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Domain of the Wolf Map by Zoketi

So you seek to enter the Domain?

Well, you've come to the right place! :la: On this page, you'll find everything you need to know about how to apply and get involved in DotW! 

  • DotW is a closed group with a member cap of 75. 
  • We have a minimum age cap of 16 years, simply for the presence  of mature themes that often occur in stories and RP. 

  • DotW will announce openings when the member count drops; though it is currently up to admin discretion when these happen. These openings will be mentioned in advance, so any potential joiners should keep an eye on journals!

Application Templates

Here are all the currently existing factions within DotW. Check the group's front page for up-to-date info on which packs are currently accepting new members and links to each pack's culture page. 

Your first character must begin as a pack wolf. After a full season (3 months) you may bring in more characters, including Loners and Other Creatures.

Download the appropriate template and add your character to it! Make sure to fill out the name and palette and be familiar with the character design rules!

DotW: Chandor Application Sheet by Zoketi  DotW: Aryn Application Sheet by SpookyWonders  DotW: Fellfang Application Sheet by xCinderfrostx  DotW Vektren Application Sheet by KingWolfInk  DotW: Xassa Application Sheet by LunarShadowCreations  DotW: Riverfell Application Sheet by Quaylak  DotW: Mhor Application Sheet by iBadge  DotW: Loner Application Sheet by Zoketi   DotW: Other Creature Application Sheet by Zoketi  DotW: Familiar Application Sheet by Zoketi

Character Biography

Once your character is on their reference sheet and ready to be uploaded, please put the following in the artist comments of your deviation:

Name: (What is your character’s name?)
Age: (Please use the simplified form of their age [pup, juvenile, etc] instead of the number. Pup = 0-6 months, Juvenile = 6 months-1 year, Young Adult 2-3 years, Adult 4-8 years, Aged Adult 9-11 years, or Elder = 12+ years)
Gender: (Biological sex - Male or Female; if your character identifies as nonbinary this can be listed here as well!)
Height:  (See character design rules; pups and juveniles may be below standard heights but should grow into an appropriate bracket)
Weight: (See character design rules; pups and juveniles may be below standard weights but should grow into an appropriate bracket)
Build: (Describe the general body type of your character. No need to go into fur pattern, we can see that from the picture!)

Territory: (If they are in a pack, which pack? Loners/creatures do not require an official territory but their favourite area may be listed)
Family: (Do they have any family in DotW?)
Rank: (If in a pack, what rank are they? If they're a loner, leave blank) *Note: all new members start out as Omega's without tasks

Personality: (200 word minimum)

Pre-Group History: (100 word minimum, unless the character was born to group characters in which case Pre-Group should be a brief explanation of the parents and pup's birth) 

Group History: (This comes through RP! Keep a log of your interactions, drawings, bones, etc here)

Other: (Anything else you’d like to add)


All character ID info must be included in the description itself!

You can include more, and/or link to a with additional expanded information, but you must keep the above minimum information listed and easily accessible in the App description!

- Do not rename the tabs!

- "Group History", "Family", and "Other" are the ONLY sections that can be swapped out with a link.

Character Creation


  • Only wolves and the approved Other Creatures (see list below) may be characters. Wolf-hybrids (i.e. wolfdogs, coywolves, cross-species abominations) are not permitted.
  • Characters cannot be fan-based. You can take inspiration from tropes, but you cannot too closely resemble specific characters from shows/games/movies. We don't want to see Balto, Ghost, or Bolt running around here!
  • Characters are not permitted magical or unnatural powers. They might believe they have powers, but if your character actually begins levitating around like a bird, that's not going to fly. (That was a pun, geddit? Fly??)
  • Characters may not enter the Domain with accessories. These must be bought with our in-game currency, Bones.
  • New members start with only one character, which must begin as a pack-wolf. After a season (3 months) you may bring in more characters, including Loners and Other Creatures.
  • Each member may have up to 10 active characters at any time. The first and second are free, after that new characters will cost in-game points called bones. You will also have to prove that your other current characters have been active within the past three months.
  • Members may not have more than 3 characters in a single pack at any given time. Alphas reserve the right to limit it further based on demand for their respective packs - if you have questions, please feel free to reach out to the respective alpha.
  • A character cannot enter the group with an injury that would be too unrealistic to survive in the wild. If you are unsure the injury you want to give to your wolf would be allowed, even if it is minor, please do not hesitate to note the group and ask! Injuries received in RP that are severe should also be pre-approved by the admins prior to altering the character. This includes but not limited to: 
    • Severe head or jaw injuries
    • Multiple missing or broken limbs
    • Severe burns
    • Items embedded in the flesh
    • Exposed skeleton
    • Etc.
  • Mutations such as albinism, hyperdontia, etc. are permitted as long as evidence exists of real-world wolves possessing them. Mutated characters may not exceed 20% of total group characters.

  • Pups that are brought into the group must either have 2 NPC parents, or 2 player character parents that have gone through the proper pregnancy process. Scenarios that result in 1 NPC and one PC as parents are not allowed. Characters that come into the group as adults may have 1 PC parent and one NPC parent, if their conception occured BEFORE the parent character entered the domain. This may sound like an arbitrary rule, but it was made because a) an NPC parent would be bordering on a loophole regarding pup/pregnancy bone costs in most cases, and b) we want to foster those player and IC relationships that are simply not going to happen with random NPC hookups.
  • If you change the design of an active character, you MUST note the group to have the new design approved before implementing the change.
  • For Bones costs and restrictions on new characters, rank ups, mates, litters, accessories, faction changes, and tasks - see Bones.

For the purposes of this group, wolves have been simplified. Species are more or less not specified, although one can say they come from the North/South/etc, and their fur length or features would change accordingly. For simplicity's sake though, wolves are all just wolves, and will fit into these parameters:

Males: 32''-36''
Females: 30''-34''
Although females can reach 36'' and males can be as small as 30.''
*Note, these are measured in inches, not feet or cm.
*Characters cannot be larger than 36" unless they have gigantism.
*Characters may be as low as 28" if they are considered undersized.

60 lbs -120 lbs
Can be as little as 50 lbs or as much as 130 lbs, males are generally heavier than females. Overweight and underweight wolves do occur and in those cases may be more or less than the extremes, but you need to give a reason in your application for this variance.

30'' = 60 lbs (50-70 lbs range)
31'' = 70 lbs (60-80 lbs range)
32'' = 80 lbs (70-90 lbs range)
33'' = 90 lbs (80-100 lbs range)
34'' = 100 lbs (90-110 lbs range)
35'' = 110 lbs (100-120 lbs range)
36'' = 120 lbs (110-130 lbs range)
Females will generally hit the average to lower range, while males will more likely hit the average to higher range. Anything above or below the basic range would be considered overweight or malnourished, respectively. 

Pup = 1-6 months
Juvenile = 6 months-1 year
Young Adult = 2-3 years
Adult = 4-8 years
Aged Adult = 9-11 years
Elder = 12+ years

  • Pups should age up to juvenile approximately 3 real-life months after birth, and similarly, juveniles should age up to young adult after approximately 3 real-life months. After this, you may age up your character at whatever speed you deem appropriate.
  • Names cannot be held or reserved; if two people want the same name, it is entirely dependent on who submits payment for the character first!


Staff is always available to review designs via note to the group!

Visual Aid (not complete list, read the official list below):
  • Designs may be as simple as one solid-colour or photo-realistic, or anywhere in between.
  • Colours may not be too saturated. (Example Coming Soon!)
  • Colours may not combine to be too unrealistic. (Example Coming Soon!)
  • Ticking is accepted, however excessive spots, speckles, and uniform dots will not be permitted.
  • Most asymmetrical markings will not be permitted in the group. The admins will look over these markings on a case-by-case basis.
  • No excessive patches or patchiness, or dog-like markings. 
  • No high contrast light-dark-light ‘wristbands’ or ‘gloves’.
  • No intricate unnatural markings like stripes, swirls, symbols, and zig zags
  • No "border" markings; thin strips of color that become too much like outlines around larger markings, or are too concentrated/layered.
  • No excessive white covering. (“Graying out” is not considered white marking and is acceptable at any age.)
  • No patterns found exclusively on species other than wolves. Includes merle, piebald, snowcap, rosette, etc.
  • No large hairdos. Small hair tufts are allowed but nothing... extreme. (Example)
  • A member may dispute any of these rules but they must use a real wolf photo and/or research in order to back up their argument. The admins will deliberate these on a case-by-case basis.
  • Coat color ranges from almost pure white through various shades of blond, cream, tan, reddish, and ochre to grays, silvers, browns, and blacks. Grey or mid-toned wolves are the most common, while all black or all white wolves are rarer. Out of black and white, black is more common.

  • Eye color can be variations of yellow, gold, amber, brown, pale green, hazel, or grey. Sclera (whites of the eyes) should be white or close to white, and cannot be any outlandish hue. Pupils should be black or very dark unless your wolf is blind.
    • Bi-coloured eyes are not permitted
    • Wolves do not typically have blue eyes but we do allow them into the group. Because they are less natural, only 20% of total characters may have blue eyes.

-Other Creatures-

Though DotW is primarily a wolf group, we have a number of other playable species!

Approved Creatures:
  • Bears
    • Grizzly Bear
    • Black Bear
  • Predatory cats
    • Bobcat
    • Lynx
    • Mountain Lion/Puma/Cougar
  • Foxes
    • Red Fox
    • Grey Fox
  • Virginia Opossum
  • Bats native to Canada/The northern U.S.
  • Birds native to Canada/The northern U.S.
  • Reptiles native to Canada/The northern U.S.
  • Raccoons native to Canada/The northern U.S.
  • Mustelids native to Canada/The northern U.S. (Wolverines, Badgers, Otters, Weasels, etc)

  • Members may petition to have other species added to the list, however, the animal should be able to evade or challenge a wolf and not simply be prey. Acceptable Other Creatures must follow these guidelines:
    • They CAN be from the coniferous or deciduous biomes of the Northern U.S and Canada (Not the tundra, tropics, oceans, or deserts)
    • They CAN be either a predator or tree-dwelling animal which can stay out of the reach of a hunting wolf. 
    • They CANNOT be a herbivorous grazer (deer, buffalo, moose, things like this). 
    • They CANNOT be a coyote or other member of the Canis genus. (i.e. nothing that could successfully crossbreed with a wolf) 
  • Other Creatures must still conform to character design guidelines but remain within the size parameters of their species. (i.e. colour, height, and weight must still be realistic to their species, not wolves)
  • Other Creatures may not join a pack, although their personal homeland/territory may overlap with pack territory. 

Getting Involved

DotW is meant to be an close-knit social community. But getting involved can be intimidating! Therefore, we've compiled a list of recommendations for your consultation in order to help you get settled!

:star: Read the Rules.
Seriously, they're there for a reason. Read through DotW's rules, bones information, and this guide! Being able to understand and follow these rules are imperative. People who do not follow the correct joining procedure or submit incomplete applications will be declined entry to the group and advised to reread the group journals in order to join.

:star: Be Mature.
Yeah, we know, duh! This sounds pretty obvious, right? Well, it's a bit more involved, so read up! Your behavior during and prior to applying to DotW is taken into account. If you have a history of harassment, hostility, or general immaturity, this will hurt your chances of being allowed to join the group. Showing a disregard for the rules, unwillingness to cooperate, or lack of consideration for others' feelings is unacceptable. DotW is a very small community and as such, it is imperative that members be able to get along and settle all conflicts honestly.

Read about your pack.
Whichever faction you plan to join, make sure to read up on it! Each pack has a unique culture and that should be taken into account in your character's history. For example, if you wanted to join Vektren, where sacrifice is an integral part of their religion and society, it would not make sense to play a wolf openly opposed to such practices. Characters do not always have to agree with the customs of their pack, but neither should the culture they live in be ignored.

Make the character dynamic.
In the A/LRPG world, every character is a main character. Though it is often tempting to minimize your character's weaknesses, in the end this leads to flat story lines and Mary-Sueing. Stay true to character. Remember that even generally positive traits can be negative in certain situations. And likewise, negative traits can manifest in positive ways! Write personalities with a mixture of good and bad traits, and give your character room to grow as they explore the Domain.

Don't rely on disabilities to be special.
Crippled legs, giant scars, albinism, a split-personality - these are all fun traits to give a character! But they should not form the basis of your wolf's persona. Don't rely on purely luck-of-the-draw afflictions to make your character interesting! If the only defining trait is an illness or injury, we recommend adding more depth to the character.

Be thorough, and concise.
Although 200 words is the personality minimum, and 100 words the history minimum, we strongly recommend writing more than this. Writing a well-rounded character takes more than a couple paragraphs! On the flip side of that, avoid being repetitive or going off on too many tangents. You don't need every detail of your character's life written out. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as "saying too much."

Be active.
Everyone's participation matters! You don't have to be a social butterfly, or an art machine, but in order for you and your characters to connect to others, it's important to stay involved! Join in on group plots, RP with someone new, check out the posts of your fellow members! 

Things that DO NOT effect your ability to join:
  • Artistic skill - DotW welcomes all skill levels. We're here to help and encourage one another, regardless of experience!
  • Popularity - Whether you have one or one-thousand watchers, it doesn't matter! Your behavior and activity are the only important things.

Deep breath! You're almost at the bottom! While meeting the Mighty Needs, and avoiding the Old Hats certainly helps, these remain suggestions and not requirements. It is nothing more or less than a collection of archetypes and traits that are either too common or not common enough in the current group population.

A Mighty Need

There are a few archetypes missing in DotW!
  • Chandor Elk Totems and Owl Totems
  • Fellfang Sages and The Hunt
  • Xassa Gula

Old Hat

There are some things we're seeing quite a lot of....
  • Backstories involving the characters' family/pack/friends being killed by loners.
  • Characters which defy and/or disdain the culture of their pack with no apparent motivation.
  • Characters bred/trained to be unstoppable warriors.
  • Vektren wolves who fall in love with outsiders.
  • Vektren wolves more inclined to break rules than follow them.
  • Career Omegas (Wolves which never surpass the "omega" rank)
  • Wolves whose only defining trait is flirtatiousness and sex drive.
  • Characters with gigantism.

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