshaped throughout the ages, but the most important part from its deeply religious core remains intact for long enough to be known even by outsiders.

Services for Hire

Though the whispers that carry word of Vektren's services are commonly laced with loathe and worry, it's still a common way for a wolf to hear of it. Despite all the scorn and shun, wolfkind is corrupted and honor and righteousness are often twisted, and eventually, one finds a thief, spy or assassin a quite handy specialist.

Vektren has all of those to offer, and everything is connected to their religious purposes. The cult aspect might not interest a hirer, but the working paws certainly do. Vektren does not work for free, however, and have a strict system when it comes to contacting and hiring the pack.

Services are divided into missions and contracts, each performed by an assigned task, Shades and Scythes. Business partners are connected through a Viper during an official envoy with hirers. After the Viper settles the job and payment, a Shade or a Scythe (or both if the situation demands) is sent.

Don't be fooled to think it's not all that simple. Vektren's not a cheap service, but they're quite eager to look after the fairest deal for both parties.

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Vektren has two deities as primal Gods, and believe that the souls of fallen brothers and sisters roam in this world as protectors of those who still serve, while not at Senisteros' side in the Great War.

They keep their Gods pleased by performing Offering Rituals where the hearts of eliminated targets, be it wolf or prey, are buried into the sacred grounds of the Reliquary, binding its owner soul to the underworld's protectors. This peculiarity of Vektren is often shown to outsiders during encounters, the importance of the heart being often expressed, reason why Vektren is usually referred to as "Cult" instead of "Pack".

Beliefs and Atheism
While atheism is permitted, vektreni that denies beliefs are still bound to all it implies - meaning the non-believers are still obliged to make decisions taking the cult and its tenets into consideration, and will be pinned as traitors if neglect following the way of the faithful.

Worshiping any other deities inside Vektren, however, is highly frowned upon, as it completely disrespects the holy lands dedicated to Senisteros and Xibalten, and may bring tension between those who follow the cult.

Also known as "Dread Father", "Lord of Death" or simply "Father", Senisteros is the shepherd of death and warden of evil spirits - the great revered guardian of the gates on the underworld.

Sign of protection and strength to his subjects, he's often held as a father-like figure to the vektreni, the Dread Father guards the mortal realm from the evil and the unworthy souls, protecting his subjects from omens and misfortune. He was not born a God, but rose from mortality to godhood after remarkably proving his worth.

Also referred to as "Shadow Mother", "Night Lady" or simply "Mother", Xibalten is Senisteros’s spouse and a motherly figure to Vektreni. Lady of luck, prosperity and wisdom, she is considered the keeper of all knowledge and priestess of death.

Xibalten is responsible for guiding her children into the path of wisdom, and aids their stealth among the shadows, ruling over the winds and air and its direction to grant them required subtlety.

 Find more details on religion HERE

Rituals and Ceremonies:
Vektren holds several rituals and ceremonies for almost every event across the day. These are led by the Necrolytes, performed at sanctuaries placed at specific points of their holy mountain, the Howling Peaks. The most important ritual is the Offering, where hearts of eliminated targets are prepared and offered to Senisteros, binding the soul of those killed with the God.

Other two core rituals of Vektren are the Initiation and the Burial, the begin and end of the life of a vektreni respectively.

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On majority a swampland, low lying, and unwelcoming - if not outright deadly - to any who are unaccustomed to it. The waterways, rivers, and bogs are home to venomous and poisonous fauna and flora, while the green grass fields and forests to the northeast and farther east hide other dangers - its inhabitants. The place is constantly covered by thick mist and is eerily silent besides the crickets and frogs, a landscape painted - where it meets the eye - in silver, moss-green and dark-brown. Although threatening and meager, Vektren still very much has its own unique, haunting beauty.

 Surviving on battered territory is the specialty of the cultists.  A place where only the clever and strong-willed manage to survive;  Surviving on battered territory is the specialty of the cultists, mainly on account that it's often avoided by common wolves, and due to harsh environment combined with study being the perfect mix to create elite wolves when it comes to resistance, strength and survival. The lands of Vektren are meant to protect, and aren't exactly fruitful. On that account, there's not much time for idleness for all tasks and ranks, since one relies on the other. While not on duty outside the pack, one must spend the day providing for it - hunting, researching, training or protecting.

Vektreni dutifully guard their holy grounds with teeth and claw, using the harsh landscape in their favor to protect themselves, holding a much more advanced knowledge about the terrain and its perils than outsiders.

Vektren is fueled by their relations with the outside world, despite their guarded and introvert society. Any wolf is seen as a potential hirer and is treated as such - unless they are the designated target. Vektreni tend to represent their pack with excelling business and mean no harm to strangers unless deemed necessary. Some see Vektren's livelihood as a petty game of death, to simply defy the moral rules of wolfkind out of spite; while others see it as a spiritual bond of servitude to their dark Gods.

This politeness is displayed only outside territory however. They consider their lands sacred, and foreigners are never allowed to set foot on such holy grounds. The outskirts are heavily guarded with traps, surrounded by treacherous rivers and hostile vegetation, and protected by Vektren’s fearsome guardians; the Enforcers. Trespassing outsiders are chased and killed at sight unless the situation is exceptional someway.


Vektren does not take recruitment lightly. A wolf hoping to join the brotherhood may find themselves under harsher scrutiny than they may have found anyplace else, and most are turned down. Always looking for assets to be added and not simply into numbers, the cultists look for strength, wits and loyalty above all.

There are few ways to join Vektren. Most usually, the high ranked lines extend invitations to wolves of interest rather than wait for them to express interest. This is only given for 'perfect matches' on what is expected of a prospect dark brother/sister. Another option is for a vektreni to sponsor a recruit and request a meeting outside the borders, where the potential member is interviewed by someone of the leading lines. The personal rank of the wolf acting as sponsor may be critical on this decision.

Pups and juveniles tend to have leeway on these rules as they are considered easily moldable assets to the community, being often sheltered by the cult. An adult trespassing with hopes of earning a place in the pack is never advised.
*Note that this only applies IC! You can and should create your character without asking permission from the staff!

When a wolf offers enough qualities to be a Vektreni but requires to be "shaped" for it first, they are subjected to Reeducation, a method also used to "fix" or correct misshapen or rebel vektreni. The wolf under this program is thrown into the pits and broken (from psychological manipulation to physical torture) until they become a 'Serf', a loyal vassal to the pack. Wolves that undergo the reeducation can become either compliant servants or turn into sleeping agents, where they are sent elsewhere to live. They may lead "normal" lives, but are submissive to the cult in secrecy and ready to answer to its call.

If by any chance the reeducation process fails, the wolf is disposed and their heart is used as offering.


To outsiders, it's often hard to notice when a wolf belongs to Vektren. Their primary skill, for generations, has been the ability to mask or hide their scents by rolling on mud, ashes or specific vegetation. They can be found everywhere and anywhere, and vanish just as easily. Anything to protect the brotherhood.

Vektren tends to not hold negative views of other packs unless forced to. If not directly threatened, the relationship remains neutral on Vektren's side regardless of the opinion from the other end. Vektreni also leave their identity a secret when not in business.
  • Chandor: Neutral (Disinterested)
  • Aryn: Enemy (Avoided)
  • Fellfang: Neutral (Curious)
  • Riverfell: Neutral (Curious)
  • Xassa: Neutral (Unknown)
  • Mhor: Neutral (Unknown)
  • Loners: Neutral

Sacred Tenets of the Brotherhood

Tenets of the Spirit:
  • Never dishonor the Gods. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Xibalten, cursing the brotherhood and marking the day of the Purge.
  • Never betray Vektren or its secrets. To do so is to dishonor the Gods.
    • Common/known betrayals: giving information away, freeing trapped intruders or serfs, leaving the pack.
  • Never desecrate the hallowed altars or the sanctified pool. To do so is to dishonor the Gods.
  • Never give an offering any other end but the rightful ritual. To do so is to dishonor the Gods.
  • Never disregard, assail, steal or kill a dark brother or dark sister. To do so is to dishonor the Gods.
Dishonoring the Gods marks one as a renegade:
Banishment from Vektren's ranks and punishment by death.
Tenets of the Flesh:
  • Do not openly declare allegiance with Vektren to strangers if not in business. Anonymity is crucial to the pack's safety.
  • The cult and its safety comes above ones life. It's an honor dying protecting Vektren's secrets.
  • It's forbidden to disobey or refuse to carry out an order from a superior.
  • Do not pretend possessing divine power granted only to a Herald without the use of herbs or the like. Punishment for fraud will follow.
  • Respect your task's boundaries regarding leaving permissions
    • Listed under each task in the sections below!
  • Unnecessary quarrels are not tolerated. Enforcers must carry out punishment for the involved if physical level is reached.
  • Eat in order of rank. Pregnant females, lactating mothers and pups are allowed to feast first with their Patron(s).
  • Juveniles and pups are not to be mistreated, but taken into the cult for reeducation. Sacrificing, harming or physically punishing whelps is forbidden.
  • Care for the land as your care for your brotherhood. Game is scarce, do not overhunt. The flora is fragile, do not abuse it.
  • It is forbidden to take a mate outside of Vektren's ranks.
  • Lovers can be chosen freely, as there are no pairing restrictions such as amount of partners or gender. Those wishing to make their bond official however must wed before the eyes of the Gods.
  • Adultery, however frowned upon, is not seen as law breaking, but must be resolved peacefully. The matrimonial bond dissolutes and the divorced pair loses the perks given to spouses.
  • She-wolves should not bear pups before seeking permission so as to prevent undue strain on the pack's thin resources.
    • At the need of a litter to strengthen the pack, both parents must be fully involved on the whelps raising, regardless of emotional connection. Wedding is not required, but permission is.
  • Disrespecting or harming a hirer while carrying Vektren's name is forbidden.
  • Any outsider that is deemed to have potential of becoming a good asset to the Great War may be killed.
*Note that any killing will be discussed OOC beforehand, and not done without the member's consent!

Vektren assigns their high-ranked wolves a certain amount of responsibility and authority, consisting on a tight circle of leading. However, only the faithful are allowed at the three highest-ranked lines. It's illogical for a cultist incapable of accepting the presence of the Gods to be considered for a leading position.

Black Council

The team of Betas in union with the Patrons and the Warchief receives the title of Black Council. Each member of the Council is responsible for caring for the wolves under their command, being the bridge between leaders and the lower ranks, working in tune with the faction on its entirety to improve it.

While a Beta studies the progress of their faction individually, the decisions are made favoring the pack as a whole. They are advisors, overseers, and the most trusted members of Vektren, thus very carefully hand-selected. Patron(s), Warchief and Betas often gather to discuss improvements to the pack, solve issues and anything administrative-related.


Across generations, the members formed factions to their tasks and put the Thetas as their leaders - like inner circles, and the Patrons recognized the potential on this, making it a formality. Sometimes, orders are given only to a faction instead of the whole pack. Each faction also has its own den, and those are spread across Vektren's territory, customized and private only to the respective faction members.


Vektren works as a brotherhood, and for it to function properly, each wolf must be an active participant of it. All tasks are equally important, and each member is expected to take a role that best fits their individual skills.

Once a task is chosen, one must be willing to give body and soul to perfect it, and it's strongly advised against swapping tasks unless strictly necessary.
  • Gaining a task: Completion of the Initiation Ritual and approval from any of the leading lines. The Delta will be assigned a Gamma or higher rank wolf of the same task as teacher.
  • Promotion to Gamma: Recommendation from a teacher and sanction from a member of the leading line. The Gamma will become pupil of its Thetas, and assistant of the Beta in the same task.
  • Promotion to Theta: Recommendation from the Beta and sanction of the Patron or Warchief. Requires great display of skill and commitment to the task. The Theta will be the right-hand of their Beta.
  • Promotion to Bet (Join the Black Council): Invitation of the Patron(s). Requires absolute excellence in their task, mastery of their individual skills, trustworthy behavior among the pack and full commitment to Vektren.
    There can only be one Beta for each task at a time. This rank cannot be applied to, as it is hand-selected from the Thetas.
*Note that depicting these requirements for Gamma to Theta are optional, but encouraged! The only official group requirement for a character to rank up is to turn in bones.

Regardless of rank, one already established in a task is advised to disclose their work to the servants-to-be. Everyone is responsible of introducing the younglings and newblood to Vektren's daily deeds, even if most of this work falls to Necrolytes and Magisters.

Arrow left You can find Vektren's task prompts HEREArrow right 


The Voidwalkers, led by the Divine.

Individuals gifted with deep attunement to the divine who possess unwavering faith, they are spiritual guides and practitioners devoted to the mystics, loyal to the pack's religious tradition, expressing their piety by serving Senisteros and Xibalten while guiding their pack mates to glory - while remaining true to the ways of the Shunned Ones. Necrolytes are responsible for studying the religion, offering guidance and aiding their pack mates spiritually. They often also serve as counselors to fellow servants. Here to listen to both pleas and the doubts, these priests are skilled on pouring faith into the hearts of their brothers and sisters and to help cleanse their disbeliefs.

Necrolytes' main duty is to perform all of the sacred rituals and teach religion, reading the signs of the Gods and revering Them properly. They are core individuals of Vektren and pledged to its most important practice: the Heart Offerings. Being such a religious centered pack, ;high-ranked Necrolytes may have authority to intervene in political issues shall it disturbs the will of the Gods.

Necrolytes don't have an expected physique, but are normally able to defend themselves just as well any other vektreni does. Their actual obligation is to stay mentally healthy and to be in harmony with the pack, always vigilant on how members can better fit into the brotherhood or in their personal path to the Gods.

Necrolytes are restricted of going out borders unless ordered.


The Royal Apothecary, led by the Necromancer.

Keepers of sharp intellect and hunger for knowledge, those wolves are prone to see the world with a more scientific approach than religious. Only by understanding the world around you it's possible to serve the ones who rule it, and for Vektren the interests of both Void and Mundus walk together. Magisters hold all the restorative and scientific intelligence, working as healers, scholars, alchemists and even necromancers. They ensure that the pack is well supplied with herbs for healing and poisons, study subjects such as anatomy, predict the seasons, read the nature and learn astronomy.

Their main duty is to work as healers and alchemists, and to teach science, guiding the cult on how to deal with the world physically. Thanks to the Magisters, Vektren is often prepared for natural threats and have a deep understanding of the terrain they live in. More importantly: Magisters play an important role on improving the other tasks as they learn.

Just as Necrolytes, Magisters don't normally have an expected build, but are obliged to know how to fight if they want to expand their horizons - they are forbidden to leave territory for studying if they cannot defend themselves. Therefore, they tend to be far more athletic than their religious counterparts.

Magisters may only explore for their studies if body-guarded.


The Crimson Wardens, led by the Berserker.

Skilled and ruthless combatants, combining strength, knowledge of battle, and practiced maneuvers to slice and smash their foes into little red bits. They charge into the heart of the battle and survive the most grievous of wounds, adding to their fighting prowess the ability to rally their allies and spur them to victory with their mere tenacious presence. Enforcers are mortal brutes whose main asset lays on their physical power, devoted to the well being of their brothers and sisters. Though this could be considered the work for aggressive wolves, Enforcers often need not to display such thing, as there is normally already great respect to their presences by the pack.

Their main obligation is to serve as peace-keepers and guardians of the territory, quickly interrupting any internal fight and bringing troublemakers to their superiors, and most importantly, eliminating without mercy any trespasser that dares to cross the borders. They may also be recruited for other jobs where protection might be needed, either to help eliminate a target or to bodyguard a pack mate, or even simply to aid Scythes on hunts.

Enforcers are usually massive and muscular, either quick warriors or resistant protectors, as long their strength prevails, it doesn't matter. Endurance is key to this task as rest is short and the importance of duty great, since guarding the holy lands of Vektren falls mostly on their shoulders.

Enforcers only leave the borders for assigned duty.


The Claws of Senisteros, led by the Reaper.

Masters of death, those who have gone on to perfect the arts of murder to an incredibly fine degree. Conniving and skilled assassins, they are trained extensively to eliminate all the possible types of targets. Scythes lives are bound to the death of others, and although it's instinctive to connect murders with Vektren, it's still expected that they're able to act discreetly. More than simply murderers, Scythes are proficient on the deathcraft, quick to measure and feel the world around them, taught to be sensitive to their surroundings like a true predator, using this knowledge in their favor to reach their targets with deadly prowess and fearing no one, as they are the ones to be feared.

Scythes receive jobs called contracts where they're assigned to eliminate targets - mostly but not limited to wolves, meaning sometimes they act as bounty hunters. Inside the pack, they act as hunters and their responsibility is to feed Vektren, if not with the game found inside the territory, with the prey hunted outside of it.

Scythes vary on their body build. Some rely on raw strength and/or size to bring down their targets, others are agile and precise, bleeding bigger opponents or ambushing instead of starting open combat. Each individual is trained to better suit their own limits and honey their skills over time.

Scythes outside duty may leave the borders, but advised to report.


The Eyes of Xibalten, led by the Nightmare.

Masters of subterfuge, adept and cunning adversaries. A task for those who seek the thrill of thieving and stalking and using trickery in combat, being able to vanish at the slightest distraction rather than embracing battle openly. Shades are spies and thieves who excel at stealth, whispers in the shadowy corners, possessing a wide range of physical and mental skills that allow them to accomplish feats from disarming and building traps, intercepting information, kidnapping pups for the cult and stealing prey from other packs.

They receive jobs called missions where they're assigned to steal or spy on other packs/wolves. Inside Vektren, they act as scouts and trappers, helping the Enforcers to protect the territory by crafting traps, and keeping paths clear for their fellow servants, reporting terrain changes.

Shades are usually small and swift to make up for the lack of raw force. Stamina and subterfuge are key, as they can be sent to far destinations, but they are mainly expected to be capable of going by unnoticed and evade combat at all costs to ensure success.

Shades outside duty may leave the borders, but advised to report.


The Keepers of Secrets, led by the Cobra.

The embodiment of the power words carry, they represent Vektren with diplomatic expertise and a sharp silver-tongue. This is the role of the quick-witted and the negotiators, ready to sniff a good deal and to make the best of it. Vipers are Vektren's business cards, putting their own safety at stake by being the faces of the cult, keeping their brothers and sisters anonymous. More than merely intelligent, Vipers possess a deep understanding of the Vektren's working system from both technical and religious view, and have to use it properly during the negotiations and on their daily life. Shady characters, even fellow vektreni are aware of these schemers and avoid stepping on their toes.

Vipers make presence on official envoys and other events where a diplomat or ambassador is needed. They may also work as undercover agents by disguising themselves and joining other packs to study their societies and daily life. This task is known to be the rather involved with all others, a required action to perform their duty properly.

Vipers carry great responsibility, and need to be perfectly shaped - body, mind and spirit. While valued for their wily ways, it's still preferable that they are visually attractive, regardless of size or build, meaning that they're often pushed to vanity.

Vipers may leave the borders at any time. Reporting is still preferable.

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Patron(s): The 1st leading line, the supreme command of Vektren; given prefix 'Mistress' for females and 'Master' for males. Alphas believed to be bound to the Gods may also be referred to as 'Herald'.
    Mistress Vieste

Warchief: The 2nd leading line, direct subordinate to the Alphas; assist and lead in their absence. Hand selected by the Alpha(s) as they better see fit; given prefix 'Warmaiden' for females and 'Warlord' for males.


Beta(s): The 3rd leading line, members of the Black Council; marshals of their factions and personal advisers; receive duty and assign to members; addressed by their titles with prefix 'Lady' or 'Lord'.

    Divine: Lady Helh
    Necromancer: Lord Kiero Koi
    Berserker: Lord Monty
    Reaper: Lord Fornax
    Nightmare: Lord Damon
    Cobra: None yet!

Theta(s): Experts, mentors and captains to their task; lead important duties; given prefix 'Countess' or 'Count'.

    Magister: Countess Theodosia
    Enforcer: Count Ivar,
    Scythe: None yet!
    Shade: Countess Makenna,
    Viper: Count Akai Hoseki,

Gamma(s): Teachers; trusted for more important duties; given prefix 'Baroness' or 'Baron'.

    Necrolyte: None yet!
    Magister: Vanja, Hawkeye,
    Enforcer: Ophion, Caramel, Fenrir,
    Scythe: Leslie,
    Shade: Amon, Judith,
    Viper: Meria, Siren, Azalea,

Delta(s): Apprentices, already Initiated; assigned to smaller duties, accompanied by a Gamma. Initiates cannot progress beyond Delta rank.

    Necrolyte: Devidas,
    Magister: Sindri,
    Enforcer: Gwyndolyn, Arawn,
    Scythe:  Yossarian, Temperance,
    Shade:  None yet!
    Viper:  Edelwood,

Neophyte(s): Untasked, newcomers or trainees - the Omega rank. Currently going through intense training to choose their future task properly.

     Amaris, Aralynn, VivecaSolasArachne, Euphrates,

Whelp(s): Too young to have a task, learning the pack culture.

    Golan, Sin,

Serf(s): Wolves currently going through reeducation or locked in the serving rank.


Wolf Count: 39
1 Necrolytes | 4 Magisters | 5 Enforcers | 2 Scythes | 5 Shades | 4 Vipers

Vektren Height Chart by Halkuonn

Sepulcher (Deceased Brethren)
Stallion (Taken by the Great Flood); Lord Miron (Missing, Presumed); Rabbit (Killed by Aivar of Aryn); Mistress Herald Hekate (Killed by Hellion); Shirubafurea (Died of natural causes); Lord Janus (Missing, presumed dead); Saint (Killed by alligator); Hanz (Missing), Morrigan (Killed by a Hive wolf), Honi (Killed by General Half-Tail), Demogorgon (killed by a Hive wolf)

Reliquary (Honorable Sacrifices)
Thrakena (Eliminated by Sionn); Tilika (Eliminated by Klaus); Athena (Eliminated by Hekate); Alcatraz (Eliminated by Nimh); Sean (Eliminated by Fornax); Raghaalr (Eliminated by Ghislaine); Storm (Eliminated by Hellion);

Renegades (Traitors of the Brotherhood)
Zenith (Disowned of Servitude); Lord Hellion (Traitor); Belladonna (Traitor, Presumed dead); Yseult (Traitor, missing)

Vektren is influenced by Ancient Celtic and Greek cultures, and games such as The Elder Scrolls Series, The Witcher Series, Dishonored Series, Thief Series, PayDay, Dragon Age Series, etc.

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