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Behavior & Etiquette

  • Be respectful and polite to all group members regardless of age, experience, beliefs, or seniority. Be mature; please note that harassment and disrespectful behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. Keep in-character and out-of-character conflicts separate. 

  • Please note the group with questions, concerns, and suggestions. This is the easiest way and most efficient way to get official answers. Do not note the admins on their private accounts or post the same question multiple times in multiple places.

    • Sometimes, it can be hard to decide whether a specific plot idea you had or something pack-lore related can be DM’d to an administrator. When in doubt, please note the group first!

    • To ensure that staff sees and processes the note, do not comment on your own notes! Posting your own reply to a note before a staff member does will mark the note as answered, and we may miss it! Reply only to staff comments on the note.

  • If you have a particularly sensitive issue you do not wish to note the group about, you may privately note a member of the staff instead. This is not for general questions - this is for member disputes, issues concerning staff members, etc. Zoketi is a good choice to go to for any complaints regarding staff, although if your complaint has to do with them, you may note another staff member instead. 

  • DotW strives to maintain a close-knit and collaborative community. As previously stated, art theft and godmodding are not permitted. However, by joining the group and engaging in RPs or other story-building methods for your characters, you agree to allow other members to post art and roleplay transcripts including or mentioning your characters to deviantART. 

  • DotW is a mature RP group, and some material may be offensive to readers. The opinions expressed through characters in RPs and artwork do not reflect the views of DotW as a group. Reader and viewer discretion is advised.

    • Though Domain of the Wolf is a mature group, we do not allow explicit depictions of anything rated ‘R’ into our galleries. Violence/gore is permitted as long as the submissions are marked as mature.

  • DotW has a Discord for members of the community. New members are issued a link to the server upon joining. While in the server, please abide by its rules, which are detailed in a specified channel of the server itself.

  • Please remember that the staff of DotW are volunteers! Occasionally, certain questions or issues may take us longer to resolve. We ask you to remember that we are human, and sometimes people make mistakes. If we do make an error, please be patient and work with us to sort out the issue. If you catch a mistake in our logs/gallery/etc, sending a polite note to the group to point it out can be helpful!

  • Member accounts must abide by dA's Terms of Service & Etiquette policies!


  • All art must be your own. While designs may be bought, adopted, or created with the help of a doll maker, you must draw them yourself! We do not allow premade templates or linearts. This includes your character application sheet and extras box! If you are not able to put your character on the sheet or extras box, you may ask a friend or note the group for help but will still need to provide an original sketch, design, and palette. 

  • Tracing or otherwise infringing copyrighted content is NOT permitted. Referencing stock photography and using downloadable brush-sets is allowed, but must adhere to the rules of the content's provider. "Google images" is not an appropriate credit.

  • You can create art of your intended DotW character as desired before they are accepted into the group. However, nothing you submit to your gallery/publish to DeviantArt before the character is accepted into the group will be eligible for bones or considered canon.

Group Activity

  • DotW runs a monthly activity check. All members are required to earn at least one bone per month. It is your job to note the group and turn in your bones so that they are recorded. (See the Bones Info journal for more information on how this is done.) Two months of unexplained inactivity over any 3 month period will result in instant removal from the group.

    • After one month of no submitted activity, a member will receive a red dot. Once a red dot is distributed, if that member lapses in activity one more time in the span of 3 months (as in, does not cash ANY bones), they will be kicked from the group for inactivity.

    • If you are only able to do the minimum (one bone a month), we ask that you please reconsider joining DotW. The minimum is considered the bottom line, the rare occasion that you were just too busy. If you are consistently earning one bone a month simply to stay in, we recommend withdrawing from the group and rejoining in the future when you have more time.

    • Although there is no limit to the number of times you can rejoin DotW, know that if you are booted due to inactivity, this will hurt your chances of being re-accepted in the future. Members who withdraw voluntarily (by noting the group) will have a better chance of being accepted again, based on their activity during their previous time in the group.

  • All members are also expected to keep up activity for all of their characters. Domain of the Wolf runs on a "slash system" for character activity. For every month that a member does NOT submit any pieces or cash any bones for one of their characters, that character receives a slash to denote they did not have any activity for that month.

    • Any character that has submitted a bone will not receive a slash at the end of the month.

    • After 6 slashes, a character is immediately force-retired. If a character is force-retired, they will lose all of their previous bone count and will have to start anew if brought back in.

    • Members are responsible for tracking their own activity. Staff will warn a member when one of their characters has reached 3 slashes during monthly turnover, at the midway point.

    • Staff reserves the right to approach a member to discuss options if they are only using memes and MSE's to keep their characters active. It is expected that characters have consistent canon development as well as the occasional MSE.

    • If a piece is submitted for a character with slashes, and a bone is cashed, at the end of the month, they will NOT receive a slash, and one slash is removed for every month the character is active.

    • Members who are on hiatus/admin-approved absence will not receive any slashes on any characters while they are away.

    • For further questions, please feel free to note the group!

  • If you cannot meet the activity check for a given month due to extenuating circumstances (including but not limited to: long illness, travel, broken computer, difficult finals) you may note the group at least one week before turnover to ask for forgiveness from the activity check. Excused absences are kept confidential.

    • Last minute requests for hiatuses may be denied by staff on a case by case basis.

  • To retire a character, we require an "Exit" piece. An Exit can be done in the form of a drawing, RP, or short story, and should depict your character leaving the Domain. A properly retired character (who has an Exit piece) may be brought back into the Domain at any time the player wishes, for the standard character fee. Your character will go back on the Member List and Bones Log, with the same amount of bones that they had recorded when they were taken off of the log. Note the group after you submit an exit piece to have the change updated!

    • Characters which are officially retired as "deceased" cannot be revived! If you think you might want to bring a character back into the group, make sure you only have them marked as "retired" when you note in, and not "deceased!"

Plotting & Roleplay

  • No godmodding. You may not take control of another person's character without their permission. This includes speaking for another person's character and physically wounding a character without the player's permission.

  • Pups and juveniles (0-6 months old) must have an official parent or guardian character to care for them. Young adults and older do not require a guardian.

  • Do not include humans or human influences in group submissions, including character histories.

  • Major plots MUST be approved by the staff PRIOR to starting the plot. Though characters will never be maimed/killed without player's consent, be aware that there can be serious consequences to characters breaking the laws of the packs. In order to be fair to all members, plots which violate these laws or have a major impact on pack life must be collaborated on and approved by their respective alpha(s). "Major plots" include, but are not limited to (please note triggering topics are mentioned below):

    • Murder

    • Kidnapping

    • Rape

    • Violations of pack laws which carry physical penalties (i.e. scarification, exile, death) or other punishments

    • Attempts by a character to perform any of the above

    • Other plots which upset the culture and/or politics of the involved pack(s).

  • Avoid using NPC’s in current canon literature for your characters. (Literature or artwork that occurs in the past is acceptable!) This includes NPC family members, friends, and individuals that will have major impacts on your character’s storylines. NPC’s may be used as small one-off interactions, but they cannot play large roles. Staff reserves the right to deny any submissions that heavily involve NPC’s. You may, however, note the group to ask about certain plots that involve NPC’s, as there may be exceptions based on your ideas! 

    • Additionally, you may NOT have NPC parents/relatives/friends living in current packs.

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I was reading through this and I just wanted to let you guys know that the white text is a bit hard to see against the background! It might just be me though. I don't really have the best eyesight haha