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Riverfell Pack -- Header by Quaylak
DotW: Riverfell Territory and Landmarks by Quaylak

Riverfell exists far to the West; nestled between lush forested peaks and rolling, grassy hills and moorlands. In the Southwestern portion of the territory, a pristine lake sparkles at the foot of snow-covered mountains. It is full of fish and freshwater that keep the creatures of Riverfell from ever going hungry or thirsty. Through the heart of the territory, a large flowing river travels down from the North and if followed, leads all the way to the ocean.

Riverfell is a very green and fertile place dotted with streams, pools, waterfalls, and other natural bodies of freshwater thanks to plentiful storms and rain/run-off from the mountains. Summers are warm and humid while winters can sometimes be mild, though are most often snowy and typical for the Domain. The further North you travel, the greener the land seems to become, as the warmer air from the ocean keeps the air moist. You need to travel to the Southern borders of the territory to find snow-capped mountains and drier moorlands. 

It is said that Siamsa, the great golden eagle, led all of the animals to safety when the earth split apart and fire flowed like the waters of the rivers over 100 years ago. Ash and dust coated the sky, but still, her golden feathers shimmered like a beacon in the darkness. Predator and prey alike traveled together during those hard times -- a truce being established until the smoke cleared and grasses were green once more. 

Siamsa remained in the sky, guiding them forward. She did not judge a creature based on appearance or strength or cunning, for all of them were equal in her eyes. Such a lack of discrimination formed peace unlike any the predators had ever seen. When they had traveled far enough North away from their former territories to find blue skies and lush forests, the once lone wolves had formed a pack, now fully devoted to Siamsa and her teachings along their journey. They decided to continue the peace between themselves and the other predators beyond the truce.

The wolves carved out a bountiful piece of the new territory not far from Siamsa's Nest and founded Riverfell. The first alpha declared their lands a sanctuary for all manner of predator in an effort to continue Siamsa's teachings in her stead. Several generations have passed and the sanctuary that is Riverfell still exists to this day. All predators are welcome to seek shelter, find prey, and raise their young safely within its borders.  

Riverfell And Outsiders

Most travelers of the Domain who journey from the East will need to pass between two large, forested mountain peaks known to the wolves of Riverfell as the "Citadels." These mountains and their caves act as a surveillance point and way for the pack to keep watch over those who may be interested in Riverfell's territory.

Outsiders who venture to Riverfell are treated with hospitable caution upon initial approach. No one is turned away from speaking to the Alpha if they desire, though strangers are never left unattended from the moment they enter the territory to the moment they leave. Due to the (current) feminist nature of the pack, males are viewed as less trustworthy and treated with more caution. There are eyes on them at all times -- be them the eyes of wolves or the other predators within Riverfell.

Conversely, females that need shelter, sanctuary, or a safe haven to give birth are always welcome within Riverfell as honored guests for as long as they need. They are still treated as Outsiders, but the wolves of Riverfell are expected to help them if needed and assure they are watched over (for their protection and the protection of the pack) for the duration of their stay.

Because they so often do business with Outsiders who may be passing through (trading/bartering items, Gold Feathers for hire, etc.), most wolves are welcome to visit as long as their intentions are stated clearly and they do not plan to loiter around the territory after their business is concluded.

  • Chandor: Neutral
  • Aryn: Neutral
  • Vektren: Neutral
  • Fellfang: Neutral
  • Damasca: Neutral
  • Tentaka: Neutral
  • Xassa: Neutral

Their patriarchal society, traditions, and beliefs span several generations. The most recent cultural shifts have been ushered in with the arrival of Lady Shiloh, the very first female Alpha and primary leader of Riverfell. For a young, unmated female to take over a primarily male role has caused somewhat of an uproar and protests among the older members. Most females were ready for change and support her rule without question, but not all of them. Despite the shift to a matriarchal society, males are still welcome to stay and live within Riverfell without discrimination or judgment. All that is expected of them is respect and fair treatment of the females and their ability to pursue new roles within the pack.

Riverfell And Its Members

Riverfell wolves are a proud, confident people who are always willing to lend a paw to help defend those who lack strength or need Gold Feather* bodyguards -- for a fee, of course. They are not secretive or isolated and welcome a challenge, be it from another pack or singular stranger. They take pride in their strength and fortitude and are often more critical in the expectation and standards of their own members than they are of Outsiders and other packs.

Their seemingly arrogant attitude stems from the intensity of their values and Gold Feather* training program, as the wolves who master it are renowned warriors who, at least in their minds, are capable of handling any outside threat -- so why worry? This means the wolves of Riverfell are often friendly even to Outsiders, as they believe they have little to fear that the pack as a whole cannot handle together. Other packs may view such arrogance as foolish and Riverfell's beliefs and traditions as "barbaric" or "primitive," but most of their culture has remained unchanged for several generations, so they see no reason to change them; well, most of them.

On a societal level, Riverfell has recently become primarily matriarchal with feminist tendencies. With the arrival of Lady Shiloh, the pack's formerly patriarchal society was dismantled -- though some followers of the old ways still remain, causing discourse. After the events surrounding her mother's assault and eventual banishment and death, Shiloh promised the females of Riverfell that they would be stifled and silenced no longer. Every female would have the same opportunities as their male counterparts, and vice versa, so all wolves may contribute equally to Riverfell's strength. Tasks and ranks were no longer restricted to certain genders and both males and females are encouraged to follow their interests and strengths when trying to find their place within the pack.

*see "Gold Feathers" below for more information.

The Gold Feathers 
Riverfell's Gold Feather wolves are elite warriors highly trained in the art of combat and are the pride of Riverfell. Click here to learn more! 

Other Creatures/Predators
Riverfell is a nature-loving pack that values not only the lives of its people but the lives of all the creatures within its realm. The entire territory is considered a "sanctuary" for other predators in honor of Siamsa, the golden eagle who led them all to Riverfell so long ago. The wolves keep peace and order within Riverfell's lands and offer protection and respect for all predators who reside there, while those other predators offer their own protection in guarding and reporting on the territory.* This peace enables them to coexist without fear or hostility toward one another. 

Wolves of Riverfell are welcome (and encouraged) to befriend the other predators** freely and without prejudice, as oftentimes their relationship is symbiotic and gives the wolves new respect and appreciation for species outside of their own (and vice versa). 

* other creatures are NOT pack members! They simply occupy (some of) the same territory as Riverfell, but live independently from the wolves and are free to come and go as they please. These creatures do not answer to the Alpha of Riverfell unless the truce is broken and a wolf is harmed by another predator. All "Other Creature" restrictions and rules apply (and the "other creature" application template should be used), so please review them before designing your creature:
Other Creature rules and restrictions can be found here.
**your wolf is welcome to have a "companion" creature, but it must be played by either yourself or another person and cannot be an NPC.

Weddings/Marriage (click for visual)
Riverfell wolves believe that when wolves die, their spirits join the heavens. At night, the stars are symbols of those they have lost that keep watch over them all. With this in mind, weddings always take place at the Lake of Stars on the night of a new moon.

The two wolves to be married wade elbow-deep into the water and, on the clearest of nights, look as though they are standing in the heavens that are reflected upon the water. It is a symbolic way of including their ancestors and those they have lost in the wedding and earn their blessing. Afterward, the newlyweds join their earthly family on the lake's shore for the evening's festivities! Singing, dancing, and celebrating take place until the sun rises.

Dancing (click for visual)
Wolves use strips of animal hide, vines, and other long bits of material to perform in dances. Each wolf holds an end and, depending on the strength of the material used, can even lift their partners off the ground in more elaborate moves. Dancing promotes bonds between family and friends and is always present at every special event.

The Heart Stone & Passing Ceremony (click for visual)
The Heart Stone is a solid piece of rose quartz that was smoothed and semi-flattened by the rushing waters of a river several generations ago.  It is around the size of a large wolf's paw but fits easily in the mouth for transportation. Legend tells that the Heart Stone existed long before Riverfell was ever founded and even before the wolves followed Siamsa North into the Domain. 

It is said that when the Heart Stone is placed over the heart of a dying wolf, its energy passes through the stone on its journey to the next life. Some of that energy remains within the stone and thus, with the wolves of the pack. Hundreds of wolves -- from Alpha to Omega, young to old -- have passed through the Heart Stone on their way to the stars and some believe it is what gives life to Riverfell and its wolves. The Master Sage is in charge of keeping the heart stone safe and transporting it when necessary when a wolf is in the process of passing over.

The Passing Ceremony is conducted by the Sages. They are responsible for bringing the Heart Stone to the dying wolf after they are certain they can do no more. Family and friends of the wolf are informed of the situation and encouraged (not required) to bring an item with them that is important to them or represents a positive memory they may have shared with the dying wolf (an antler, bone, feather, stone, etc.). The items are arranged in a circle around the wolf and their family. The Master Sage and his/her apprentices remain with the wolf until they take their final breath. The following is quietly chanted for several minutes while the energy of the wolf ascends from the body and passes through the Heart Stone:

Pass on in peace to the heavens. May you now run free among the stars.

The family is given time to grieve and say goodbye before the body is buried with any items that were left behind. Some wolves like to keep their item, as it brings them comfort, while others prefer it to be buried with the deceased. The items themselves are meant to represent positive energy and experiences and help the wolves that have gathered to cope with the loss, both before and after it actually happens.

Just an idea: If you decide to kill off your Riverfell wolf, your exit piece can be your character with the heart stone over its chest. Their energy will live on within the pack even after they are gone!

Quarter Feast & Celebrations

The pack hosts a great feast at the start of each new season to celebrate the changing of the leaves. While wolves make up the bulk of this event, the invite extends to all predators within the territory to attend and share news of the happenings within Riverfell. Warnings of drought, fires, sickness, flooding, strangers, and other such information may be shared during this time so everyone is kept informed. Each wolf brings a fresh piece of kill to share with the group in order to reaffirm bonds and peace.

Riverfell wolves will celebrate just about anything -- birth, seasonal changes, Alpha Trial graduations, weddings, funerals, even war! Any excuse to be together, eat fermented fruit, brawl, sing songs, dance, and lovingly insult/challenge one another (which usually leads to brawling) is always good in the eyes of the pack. Celebrations reaffirm bonds, confidence, boosts pack morale, and allows the wolves a chance to release stress and tension. Riverfell wolves may work hard, but they play even harder!

Details & Fun Facts:
  • the event location is always the same: see the map!
  • the event always kicks off with an MC/speaker. It can be anyone, not just the Alpha! They make announcements and acknowledgments.
  • the event is intended to last a full day and night and always happens during a full moon (it's a natural "save the date" reminder and allows for ideal lighting for evening activities).
  • a lot of preparation goes into everything, including: increased hunting, communicating with Other Creatures in the area so they know when to attend, and gathering of treats (rare prey items, dance hides, fruits, ‘toys’ for games -- like antlers, bones, and sticks)
  • some common activities include: dancing, singing, howling at the moon, swimming, friendly brawling, games (zoomie tag, anyone?), eating, storytelling, ceremonies (pack announcements, new parents/pups, new rank-up announcements, Gold Feather graduations, etc.), and lots of good conversation.

Trade & Bartering at Riverfell Trading Post(s)

Riverfell wolves openly trade/barter with Loners and other Packs when possible at trading posts they have established both on and off territory. Medicinal herbs, foreign prey, feathers and antlers for celebratory decoration or Passing Ceremonies, etc. are all items Riverfell views highly. Riders are the primary traders of the pack, though Sages and Hunters are all capable and encouraged to trade (typically escorted by a Guardian or Gold Feather, especially when meeting Outsiders), as this enables them to add variety to their tasks, meet representatives of foreign packs and encourage positive relations, and obtain herbs and food that may not be native to Riverfell's lands. 

What Riverfell has: Deer, Wild Turkey, Water Fowl, Wild Boar, Mountain Goats, Fish, Fruit (peaches, apples, pears), Berries (blue and black berries, raspberries, strawberries), Mushrooms (medicinal), Herbs (found in mountains/rivers)

What Riverfell wants: Moose, Caribou, Elk, Antlers (from any of the previously listed), Pheasants & Quail (mainly for feathers), Medicinal Herbs not native to Riverfell, Stones & Crystals, Prey Animal Skulls, Seashells

Fight Night

Disputes between wolves may be handled via a "Fight Night." If a wolf declares "Fight Night," that is seen as an open challenge to the other wolf and the two are permitted to fight within the brawling area of the Gold Feather Training grounds.

Traditionally, the two challengers are pitted within a large drawn circle. The first wolf to force the other out of the circle is declared the winner (sumo style, which typically requires a lot of strength and wrestling). 

An alternative to the "circle style" is just traditional wrestling until one challenger successfully pins the other. 

The Alpha or Beta is typically present (other pack members are also welcome to attend) to referee the fight and ensure it is not taken too far. Basically, this is a way for two wolves to blow off steam and prevent tensions from rising to potentially dangerous levels. Disagreements over rank, food, chore distribution, mates, etc. can all be settled during a Fight Night. Wolves who partake agree to "keep it clean," meaning they do not inflict wounds that are potentially life-threatening or physically debilitating in any way. 

A wolf may challenge any other wolf within Riverfell - except for the Alpha, who often acts as overseer. But the other wolf MUST agree to participate in a Fight Night for it to be scheduled and official. No wolf would ever be forced to fight, but if they were challenged due to an issue, the issue would need to be dropped and the two wolves would need to "agree to disagree" and move on.

Members of Riverfell are expected to honor the peace between wolf and other predators. Any wolf who attacks, disrespects, or otherwise threatens Riverfell's peace with the other predators that live within the territory will be swiftly punished depending on the seriousness of the crime. 

Punishments typically mean any wolf found guilty will perform "community service" for the predator and/or its family that was wronged; such services include assisting in hunts (or pledging a portion of the wolf's every kill with the predator or its family), building dens for the other predator, or tending to their sick or elderly until the Alpha feels the offender has been properly rehabilitated. Attacking or harming another predator without probable cause is a serious offense that will not be tolerated and may lead to exile from Riverfell. The death penalty is reserved for the most heinous of crimes, though any wolf who dares to return will be subject to attack by not only the wolves of Riverfell, but the other predators as well.

With Shiloh's new ruling, all wolves of Riverfell are to be treated as equals. All tasks and ranks are available to those wolves dedicated enough to undertake the work required of them. Females are no longer bound to dens and males are no longer expected to be the sole teachers/trainers of the Gold Feathers, Guardians, and Hunters. Wolves of all sizes and sexes are expected to work together and play to each other's strengths in order to ensure Riverfell's survival, both now and in the future.

Other Laws include:
  • Meals are eaten based on rank, though nursing mothers and their pups are permitted to eat with the Alpha.
  • Taking a mate should be authorized/blessed by the Alpha and recognized by the pack. Mating outside of Riverfell is discouraged, as the safety of the pack and its truce with the other predators can be jeopardized by the admittance of a potentially dangerous Outsider. However, exceptions can be made if the foreign wolf agrees to becoming a member of the pack and is taught the ways of Riverfell.
  • All life is to be respected and no wolf should ever kill for fun or sport, only necessity. This extends not only to prey, but other wolves and predators as well.
  • Wolves who wish to leave the territory on assignment (typically Riders and Gold Feathers) may do so provided the Alpha is well informed of the destination and time-frame that the member will be gone. Typically, 2-3 days is the length of time granted.
  • Crimes are punishable by community service, stripping of honors and titles, exile, and in very rare cases, death.
  • Disputes between wolves may be handled via a "Fight Night" (see Riverfell's Culture for more info). Any wolf who breaks Fight Night rules will be punished depending on the severity of their actions.

There is no organized "religion" or belief in gods or goddesses. Instead, Riverfell wolves explain their pack's origins and the world around them through starlore/constellations, legends, and mythology; Siamsa the great golden eagle being an example. 

The expansion of this section is planned for the future!

All of the tasks within Riverfell often overlap so every member has the opportunity to work together to make the pack stronger and more efficient.

Gold Feathers
: the elite warriors of Riverfell that may be hired or loaned to other wolves in need, as well as other large predators seeking sanctuary within Riverfell; for a price. They have been conditioned to endure extreme weather, mental fatigue, starvation, dehydration, and pain. They are like the Navy SEALS of Riverfell: "The Only Easy Day was Yesterday." Gold Feathers often accompany Riders when needed for diplomatic missions to other packs.

Sages: the healers, scholars, and guardians of Riverfell's legends, mythology, and the Heart Stone. They are responsible for teaching and passing down all of Riverfell's mythology and lore, as well as performing weddings and assisting Riverfell wolves in passing on to the next life and joining their ancestors in the stars. They are caretakers of the elders, pups, and pregnant females when needed. Sometimes work as traders for the pack when medicinal supplies are low.

Guardians: the protectors/guardians of Riverfell, they are typically the pack's "defense" while the Gold Feathers are "offense." They perform security patrols around the territory, are responsible for marking the borders, may escort Sages and Riders when needed, and maintain peace and safety in and around the main den-site. Guardians rarely leave the boundaries of the territory (except when acting as escorts for trading purposes), as their primary concern is the security of the pack and everyone in it.

Hunters: the suppliers of prey and resources for the Sages. They must be proficient at capturing both rare (mountain goats) and powerful prey (wild boar). The more rare the prey, the more it may trade for. They are also experts at "cleaning" and stripping hides, antlers, and feathers in preparation for the Riders to use in trade.

Riders: the traders, diplomats, and messengers of Riverfell that deliver messages to the other predators/wolves in the area as well as scout for herbs for the Sages. They are expert traders and make regular rounds to each trading post. When needed, they may also be called upon for matters of diplomacy when communicating with other packs within the Domain. Riders are expected to be level-headed representatives of Riverfell when traveling to other packs.

Trophy The Alpha Trials (click to learn more)
Each season, every aspiring Apprentice must prove they are capable of their task to the Alpha by completing a select "trial." Apprentices advance to Captain once they are successful. 

Bullet; Purple Alpha(s)primary leader of the pack. Given prefix "Lady or Lord."


Bullet; Purple The Council: advisor(s) to the Alpha(s), may lead if the Alpha(s) are away. Given prefix "Commander."

Bone Cost: This rank cannot be purchased.
How to earn: council members are chosen by the Alpha(s).

- None yet!

Bullet; Purple Master Sage: advisor to the Alpha and guardian of the Heart Stone and Riverfell's legends. Given prefix "Master."

Bone Cost: This rank cannot be purchased.
How to earn: The Master Sage is chosen by the Alpha(s).

- Heather

Bullet; Purple Gold FeathersSenior Young Feathers that have successfully completed their training and earned their feathers. Advisors to the Alpha and supporters of the Council.

Bone CostThis rank cannot be purchased. However, graduated Gold Feathers must purchase a bundle of feathers for 1 bone IF you want your character to display their feathers. Wolves are still accepted as Gold Feathers even if they choose not to display feathers, so purchasing is totally OPTIONAL.

How to earnGold Feathers are selectively chosen by the Alpha(s) and/or current Gold Feathers. When a Senior Young Feather performs their duties admirably and proves their abilities through their training and contributions to the pack, they will be approached for their Final Test and, if successful, approved to choose their feathers at the Nest of Siamsa.


Bullet; Blue Seniortheta; leads/highest ranking leaders of their task. Often the first chosen for important missions.

Bone Cost:  Graduating from Captain to Senior = 12 bones
How to earn: Complete 5 art/lit/RP pieces that prove themselves to be experts in their fields of interest. Senior/Theta ranking wolves should be capable of organizing the Captains and Apprentices when needed, as well as coordinating with the Alpha to ensure the pack is kept organized, safe, healthy, and well-fed. Include a link to your pieces within your rank up note.

Senior Young Feather: Rocko, Calumina
Senior Sage(s):  Ruby
Senior Guardian(s): Devina
Senior Hunter(s): BourneKeezheekoni
Senior Rider(s): SashaFreyaAshwood

Bullet; Blue Captaingamma; trainers/teachers of ranks and advisers to Seniors.

Bone Cost: Graduating from Apprentice to Captain = 7 bones
How to earnComplete 3 art/lit/RP pieces performing their task. Alpha Trial prompts (detailed above) are purely optional and available to help inspire your character's career advancement. Include a link to your pieces within your rank up note.

Young Feather Captain(s): Orsu
Sage Captain(s): Yseult, Mutaias
Guardian Captain(s): 
Hunter Captain(s): RicciLynx
Rider Captain(s): JoselineJosephine

Bullet; Green Apprenticedelta; students and “Young Feathers."

Bone Cost: From Omega (taskless) to Apprentice (gaining a task) = 3 bones
How to earn: Complete 1 art/lit/RP piece related to the task they are interested in pursuing within the pack. Include a link to the piece within your rank up note.

Young Feather(s): FawzieKarnaAtsilaJerichoTeba
Sage Apprentice(s): 
Guardian Apprentice(s): Fiadh
Hunter Apprentice(s):
Rider Apprentice(s): Dracarys, EzelloharJedrek

Bullet; Green OmegaVisitors, Pups, Elders, or taskless wolves.
 EridaniSadhbh, Leo, Finnegan, Tate, Quill, Sawyer, Yulian

Bullet; Yellow Veterans: Wolves proficient in their tasks that may work as teachers after retirement due to age or injury.

Bullet; Yellow Other Creature Guests & Familiars:
Swiftwing, Oscar

Bullet; Black Wolves Among the Stars (honored deceased):


Wolf Count: 38 (21 F | 17 M)

DotW: Riverfell Height Chart by Quaylak


Music Riverfell's Main Theme  (Emerald Princess)

Music Arriving at The Citadels - Welcome to Riverfell (One Million Voices)
Music Main Den Theme (Aladar and Neera)
Music Emerald Forest (Marian at the Waterfall)
Music Following the Sea's Tail (The Rowan Tree Trilogy)
Music Thunder Hills (Hunting Buffalo Herds)
Music Gold Feather Training Grounds (Race to Durango)
Music Lake of Stars (Two Hearts)
Music Highwood Springs (Besaid Island)
Music Murag's Island (It Gives Me the Creeps)
Music Otter Point (Carmine Bee Eaters)
Music Cloudfall (Flight Over Alps)
Music Valley of the Fallen (Breathe)
Music The Golden Eagle/Nest of Siamsa (Freya's Theme)

(Comment below to have your character's theme added to the list!)

Music Shiloh (Creation of Earth)
Music Calumina (Northwind)
Music Fawzie  (Just Over That Next Hill)
Music Howl (Cody's Flight)
Music Lynx (Eye of the Storm)
Music Ashwood (Home)

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I'm curious, would the Gold Feathers accept being hired as mercenaries during a war. Say if Xassa or Chandor hired them to add to wolfpower, would that be acceptable?