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Heyl and its Members:

    Heyl is an oasis for all those strange and misshapen. Any wolf in need of mending or healing is encouraged to join the pack, and it is said that those in need will be able to follow the light of the North Star (Icadorityl's Star) to find their way to Heyl. But wolves who are perfectly formed and free of illness are also encouraged to join, as well as those who feel the need to find strength in general or want to join a pack to share their skills. 

    Heyl's purpose is to build a wolf from whatever level they're at, be it through physical strength, morality, and also (as a specialty) in knowledge. The pack as a practice sends out sages to gather knowledge from all over the Domain for the betterment and use of Heyl and it's members. All members are encouraged, if the choose, to study one subject of their choosing, being anything from healing to hunting to fighting techniques, to be the best at their task as they can be. The pack for the most part practices the spirituality of the blessing of Icadorityl, the pack's single psuedo-deity who acted as the muse for the founding alpha to create the pack through his dream in the White Mountains. The pack is also willing to allow free expression of beliefs for any Heylian as long as it doesn't impede on the rights of any other Heylian.

    Though the pack's main belief centers around being different, wolves free from ailments and deformities are also welcome, if they don't mind the oddness of the territory and its customs. Heyl does not tolerate wolves who abuse others. They will be given three chances to correct themselves and after that will be thrown out. This is mostly only in the case of violence or mental abuse. Besides this Heyl makes it its duty to heal and protect its wolves and each wolf no matter their age or task is treated with respect. Heyl does have a system of spiritual belief and ceremonies surrounding it that is an optional part of the pack for any member to take part in. Heyl celebrates the birth, coming of age, and even death of each member, each even being seen as an important milestone in the wolf's life journey. Each wolf in life is accepted, loved, and greatly missed at their passing.

Heyl and Outsiders:

Heyl is friendly towards other packs but will not allow any wolf into the main densite without their full pledge to remain a part of the pack to ensure Heyl's defenses stay secure. As far as other packs go Heyl will be friendly as long as the other pack does not threaten their space. Heyl is more likely to forge bonds with packs that do not wage war as often for fear of having to get caught in the battle. With some wolves that are weak the pack wouldn't be able to hold its own for long, but it also doesn't want a war to threaten the pack. With the packs Heyl will form an alliance with, they have no problem sharing the knowledge of their Sages' discoveries and will aid the pack in knowledge and non-violent fighting techniques. If the battle facing an ally is big and threatening enough to them, however, Heyl will give their services, bloodletting and all, though their main fighting technique is centered on deflection of attacks, using the mental frustration or fear of an enemy to break them down. Heylian soldiers as a whole are expected to be skilled both in physical and mental warfare.

 Towards the wolves who pose a threat to the pack, having somehow breached Heyl's defences , having gotten through the pack's defenses, whether they be loners or pack wolves, all entrances will be blocked and the intruding wolf will be led deep into the caves until they are lost. Once they beg for mercy, they will be held captive for a whole moon cycle or more depending on the severity of the offense to watch for possible accomplices or wolves from their pack waiting for them to report back. If they appear to have simply come by mistake they will be led out of Heyl with covered eyes (a branch or moss) to keep them from recognizing any landmarks to be able to find their way back in and will be taken to the border.Heyl is not hostile nor distant from other packs and likes to keep in touch. They will not wage war unless their everything is at stake for the pack. 

Heyl Culture:

Heyl is a unitarian pack meaning all beliefs and customs are accepted as long as they aren't too extreme or invasive to other pack members' rights. The alpha currently believes in the overall spirituality of Icadority. Besides this, all alphas of Heyl will have to keep their religious beliefs to themselves if it does not center around the spirituality of Icadorityl to keep from acting on a bias among non-Icadorites. Icadorityl is the only psuedo-religion the pack has and is more of a spiritual figure to be respected but not exactly worshipped. Heyl as a pack loves more than anything to take those in who are seemingly imperfect and misshapen, in body or mind. 

The structure of the pack hierarchy and territory allows for a safe haven for any wolf unable to defend themselves in the outside world. Whether they be crippled, given to rage, given to fear, too old or too young to survive on their own, all wolves are welcome in Heyl. The alpha will personally do their best to make all wolves comfortable and it is the duty of all other members to follow suit. Because the main attribute of the territory is water, any ceremonies that will take place will take place near or in the water of the Great Lake. This includes coming-of-age ceremonies, season-changing ceremonies, and life and death celebrations. If there is one thing that will not allow a wolf to be a successful member of Heyl *Exception- If a wolf has an extreme fear of water, closed-off or small spaces they may be allowed to make a drier and more open den on the outside of the mountain.


 The Heylians do not have to follow the beliefs listed above but if they so choose, they can believe in a pseudo-deity known as Icadorityl who is the mother of healing and reformation. There is no official way to pay respect to this spirit so wolves may choose how they way to do this. In the future a system may come about through a mutual agreement among all Heyl members. Icadorityl is not a religious deity nor is she the creator of all things. To worship her is simply to thank her for the creation of Heyl. The Heylians believe most strongly that all wolves can be healed and brought back to strength. Through their knowledge acquired through the Sages, Heylians believe that most information points towards a connection between all living things and the earth.
  Their one god, Icadorityl, is said to be the embodiment or guardian of the "Spirit of Heyl". Referred to as "she", Icadorityl is the shimmering wolf spirit that came to Fitu in his dream and whispered to him the secrets of Heyl. Some see her as a deity, some see her as simply a dream-walking spirit, but she is said to be the caretaker of all souls come under the protection of Heyl, guiding them towards recovery. Though the pack is unitarian, religious and nonreligious wolves alike may adopt the "Spirit of Heyl" and Icadorityl as their spirituality. She is the spirit of healing and love, a sort of "mother Theresa" who cares for all wolves.

Mending the Broken
 Heyl's self-given purpose is to take in wolves in need by practice and heal them as well as possible. From battle wounds to biological deformities, the wolves of Heyl will do their best with the Sage-acquired knowledge from lands beyond to the skill of the Medicine Keepers. Water is commonly used for muscle and bone therapy. Medicine Keepers may choose to take on a specific patient to work with until they are fully healed or come to a comfortable point with their disabilities. 

Finding Strength and Hidden Skill
   The pack not only believes in getting to a comfortable spot with a disability but actually going beyond this and finding strength in other areas. This could mean a wolf who is timid could become a medicine keeper and find peace in making medicines and healing their fellow pack members. A member can also choose to push past their weaknesses and find strength in the area they had the most trouble with. An example of this would be a wolf that is blind who acquires extraordinary hearing, or a deaf wolf whose eyesight will sharpen. Conversely, skill regardless of body condition ca be learned such as many the subjects studied by the Sages, and healing.

Acquisition of Knowledge

  One of Heyl's biggest focuses is the acquisition of knowledge. This is the task of the Sages but they must spread their findings to all the wolves of Heyl. The founding Alpha believes that intelligence is strength and when a wolf isn't brutally strong in muscle they can be so in mind and be twice as effective in the pack. Anything from hunting tactics to healing discoveries to news of other pack's follies and triumphs will be known and studied. Every wolf is given the chance to improve their own life experience through information and experience. Even pups on the cusp of juvenile-hood who have never been outside the pack's territory will know what is going on in the outside world and will be given the earliest skills necessary for a productive role in Heyl for when they later take a task.

                                     OPTIONAL EXTENDED LORE:

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Heyl Rules and Laws:

  • No Heylian shall ever mistreat another. The base moral of the pack is acceptance of differences. If this cannot be followed the offender will have three strikes until they are expelled.
  • Pups and elders will not be forsaken for any reason, especially when times are hard. If food is scarce, the pups, elders, and weakest members will be fed in that order before all else. The omegas feed last. 
  • No wolf in Heyl shall ever hurt or kill another unless it is for self defence. Even in this case the killer will sentenced to trial in the Court of Judgement for their crimes before the alpha and most experienced pack members (Sages being the most prolific in this Court) and if found not to have killed entirely in self-defence the wolf will either be banished (after quarantine) or killed depending on the crime.
  • All wastes will be disposed of either outside of the cave (biological waste) and food will be washed away in the main river strain in the cave. any other means for whatever reason will be penalized.
  • Food must be consumed (especially fish) within a few days to a week. Larger prey (and fish in winter) will be cached outside. If the prey exceeds its time limit it will be disposed of.
  • No wolf who has left Heyl or a traitor is allowed back in Heyl without the good word of three wolves who are not their family or closest friends. Respectable wolve's good words will most likely guarantee a readmittance to the pack.
  • Any traitor to the pack will be dealt with in the Court of Judgement.
  • No wolf may denounce or disrespect any other wolf's beliefs.
  • No wolf may be turned away from Heyl no matter the severity of their physical or mental condition. 

Pack Relations:

  • Chandor: neutral
  • Vale: neutral
  • Aryn: allied
  • Fellfang: neutral
  • Vektren: neutral
  • Highvalley: neutral
  • Tentaka: neutral
  • Damasca: neutral


Heyl Tasks:

    These tasks were carefully selected by the founding alpha to efficiently meet the needs of the pack. In his dream about Icadorityl he was given words to piece together Heyl and it's functions. Each task has an "Old Heylian" name used during ceremonies.

  • Fish are the most common prey caught by Heylian hunters, hence the name. These wolves not only hunt fish (though that will most likely be their main task) but can also hunt bats, collect cave-dwelling invertebrates, or catch large prey outside the cave. Fishermen are highly respected because of their duty to feed the pack and keep them healthy. These wolves will become the keener of sight and hearing, and the quickest in reflexes. To catch a fish or a bat is no easy task. Those unfit to catch difficult or dangerous-to-hunt prey but still want to provide for the pack may collect such cave invertebrates as the deeper-cave-dwelling blind fish, crayfish, non-poisonous frogs, swallows' eggs, fallen baby or injured bats, and insects. Fishermen always keep the hide of larger prey intact to be used as bedding for any cavern den that needs it. 

Medicine Keepers:
  • These are the "doctors" of Heyl. They are aficionados in all things healing and mending. These wolves can come to the pack as healers from other packs or may become apprentices to already-in-position healers. They will have anything from a basic to vast knowledge of herbs and plants and take their duty very seriously to heal or save other wolve's lives. The task of these wolves may be somewhat greater because of their having to keep healthy many unhealthy wolves. There should ideally be more than one healer at any time but if not an omega may be asked to step in to assists an overwhelmed healer. Blind, deaf, and other highly disabled wolves are often encouraged to take this task but are never forced. These are usually very caring and motherly wolves that love their packmates and want the best for them. Medicine Keepers may also need to act as wet-nurses for abandoned pups, or can become semi-adoptive parents to older pups with parents that have demanding tasks. This can only truly work if there is more than 1 Keeper in the pack.Heyl's medicine keepers have a collection of herbal medicine recipes refined from recipes from their pasts before coming to Heyl or brought to them by the sages. 

Spiritual Leaders:
  • These wolves are the religious peacekeepers that will make it their duty to learn as many different religions as possible in order to speak with and keep order among all Heylians of any denomination. They must be willing to sacrifice personal comfort for the sake of others. These wolves stand by to consult and comfort other wolves, listening to confessions, blessing those who need official confirmation for any reason, and anything else a wolf might need spiritually or emotionally. They are something like the psychiatrists of the pack. Sometimes they will be asked by a healer to give an official blessing to a seriously ill or injured wolf, usually a blessing from Icadorityl. However, they may also be asked by the sick wolf to give an official blessing according to their beliefs.Some spiritual leaders may choose to spread the blessing of Icadorityl specifically and lead ceremonies under her will such as the traditional Heyl baptism, coming-of-age, and seasonal Moon ceremonies.

  • These are the knowledge-seekers and keepers Of all strengths in Heyl, the most revered is intelligence. Sages are usually highly intelligent wolves who want nothing more than to gather as much information as possible for the sake of the pack. They study all aspects of life scientific and religious. A Sage may choose a specific realm of knowledge to follow, being anything from religious studies to science to the history of all the packs of the Domain. Sages are called forward to serve during Courts of Judgement, and are the information base for anything Heyl needs, including war tactics. When wars need to be planned usually the assembly will be made up of the alpha, the Cave Watchmen, and the Sages. They are very important to the pack and are greatly revered by all, because of the knowledge they bring to Heyl to make the pack stronger.

  • These wolves are often fleet of foot and strong of mind. They are expected to be professional, eloquent, and respectful upon meeting any wolf outside the pack. Envoys send and receive messages from other packs to Heyl and back.This is a hard task to get into. Only the most trusted Heylians are trusted with representing the pack while keeping their vital information secret. Envoys may be tortured by other packs to give away Heyl's secret, but are sworn to the code of the pack never to do so. Heylian Envoys must be willing to travel great distances to other packs if asked to do so. The position is better for wolves who a little sounder of form than some of the others, but any wolf willing to go the distance (literally) may become an Envoy. Envoys, like Sages, are also encouraged to look for broken wolves to be brought back to Heyl. Envoys are expected to gain at least a preliminary knowledge of astronomy before their first mission to ensure their safety on returning.

    Cave Watchmen
  • Heylian cave watchmen are often the fiercer members of Heyl. Larger members who enjoy a little tussle once in awhile are the best suited to the job. Watchmen are allowed to spill blood only if necessary. Watchmen will hold station inside and outside the cave, and some may choose to patrol the small portion of above-ground land that Heyl has. This is not the biggest piece of territory in the Domain so only a few wolves need to patrol, which is why it isn't really its own task. Guardians are highly trained members of Heyl that need to have sound judgement and must be willing to sacrifice themselves for their pack members. They are often the most fiercely loyal to their pack and must take their alpha's word as gospel.Cave watchmen are also sometimes asked to accompany envoys and particularly dangerous missions. Cave watchmen are highly respected by the pack. The less violence and more tact a watchman uses, the more respected they will be.

Alpha(s): Responsible for the safety and care of the pack


Spiritual Leader(s):
 Shared responsibility with the Alpha(s) for the safety and care of the pack but also responsible for Spiritual Guidance to the pack; vessel and speaker for and to the Gods


 Highest rank of their task; Experts in their task; Advisers and councils to the alpha

    Medicine Keepers:  Laur,
    Sages: Asterion
    Cave Watchmen: 

Elder(s): No official rank; Gives advice and council to the alpha alongside or in place of Betas


Gamma(s): Midrank in their task; Teachers of their task

    Medicine Keepers:
    Sages: Rocko
    Envoys: None
    Cave Watchmen: BellamyRuzan,

Delta(s): Lowest in their task; Those new to their task; Learning their task

    Fishermen: , Leo
    Medicine Keepers: 

    Sages: None
    Cave Watchmen:

Omega(s): New members; those without tasks

Pup(s): Members too young for a rank

Wolf Count: x
Males: x Females: x

Deceased Members in "The Next Realm":

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would a wolf with a weak body/bone frame be okay? I know you guys get questions alot but I am seriously thinking of joining this pack and DoTW.