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Logo by Ramala

"Memory and Honor"

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Culture and Nomenclature of Fellfang: Roughly based on Viking culture (with lingual influences from Old Norse, Old/Middle English, and Old High German) with other elements from other nomadic cultures such as the European Romani and various Native American cultures. Belief aspects are a meld of Nordic lore and Native American spiritualism.


Culture by Ramala

Fellfang and its Members

Fellfang is not a new pack, but they are new to the area. Its wolves are wirey, adaptable, and extremely chivalrous. From the outside they can seem stern, rough, and intimidating; but inside the pack, the Fellfangir are as warm and family-oriented as they come. While they currently reside in a territory, their origins are that of an entirely nomadic culture. In the pack’s long history, they have been known as pirates, they’ve been known as healers, but they were always a pack that was firmly founded on the concept of Honor. Their ancient origins also explain its dense, custom-rich culture and their unusual practices. They are renowned for their healers, which are often called witch-doctors, and their practice of medicine, spirituality, and custom are all intrinsically linked to the welfare of the individual and the of the pack as a whole. They live in a territory that stretches over several kinds of terrain, which doesn’t phase Fellfang wolves in the slightest. They are resourceful and highly knowledgeable about surviving in about any kind of landscape. While the pack had previously been extremely closed off and reclusive, they have begun to accept wolves from the outside, and are still adjusting to life with a mixture of wolves that have been living with the same customs for generations, and others that are complete strangers to Fellfang’s history.

Fellfang History

Early Fellfang:
Fellfang is an ancient pack with a long and storied history that stretches back much further than its current form. Fellfang’s origins lie far to the east, where they first came to be as a pack of nomads. They had no territory, something unheard of for most packs, but Fellfang simply migrated with their pray and moved with the seasons. From the very beginning, they were a pack sewn tightly together by a rigid, Honor-based culture, and became known as such within the region. They were a spiritual pack with renowned and accomplished witch-doctors that were sought after far and wide. Generally speaking, they were considered “enlightened”, proud, and mysterious- for they would vanish as quickly as they would arrive. They were peaceful, and welcomed to wander in other pack’s territories because they seemed to bring health and good luck wherever they went. The culture of this period is referred to in current times as "The First Ways".

Fellfang’s Dark Days:
The pack fell under the reign of an alpha (or Jarl) named Arn, who was a talented tactician, but deeply unstable and insecure, with a deeply violent streak. The pack befell a crisis when the herds they hunted all died of a mysterious plague, leaving them with no source of food for the coming winter. Arn tried to lead the pack they way it had been for generations, but found that he had no head for it. Instead- he forced the pack into a radical transformation, molding in into his own personal strengths. Fellfang became a pack of highly trained, stone-cold marauders. Instead of traveling peacefully through other pack’s territories, they began to attack the packs, seize control of the territory, and consume their fill until they had depleted the area’s resources… then they’d move on. With this change, also came a transformation in how Fellfang wolves raised their young. Education in herbs and other specialties fell away to raising cold, dead-eyed killers. The following generations became lethal fighters, marauders, basically land-bound pirates. Vestigial elements of their culture remained, but the old Fellfang had become unrecognizable. A string of Jarls followed in Arn’s wake. All cruel, all unstable, and very short lived. Their grapple with longevity usually stemmed from the fact that the stress of their role and the constant threat of sedition would slowly drive them to madness, or mortal illness. They all carried a seemingly genetic, violent blood-lust which became known to Fellfang as “Arn’s Curse”. The most recent of these Jarls was a young wolf named Story, who was the most unstable Jarl that Fellfang had ever known. He succeeded his father (the alpha) after he killed his father and framed his brother Fable for the crime. Fable, suffering memory loss, was unable to confirm or deny the charge and fled the pack. Story never stopped wondering if Fable would come back someday and slowly became more and more paranoid about keeping his power as the years went by. Soon he became so violent as to turn violently on his own pack mates, and his search for his brother became all consuming. He was unexpectedly usurped upon the suddenly return of his brother Fable, who then reluctantly and unintentionally won the title of Jarl after Story's death because was the only remaining heir to the Jarlship.

Fellfang Now:
Fable became the first Jarl to fix Fellfang into their own territory- their first real home. He ejected the wolves who remained loyal to their marauding ways, and started afresh, bringing back the First Ways that had made Fellfang beloved so many years ago.

Unfortunately, Jarl Fable ultimately had to leave his beloved Skuld in order to save the life of his mate, Lady Polaris, after she fell very ill. When his first-born son, Saga, suddenly abdicates his place as heir, Fable turns to his second son, Lincoln. Though still quite young and inexperienced, Link demonstrates a clear love for Fellfang and their traditions, and a willingness to do what is best for the pack. This ultimately convinces Fable that he can entrust Lincoln with the title of Jarlship, and he does so before biding a bittersweet farewell to his cherished family and pack.

:new: As Fellfang's newest Jarl, Lincoln hopes to follow in his father's footsteps and maintain the peace and prosperity that Fellfang had known for generations under Fable's leadership. Lincoln intends to rule with compassion and a fair mind, and he strives to broaden Fellfang's horizons by establishing positive relationships with other packs throughout the Domain. He believes a strong network of allies will be best to ensure the safest and most prosperous life for his Skuld, and through this method he hopes to usher in a "golden era" for Fellfang, as he believes it's what his father would have wanted.

Fellfang Culture

Fellfang struggles with two identities. The reign of Arn and the Jarls after him introduced a violent, militant vein into their culture, which they are currently striving to purge from their ranks. They are experiencing a Renaissance as the First Ways are being brought back to the forefront.

The First Ways (spelled with capitals):
The general term used to describe everything that encompassed Fellfang’s identity. This includes their homage to their nomadic roots, their spirituality, and their inclination towards sophisticated healing as a major calling, and Honor.

Without Honor, there is no Fellfang. Every wolf in the pack is expected to adhere to the customs and conventions surrounding their concept of Honor. Fellfang’s Honor is not to be mistaken with morality, for the two are related, but not interchangeable. Honor is a code of conduct, a way of life that revolves around balance, justice, and chivalry. Even if a wolf does not belief in Fellang spirituality, the Code of Honor is the secular contract all wolves in the Skuld must follow.

The Code by Ramala

  • For every good, there is an equal reward. For every evil, there is an equal consequence.
  • A fight that isn’t fair should not be fought
  • A wolf should be honest and sincere about their intentions
  • Bearing false witness, stealing, and other infractions that hurt the pack forfeit your membership.
  • What is done for personal gain must not be to the detriment of anyone else
  • Debts that are owed must be paid
  • Promises must be kept
  • Disagreements are to be settled by non-lethal duels overseen by the Jarl
    • While declining a duel is allowed, it is considered cowardly
  • Respect the dignity of all living things
  • Wrongs must be punished according to the severity of the crime
  • Respect the balance of nature, and do nothing to upset it
  • The Skuld is your family, and is a good as being a blood relation
  • The Jarl's word is binding over all others

Fellfang on Healing

While also being an attainable rank in the pack, a huge part of Fellfang’s identity comes from its unusual, but extremely effective healers known as witch-doctors. Their practice involves healing and spirituality, whether the latter really makes a difference or if it’s all due to skill, what they do works. They are well known and even sought out for their skill, and ill or wounded wolves are welcomed into the territory much more easily that other wolves, because they consider it a duty to help them. They are well versed in herbs, minerals and all their medicinal elements, including rare herbs they've brought and cultivated from their origins in the East. They are also adept at things such as setting broken bones, the use of hot springs for consumptive coughs, and even closing open wounds with barbed thorns found in Fellfang's dense undergrowth. The spiritual element of their practice includes prayers and offerings to the spirits, particularly Koma, and also the use of crystals and other gems for their believed energy-focusing properties.

Fellfang on Marauding/Stealing/Attacking

This is a bit of a sore subject for Fellfang. There was a time that they employed all of these things, but they are now strictly forbidden.

Fellfang’s belief system is more about spirituality than it is about a specific religion. While they do believe in an afterlife for the Honorable (Ondheim), and an underworld for everyone else, most of their beliefs are focused on the earthly. They strongly believe in ghosts, spirits/elemental entities that coexist on a similar cosmic ranking, being allies/enemies on the same field as wolves rather than gods. While these are the inherited beliefs of Fellfang, adherence is not militantly enforced, every wolf in the pack has the freedom to exercise their own beliefs as long as they follow Fellfangs code of Honor.

Fellfang wolves believe that spirits inhabit nature, and can reside in anything that is not a creature (which they believe to have souls of their own). Spirits, while not deities or omnipotent, can harness the ambient energy of the earth, and use that to fuel their powers, which can include visions, healing, telepathy, or appearing in the form of an animal. Spirits can choose to help or hinder wolves, being anything from benevolent, indifferent, or even tricksters. Fellfang wolves appeal to spirits for guidance, aid, and will petition them with ceremonies for their help or simply as a peace offering as neighbors that inhabit the same forest. Fellfang’s witch-doctors ask for the supernatural help of spirits as a part of their medicinal practices.

Fellfang’s spirituality is less about its effect on the afterlife, and more about a wolf’s balance in the physical world. Wolves, spirits, and everything else exist on the same earth and share the responsibility to balance the world’s energy by coexisting peacefully and establishing a healthy relationship of good will towards each other. Not all wolves in Fellfang believe in the afterlife, so achieving perfect balance with nature and the spirits is often the highest form of inner peace and fulfillment that a wolf can reach.

Belief Elements:
  • Energy: A force that ties all the living things of the earth together. Energy is the life-force of every creature, and the ambient cosmic connection that ties reality itself together and holds it in place. Living in harmony with nature and the spirits are the best way to live a lucky, and fulfilled life, and is an intrinsic part of living Honorably. Spirits use this energy to employ their powers.
  • Balance: For the Energy of the world to be healthy, it must be balanced, which means that Fellfang takes balance in all things very seriously. For example, for light to be a good thing, there must also be darkness to counterbalance it. For life to be healthy, there must also be death. For this reason, Fellfang also has an affinity for even numbers.
  • Draugr/Ghosts: Departed spirits of creatures that have not moved on to the afterlife. They are usually considered to be malevolent, so places that are thought to be haunted are usually feared and avoided.
  • Ancestors: The souls of departed creatures that have entered the afterlife, but have chosen to come back and visit or guard someone who is still living. They are considered almost entirely benevolent entities, and are sometimes prayed to for aid.
  • Spirits: Elemental entities that live inside nature, and are entirely separate from ghosts and Ancestors. They are not souls of departed creatures, but are and always have been elemental spirits. They are considered morally neutral, but are the entities that Fellfang’s witch-doctors pray to for help.
  • Omens: Signs of things to come, some good, some bad. Good omens would include rainbows, summer rain, white ravens (rare), and blue moons. Bad omens would include: Stormclouds passing with no rain, and red moons. Sages read omens through astronomy.
  • Ondheim: The paradise afterlife reserved for the Honorable
  • The Underworld: A peaceful limbo for the dead that did not live by the Code of Honor

    Particular Entities

  • Eir (The White Raven): An ancient, powerful, benevolent spirit who is said to trail good luck behind him wherever he goes. He isn’t thought to speak to wolves, but is believed to appear as a sign or a beacon, raining good energy on the wolf that sees him. Crows and ravens are thought to be his allies, so Fellfang wolves welcome their presence in the territory.
  • Valda (The Black Fox): The Trickster. Valda is thought to appear in many different shapes in order to deceive her victims, but prefers the form of a pure black fox. While not evil, she does not have the best interests of wolves in mind, and uses them as play things to get what she wants. She is a master of mind tricks, and much of any discord in the pack is blamed on her influence. Foxes are generally thought to be her allies, and are therefore distrusted by Fellfang.
  • Koma and her Children (Wolf or Dove): Koma is thought to be the spirit that is most interested in the affairs of wolves. She is thought to appear in the form of a golden wolf or dove, and is benevolent, but judicious about her aid. She has many children who also share the same sentiments towards wolves. She is a friend to mothers, caregivers, and witch-doctors. Witch-doctors primarily petition Koma or her children when practicing their healing.

Fellfang Customs


Below is a list of Events and Customs that are described in detail in the above link.

  • Coming of Age
  • Julentide Season and Festival
  • Burials
  • Festival of Spirits
  • Solstice Celebrations
  • For Eldreblot
  • Warding off ghosts and trickster spirits
  • Bad luck
  • Ceremonial Scarification
  • Scarification as a punishment

Fellfang Laws

  • Follow the Code of Honor
  • Respect your superiors and your peers
  • Mating inside the pack is welcome, but must be approved by the Jarl
  • One may mate a wolf that is not a member of the pack, but the wolf must become a member of Fellfang as a part of that process
  • Marriage is monogamous in Fellfang, as they believe a marriage of more than two is unbalanced, and therefor bad for the world's energy. Polygamy (marriage) cannot be practiced, polyamory is discouraged but not punishable.
  • Leaving the territory is permitted as long as it does not negatively affect the diplomatic relations with other packs, and such an outing must last no longer than 2 days unless approved by the Jarl
  • Every Young Adult must undergo the Coming of Age ceremony (RPing or Picture encouraged but not required.)
  • Do not welcome Grun blindly into the territory, but they may only enter if they are deemed not a threat, and have good reason for entrance.
  • Crimes are punishable by scarification, exile, and in rare cases, death.


Fellfang Lexicon
Words and phrases that are largely unique to Fellfang's vernacular.

  • Jarl (pronounced “Yarl”): Leader of Fellfang
  • Fellfangir: Plural for multiple Fellfang members (Example= "Fable and the other Fellfangir quietly approached.")
  •  The First Ways: The philosophy of the current Fellfang, derived from Fellfang's original culture before the rule of Arn.
  • The Dark Days: The violent, maurauding span of Fellfang's history, started by Jarl Arn, ended by Jarl Fable.
  • Grun: Outsider, stranger
  • Skuld: The pack, family
  • Shieldwolves: Any wolf that is considered a protector of the pack, especially ones that have done things worthy of note. (Example= "He was a loyal sheildwolf that truly deserved his promotion.")
  • Oathed: Another term for marriage (interchangeable). A married or mated couple is an "Oathed" couple.
  • Bondson/Bonddaughter/Bondmother/Bondfather: A wolf who is an adopted or honorary family member, even within the Skuld. It can be someone who grew as an adopted family together, or gained their sense of family later in life.
  • Word of parting, greeting, or wishing one well (and its typical reply):
“Fair winds take you, (name here.)”

Response: “And you.”
  • A blessing, or words of thanks:
”The sun shines on you, my friend.”


Fellfang & Outsiders

Fellfang wolves are alert and extremely wary of newcomers. They’re not used to interacting with other wolves on a friendly basis, and tend to hold individual strangers at a distance. Despite the tension, they actually tend to be more welcoming than most packs. Their Honor also dictates that if a stranger is deemed to not be dangerous, Fellfang is culturally obligated to offer them food and shelter for one night before sending them on their way. However, once a wolf is part of the pack, they are considered family, and are welcomed into all of the loyalty and love that entails. Despite their suspicion towards letting in outsiders, they tend to be extremely amicable towards other packs, and make a strong effort to have good diplomatic relationships with the surrounding territories. They are strong believers in having friends and allies.

Chandor: Allies
Vektren: Neutral (Wary)
Aryn: Allies
Riverfell: Neutral (Curious)
Xassa: Allies
Mhor: Neutral (Curious)


Fellfang's Playlist

(This is an ongoing project, feel free to comment below with suggestions, or to add your Fellfang character's theme song!)

Link to full playlist for your listening pleasure: Pack Fellfang Playlist

Fellfang Through the Ages (Helvegen by Warduna)
The Dark Days (If I Had a Heart by Fever Ray)
New Fellfang (King of the Highlands by Antti Martikainen)
The Jarl (Chanonry Point by  Phil Cunningham and Manus Lunny)

The Curse of Arn (Hagal by Wardruna)
Eldask/The Eldre Tree (Wind Guide You from the Skyrim Soundtrack)
Spirit of Fellfang (Spirit of Freedom by Peter Crowley)
The Crystal Mountain (The Dove's Return by Aine Minogue)
The Eruption of the Forsaken Peak (The Hobbit Soundtrack)
The Old Guard (Heart of Fire by BrunuhVille)
The Witch-Doctors (Naudir by Warduna)
The Hunt (Wolf Blood by Adrian von Ziegler)
The Vanguard (Tooth and Claw from the Skyrim Soundtrack)
Rhapsodes (Legend by Adrian von Ziegler)
Caregivers (Amanecer by Carlos Nunez)

Fellfang Character Themes:

Lincoln (Heirloom by Sleeping At Last)
Valera (Wonderful Life by Zendaya)
Berengar (Dear Fellow Traveller by Old World Romance)


Fellfang's Tasks

Sages: The keepers of the First Ways. They are advisors, academics, lore-keepers, historians, astrologers, and omen-readers. Other than the Jarl, they are the utmost authority on Fellfang’s Code of Honor, and Fellfang's history. They are the pack's wisewolves, and are experts on all things Fellfang, Nature, Energy, and the Code of Honor. They are tasked with remembering the history of the pack, entertaining the pack with songs and poems, and they also preside over pack rituals. They also are masters of astronomy and astrology (not human astrology) to track the days, months, and years, and to read omens and signs from the heavens. Sages are encouraged to take new Fellfangir under their wing to show them the ropes and acclimate them to Fellfang's unique culture. They can also serve as mentors and counselors to anyone within the pack. (They do not need to have been born in Fellfang, but strong belief in Fellfang’s beliefs are required)

Witch-Doctors: The healers of Fellfang. Since the pack's inception, Fellfang’s witch-doctors were renowned for their skill and were sought after far and wide by other packs for their healing prowess. Witch-doctors are the only wolves allowed to welcome their patients into the territory without pack approval as their judgment is trusted by the Jarl. They are also allowed to travel to other packs if they are summoned. They use a mixture of Fellfang’s spirituality and exotic healing techniques from the East to heal their patients. They have a deep knowledge of medicine, Fellfang's belief system, and how those two subject intertwine. Unique practices Fellfang wolves specialize in include but are not limited too: complex herb mixtures, detailed knowledge of mushrooms and their uses, using pressure points to alleviate pain, the use of steaming hot springs to alleviate congestion and lung issues, and combining medicine with spirituality. Their work can appear like magic to the untrained eye, adding to their domain-wide mystique. (They do not need to have been born in Fellfang, but strong belief in Fellfang’s beliefs are required to work their methods properly.)

The Hunt: Separately they are referred to as hunters, together- they make up "The Hunt". They have incredible knowledge of the territory and all that goes on inside it, specifically the movements of herds of prey, flock migrations, and all the environmental quirks of the land. They are the primary providers for the pack, but are also intrinsically responsible for the pack's balance with nature. They are expected to hunt responsibly, and honorably as to not upset nature's energy. For example, The Hunt is honoring the balance by picking off a sick elk calf, but they are not if they hunt down a nursing mother and not its young, for they would be leaving the un-weaned calf to die unfulfilled. In this way, the wolves of The Hunt are both trusted and depended upon to keep the pack healthy spiritually, and physically.

Vanguard: The scouts of Fellfang. They scout the borders and a little outside the territory to catch loners or malevolent intruders before they enter the territory. They are generally stealthy, smart, and talented diplomats. No body type is required, but they must be physically able to travel long distances and see relatively well. They must have a strong knowledge of the territory and the lands surrounding it, as well as the political workings of Fellfang and the packs they engage with. They need to be able to quickly asses situations and judge intruders and traveler's intentions. They don't properly travel out in the domain on a day-to-day basis unless on diplomatic missions, but will float in and out of the territory border as they patrol. Scouts will also serve as ambassadors and couriers representing Fellfang to other packs. They also serve as warriors of Fellfang in times of war. They often work alone, and sometimes come together to coordinate larger scouting missions.


Fellfang Pack Members

Leader; Responsible for the safety and care of the pack

Lady: The Jarl's mate, who has equal stature in the pack

Aldinwitch "The Elder Witch": Not necessarily the oldest, but the highest ranking Witch-Doctor in Fellfang, appointed by the Jarl from Fellfang's betas. They are the utmost authority on Fellfang's medicine.

Skalsang "The Elder Sage": Not necessarily the oldest, but the highest ranking Sage in Fellfang, appointed by the Jarl from Fellfang's betas. They are the utmost authority on Fellfang's history and Code of Honor.

Thane(s): Second only to the Jarl and Lady, Thanes are deeply trusted individuals along with the Aldinwitch and Skalsang that are chosen from the pack's Betas to serve as high-level advisers, and as extensions of the Jarl's presence in the pack. Usually chosen from the Old Guard, Vanguard, or Hunt, but sometimes the other tasks as well.

Brandr (Theta): Highest rank of their task; Experts in their task; Advisers and councils to the alpha
Sage: SheruTadita
Witch-Doctor: Cacao    
The Hunt: Lokki
Vanguard: ---

Drengr (Gamma): Midrank in their task; Teachers of their task

Sage: Shiantara
Witch-Doctor: MygchaellDoba
The Hunt: Valkyrie 
Vanguard: ---

Skuldcarl(s) (Delta): Lowest in their task; Those new to their task; Learning their task

Sage: Qassiel
Witch-Doctor: Primrose, Nephele
The Hunt: KaibaAstraea
Vanguard: Khalua, EzekielBerengarKekoa

Serf(s) (Omega): New members; those without tasks

Kind/Kinder (Pups): Too young for ranks

Wolf Count: 29 Wolves

Ondheim's Honorable (Deceased Fellfangir who died with Honor):

The Sullied (Exiled or deemed criminals and unworthy of entry into Fellfang): 
Valda, Durzin, Soulstorm

Special thanks to Fellfang's founder, Ramala! <3

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