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Domain of the Wolf Map by Zoketi
This is the current log of all active members and their characters. HERE is where you can find a list of what you can do to add bones, as well as what you can cash them in for.
As of March 8th 2019, DotW no longer has a public bone log list, and each member is responsible for keeping track of their earnings.

To record your bones, note the group (click here!).
In the title, include the name of your character and their faction.
In the note, include the previous bones count (before the addition), and the current bones count (what it will be once we add the bones on), and a link to the proof for the bones being added.
If you fail to include the character's name and faction in the title, we will not cash the bones. You will be told to send a new note with the correct format.

Note Format by Halkuonn

And don't forget to hit

 Bones are recorded based on the month they are noted in, not the month the art/lit is submitted. If you submit an RP in August, but don't turn it in until September, it will count for September.


to turn in and cash bones. If you do not note the group to tell us what needs to be added, your total will remain the same no matter how many RPs and illustrations you add to the group.


  • A (L) indicates that the character is a Loner. If they have this symbol by their name,  they must complete a Loner Seasonal Prompt once each season, or two bones will be deducted from the character's total. If the character doesn't have two bones to deduct, they will be removed for inactivity.
  • A Red Bullet Bullet; Red next to a member name indicates that they have a Red Dot on the official bones log. A red dot means they are at risk of being removed if they do not cash any bones for the following month. A red dot lasts for six months.


Nimh of Vektren
Leo of Riverfell
Phanuel of Aryn
Amon of Vektren
Qassiel of Fellfang

Damon of Vektren
Cassandra of Aryn
Howl of Riverfell
Priscilla of Aryn
Dare of Chandor
(L) Valentino

Ursuline of Aryn
(L) Orion
Bourne of Riverfell
Nineveh of Xassa
Cricket of Aryn
Theodosia of Vektren
Astraea of Fellfang

Navindru of Chandor
Nadia of Chandor
(L) Zinnia 
Mirakel of Chandor
(L) Braigiel
Synnove of Aryn
Mekhit of Xassa
Aurith of Mhor

Calumina of Riverfell
Lincoln of Fellfang
Khamira of Xassa

Shiloh of Riverfell
Jedrek of Riverfell
Sawyer of Riverfell

Lidya of Aryn
Valkyrie of Fellfang
Tahmina of Xassa
Rowena of Mhor
Deidra (L)
Finnegan of Riverfell

Valera of Fellfang
(L) Solazar


:iconlester66: :bulletred:
(L) Silas
Andi of Chandor
Nouri of Xassa

Hani of Aryn
Montu of Vektren
Yamārashi of Aryn
(L) Starke
(L) Alec
Eridani of Riverfell
Altaeya of Aryn
Bazylwen of Mhor

Lawson of Aryn
Seava of Aryn
Athens of Aryn

Hera of Aryn
Lyza of Riverfell
(L) Aja
Beatrice of Aryn

Marrok of Chandor
Balduin of Chandor

Joseline of Riverfell
Gustave of Fellfang
Vidar of Xassa
Virago of Chandor
 Judith of Vektren
Giuseppe of Mhor

Rocko of Riverfell
Dyana of Aryn
Akai Hoseki of Vektren

Ian of Fellfang
Makenna of Vektren
Sunrise of Chandor
Anshar of Xassa
Sleet of Chandor
Quill of Riverfell

Tadita of Fellfang
Nayeli of Xassa
Cacao of Fellfang
Ruby of Riverfell
Caramel of Vektren

(L) Barbosa
Paimon of Aryn
Nephele of Fellfang 

Rifle of Aryn
Jura of Chandor
Fenrir of Vektren

Fornax of Vektren
Majavis of Xassa
Logos of Chandor
Ezellohar of Riverfell

 Ori Chime of Aryn
Yseult of Riverfell
Oscar the mountain lion
Polarstag of Chandor
Ashwood of Riverfell
(L) Macgyver
Fiadh of Riverfell
Elderberry of Chandor
Cage of Aryn
Arawn of Vektren

Ricci of Riverfell
Issa of Xassa
Leslie of Vektren

:iconmguffin08: :bulletred:
Fawzie of Riverfell
(L) Spectra
Sozin of Aryn
 Amaris of Vektren

Dayanara of Chandor
Mila of Chandor
Renae of Xassa

Quilo of Mhor
Kiero Koi of Vektren
Sheranee of Riverfell
Sheru of Fellfang
Demogorgon of Vektren
Naiteiru Kiri of Chandor
Caldera of Xassa
Karna of Riverfell
Zodiac of Fellfang

Amara of Aryn
Vieste of Vektren
Wick of Xassa
Leviathan of Aryn
Ivar of Vektren

Daenerys of Aryn
Helh of Vektren
Dracarys of Riverfell
Jaeger of Aryn
Aurora of Fellfang

Myghchaell of Fellfang
(L) Isabel

Kaen of Chandor
Nikola of Chandor
Caelan of Aryn
Icicle of Chandor

Shiantara of Fellfang

Keezheekoni of Riverfell
Anakoni of Chandor
Ileana of Aryn
Hieronymous of Aryn
Boaz of Xassa

:iconjollymutt: :bulletred:
Diablo of Chandor

Doba of Fellfang
Sasha of Riverfell
Vanja of Vektren
(L) Solstice
Selena of Aryn
Kira of Fellfang

Meria of Vektren
Sadhbh of Riverfell
Sera of Fellfang

Deonte of Riverfell
(L) Kamila
Kaiba of Fellfang
Samiel of Xassa
Atsila of Riverfell 

(L) Clementine 

:iconbeastybby: :bulletred:
Ajax of Xassa

Odin of Xassa
Erza of Aryn
Azalea of Vektren
(L) Rose
Devidas of Vektren
Adalinda of Mhor

Narciss of Xassa
Atticus of Mhor
Sindri of Vektren

Yasu of Xassa

(L) Yulian
Dublin of Fellfang
Dodge of Xassa
(L) Archer
Jericho of Riverfell 

Lynx of Riverfell
Ezekiel of Fellfang

Freya of Riverfell
Duncan of Chandor
Lumina of Mhor

Orsu of Riverfell
Ilse of Mhor

Josephine of Riverfell
 Ophion of Vektren
Lunelle of Chandor

Devina of Riverfell
Arachne of Vektren

Faolan of Mhor
Heather of Riverfell
Teagan of Mhor
(L) Fawn

Aislin of Mhor
Lorarii of Aryn
Siren of Vektren
Berengar of Fellfang
Malia of Xassa
(L) Vallis

Lokki of Fellfang
(L) Pyjama
Mars of Mhor

Serren of Mhor
(L) Nimue 
Eustace of Chandor

Haethowen of Mhor

Maeve of Mhor
(L) Aiden
Cordelia of Fellfang
Oisin of Mhor

Alderwen of Mhor
Indigo of Mhor
Kekoa of Fellfang
Eamon of Mhor

Theia of Mhor
Harley of Aryn
(L) Nanuk
Gwyndolyn of Vektren
Blythe of Xassa
Artem the mountain lion

Solune of Mhor
(L) Robin
Twyla of Mhor
Tate of Riverfell

Cahal of Mhor
(L) Lynn

Talni of Mhor
(L) Vilu 
Faucon of Chandor
Viveca of Vektren

Wenlock of Mhor
Nebula of Xassa

Reiwen of Mhor
(L) Roddwen 
Teba of Riverfell

Raylan of Mhor
Charlotte of Xassa

Primrose of Fellfang

Deborah of Mhor
Ataw of Chandor
Temperance of Vektren

Xochipilli of Xassa
(L) Toshala

Matthias of Mhor
(L) Ariadne
Hawkeye of Vektren

Ramona of Mhor

Charlie of Mhor
Raziel of Xassa

Mason of Mhor
Meriadoc of Chandor

Khalua of Fellfang
Edelwood of Vektren

Babylon of Mhor
(L) Hawthorn
Jaskier of Vektren

Yossarian of Vektren

:iconblackwildheart: :bulletred:
Yulier of Mhor

Solas of Vektren
Euphrates of Vektren

:iconskystar261: :bulletred:
Ilan of Aryn
Io of Xassa

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was scrolling through this and noticed a few things that are a few months or so out of date so i figured i'd list em here!

- Dublin has been retired

- Aja is now an Arynian, not a Loner

- Aubrey has been brought back from retirement

- Smim has a new character, Aralynn of Vektren

- Skystar has a new character, Io of Xassa

- Gustave has been retired

- Lyza is deceased ):

- Ezra's name is misspelled as Erza

- Kaldr has been retired

- Raina is also retired/possibly deceased ): that happened like 2 hours ago so not like. an oversight by admins i just figured i'd mention her to make the list of updates complete ahaha