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If you have a question, go back and check all of our important information journals before asking! 


    Q: I have a question. Can I note one of the admins?

A: NO, do NOT note any of the admins on their personal accounts with group related questions. Always, ALWAYS note the GROUP with your questions and concerns. If you note an admin's private account, you will either be ignored or told to note the group. If you continue to do this even after being explicitly warned, you may face suspension from the group!

    Q: My note wasn't replied to, but I posted a bunch more to it.

    Why am I not getting any response from the staff?

A: When you reply to your own note, it marks it as "read and replied" to us and our staff members and therefore we assume that it has been dealt with by one of us. If you forget anything, please either wait for a staff member to reply to you or send a new note entirely. Do NOT reply to your own note! 

Stop by Amazinadrielle DO NOT DO THIS:  Stop by Amazinadrielle
Dont Do Dis by WynBird

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And we will mistake it for being answered by a staff member!

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    Q: How long do I have to wait for a reply to my note? Was it lost?

A: DotW has a small, dedicated team of staff hailing from all over the world. Some notes need to be answered by specific moderators or require a group discussion. That takes time! Please wait at least a week before re sending your note. Do NOT reply to the old note (see the previous question), send a NEW NOTE!

    :star: Q: Do you have a closing/opening date set?

A: At the moment we are a closed group that has periodic openings based on the number of member slots we have available. Please follow the group and keep an eye on any announcements that come out!

    Q: How do we RP?

A: DotW isn't chat or forum based, so really, it’s all up to you. Many members utilize Google Docs to roleplay, some use Discord, etc. As long as you can copy and paste the RP into a text document on deviantArt or can upload a PDF so that it can be submitted to the group to count for bones, then the way in which you RP is at your discretion! 

    :star: Q: Are there any requirements for submissions or activity?

A: Yes! We implement a monthly activity check. All members are required to earn at least one bone per month. It is your job to note the group and turn in your bones so that they are recorded. (See the Bones Info journal for more information.) Two consecutive months of unexplained inactivity over any 6 month period will result in instant removal from the group. Characters which are inactive for three months are also retired.

    Q: What does 'turn in your bones' mean?

A: In order to gain bones for the artwork you create, you must turn in your bones. To turn them in, you just note the group (as stated in the Bones information page under the sub title 'Cashing in your bones for [CHARACTER NAME]') with the name of your character and links to the art/literature that you wish to gain bones for! It's the members responsibility to get their bones added to the bone log; the admins will not go through the group gallery and tally them up - that means, no matter how much art you make or how many pieces you submit to the group, you cannot gain the bones unless you note the group to record your earnings. 

    Q: I drew art last month, but forgot to turn it in.

    Can I still redeem the bones?

A: If you don't turn in your bones in the month you submitted them, then they do not count for that month, and instead only count for the month that you are turning them in. (ex: you submitted work in May, but you're turning it in in June; the bones count toward your June total and not May.)

    :star: Q: I drew art of more than one of my own characters interacting.
    Can each/all of  them earn bones?

A: As long as the art is canon, each of your portrayed characters can earn bones! However if you have, for example, four characters from four different packs who would not realistically all meet at once, drawing them together would not be considered IC/canon and would not earn bones!

    Q: What is the spam art folder for?

A: The spam art folder is basically anything that can't gain you bones (i.e. sketches), but still pertains, relates, or is connected to your character(s) or DotW as a whole in some way. If you have something you want to put in Spam but you're not sure if it meets thes following requirements, feel free to note the group about it. :)
OK for spam: possible new characters of your own, official planned pups of your own, NPCs of your characters past, etc. Sketches, things without backgrounds, things that are not colored, chibis, etc. 
Not OK for spam: random designs, unofficial/unplanned hypo pups, characters or things that have no relation/connection to your character(s) or DotW as a whole

    Q: Can I post my adoptables/YCHs or feature my commission prices in the group?

A: No, you may not. DotW is a roleplay group, and we do not want that overshadowed by Commisons/Point Adoptable/YCHs! We will not be allowing anything that is being posted for monetary gain in the group.

    Q:  Can I adopt out my character's siblings/parents/aunts/etc?

A: Yes! The Open Adoptions folder is for group sanctioned adoptables - which are pups born through in-game litters, in-game characters up for rehoming, and/or major plot characters! Any other characters which are important to yours's history should go into the Classifieds folder! Random designs are not permitted, however.


    Q: Do I need to ask permission from the alpha before joining a pack?

A: Nope! Just just check the front page for OPEN/CLOSED statuses of each pack. Members simply need to submit the character's app to the respective member folder and note the group with to cash in the bones for joining or moving. It’s not necessary to do a corresponding RP of them asking the alpha to join, either!

    Q: What happens to my characters bones when they die?

A: For all intents and purposes, once your character dies, the bones die with them and are unable to be used or transferred to other characters. The reason this happens is because bones are character specific, not player specific!

    Q: Can my wolf have pups with another wolf that isn’t its mate?

A: No; though IC the pair may not consider themselves true partners, you must pay the mates fee for them to conceive pups! Even if it is just for ONE litter, you must go through the process of turning in bones for mates, pregnancy, and pups. They can split up after that if you want. 

    :star: Q: Can my character's story have humans in it?

A: No. For now, humans do not exist in the world of Domain of The Wolf! Your character's and their histories should be free of ANY human interference. This includes radio collars, bear traps, gunshot wounds, or anything else that could have come from a human's intervention.

    Q: Can my wolf have injuries or disabilities?

A: YES, your wolf can have injuries! However, no character can come into the group with a pre-established wound or handicap that is unlikely or unrealistic for a real wolf to survive in the wild. Injuries received in RP that are severe and unrealistic should be pre-approved by the admins before you give them to your character. This includes, but is not limited to: jaw/head injuries, broken/missing legs, jugular scars, severe burns, and items embedded into the flesh.

    Q:  Are LGBTQ+ characters allowed?

A: Yes! DotW is a receptive and welcoming community, and we have plenty of LGBTQ+ characters in the group already.

    Q:  Are transgender characters allowed? How does it work?

A: Transgender wolves are allowed! In the character description, however, you must list their biological sex! Ex.: Gender: Male (Biologically Female), Biological Gender: Female / Gender: Male, or anything along these lines.


    Q: Can you critique my character before I submit it?

A: Design checks are offered to members and those hoping to audition! Just note the group and we should get back to you within a week! :)

    Q: Can I do comic pages? Are comic pages worth more bones?

A: Comics must contain at least two stand-alone images (which would gain a bone if they were separated) in order to count for 2 bones. Comics must be coloured and with at least a loose background. Copy-pasted panels with only slight variations do not count.

    Q: Can I update/replace the art of my character on its application?

A: Of course! There’s no need to resubmit an entirely new image or ask permission for this- if you want to change/update the picture, go right ahead!

    :star: Q: Can I alter my characters design after it's been accepted?

A: As long as the alteration is not extreme (IE: turning your white wolf into a black wolf), or you're making them less realistic than they were before (IE: adding blue, speckles, stripes) then we usually have no problem with a little bit of a redesign. However, redesigns MUST be approved before they are implemented. Note the group with your desired re-design and we will either okay it or ask you to change certain things about it.

    Q: Do I have to be a digital artist/good artist to join?

A: No, not at all! As long as your art can be submitted to the group with at least a fair viewing quality, then it doesn’t matter what medium you use, or what level you are at drawing. We have many different members already who use traditional and digital work, as well as members at different skill levels.

Q:  Can I make my character's reference or earn bones from photo-manipulations?

A: Unfortunately, no. Even though photo-manipulation is an art, DotW is does not allow this on official character references or for bones. You’re welcome to manipulate photos of your character after being accepted, but these won’t gain you bones and will be placed in the Spam Art folder. 

    :star: Q: Can I upload my character app/art to my gallery

    before officially joining?

A: Yes, you sure can! As long as that character stays dormant and unused until you/your character joins, then that’s not a problem. You are allowed to make art of your possible character as you'd like. However, nothing you submit before being accepted into the group will be eligible for bones.

More questions will be added as time goes on!

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Just read the last question, about posting the art, before joining. So, since I'm non-member, is it possible to do that? Or should i wait, until the opening starts? Just curious, of course.