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Packs are a huge aspect of DotW and a cornerstone of IC politics and OOC community! Each official pack maintains a unique culture and discipline, and functions as a catalyst for member-driven plots throughout the group. Applying with a new pack is an exciting creative venture and a great way to give back to the community, but also entails a lot of personal responsibility! 

What does it mean to run a pack?


Becoming part of staff is a huge commitment and applying should not be done lightly! Before applying consider the following carefully:

  • You should be willing to devote several hours every week to DotW, both as a moderator on the panel and with your characters, interacting with members on both fronts. Alpha characters should earn at least one bone every month, ideally more. You should have good working knowledge of all group rules and policies, and the cultures of the official packs.

  • Your pack will become a cornerstone of the group's setting, meaning you should be willing to devote at least a year to personally keeping it active and up to date, both IC and OOC. This requires a lot of organization and passion! It's not always fun! Be prepared and willing to participate in plots with every member of your pack. 

  • You will have to compromise. Potentially even in regards to your own pack. Staff is a relatively small and consequentially close-knit group. But we will not always agree on rules, implementations, and proposed changes, We must find solutions cooperatively. Clear, honest, and respectful communication skills are paramount.

  • You are not just devoting yourself to your pack, but to the entire group!  This means the decisions you make both IC and OOC for your pack should be well planned out, and should take ALL the group's members into consideration as well. How your pack interacts with the other official factions must be balanced within the current realm of DotW. In this regard, your decisions cast long shadows and being an alpha gives you MORE restrictions, not fewer.

  • It is not a popularity contest. A staff role means taking a vested interest in everyone who is a part of the group, and you must be willing to promote and encourage others in areas outside of your immediate interest/benefit. Being on staff occasionally also means being the "bad guy" and you must be willing to help make the hard decisions when they arise! You must review conflicts as objectively and fairly as possible; sometimes personal feelings will have to be put aside.

  • You must have discretion. Official staff debates, member complaints, reprimands, and other group records (such as activity check forgiveness) are private and should not be disclosed in any format without explicit permission from the involved member(s). 

  • Things do not always go according to plan. Rules, cultures, and plots are often revised as time goes on for the good of DotW's continued growth. You will need to keep a level head and maintain a certain amount of flexibility when needed. You will need to be able to take critique in stride.
Be sure that you are willing and able to meet the above standards - and be prepared to be challenged about it when your application is reviewed. 

If you have thin skin or do not enjoy collaboration, this role will prove extremely stressful!
Your behavior is being monitored from day one to see if you can do all these things. How you act as a member will have great influence on whether or not you are able to have a pack and join staff in the future. 

  • Take initiative. Do not wait for another member to bring up an issue or start a plot with you, approach them yourself! If you have questions, check the FAQ and Group Rules before posting a comment or note asking! In the event of concerns or uncertainties with staff or a group member, dialogue with them rather than letting it fester!

  • Be generous. Flexibility and an interest in making others enjoy themselves is crucial to being part of staff! Help others complete their personal plots, and take a genuine interest in what's happening both IC and OOC with your fellow members!

  • Be respectful. Hiccups are part of life (literally and figuratively!) Keep your cool even in confusing, frustrating, and/or monotonous situations. Attempt to solve conflicts honestly and professionally, rather than spreading rumours or holding secret grudges!

  • Take social responsibility. Consistency and consideration go a long way in a collaborative setting. Be mindful of how your actions and words impact others, and make conscientious choices. (In layman's terms, "don't be stupid")

  • Read this.

Drafting a Pack

  • Inspiration for a pack can come from virtually anywhere, and DotW embraces diversity in its official factions! While we encourage you to find inspiration in related cultures and other media, the concept must be an original creation!

  • In the same vein as the previous point, your pack should not be too similar in theme, setting, and/or motive to the already existing factions! Read up on all of the official packs and look for niches that haven't been filled to give your pack as much draw as possible!

  • Make sure your pack is balanced and well-rounded. Give the culture well developed and dynamic focuses, so that it is immersive and interactive!  

  • Your Main Page should follow this outline and be no more than 3.5k words:
    • [Your Pack] and its Members - How does your pack treat its members?
    • [Your Pack] and Outsiders - How does your pack treat outsiders?
    • Culture - How does your pack view the world? What are their politics, traditions, religious beliefs, values, etc? Basically, what makes your pack its own distinct faction?
    • Rules/Laws - The laws your pack enforces and their IC consequences should they be broken.
    • Tasks - You may have up to 6 distinct tasks that members may take on as their official occupation within the pack.
    • Hierarchy - The ranking system of your pack. (Guide below) Additional 'special' ranks are permissible and ranks can be renamed, but a variant of Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Omegas must be present.

Basic Pack Hierarchy
  • Alpha(s): Generally the leader/leaders of the pack. There can be up to two. They can be mates, siblings, or any other combination you want.
  • Beta(s): Second in command to the alphas. They are very trusted members, and are usually also experts at a task.
  • Gamma(s): The leaders of a task. They teach the deltas how to do their tasks.
  • Delta(s): Members with tasks. Tasks may be different from pack to pack. They generally include things like hunters, healers, pup sitters, etc.
  • Omega(s): New members. All characters begin as omegas. They do not yet have tasks. This does not mean they get beat up necessarily, just that they are the lowest rank.
  • You can also include special, plot-related ranks, for example: Religious LeadersHeirs, or Slaves.

  • You may create additional supplemental material for your pack, such as an expanded religion page, lexicon, history, etc.
    • Hypothetical map and application sheets are permitted but discouraged, as these are the most likely to require change from staff and entail modifying official DotW content. 

  • All your pack's information should be included when you apply for your pack and should NOT be posted to your public deviantART accounts, (Keep them in or a GoogleDoc!)
    • IC art of your character showcasing specific parts of their hopeful pack's culture may be uploaded to your account and shared in the group's official gallery but these images should still very clearly be focused on the character and not the pack itself!
    • IC plots related to your pack should not be utterly reliant on the pack becoming official, either by having alternative plans or waiting to make pack related plots until if/when your pack becomes official.

  • Have major changes/additions to your pack reviewed when you make them! Staff is always available to offer feedback on your pack draft and getting pre-reviewed can give you time to make any necessary changes to your pack before the official debates.

  • Advertisements for your pack may be submitted to the "Classifieds" folder, and should remain polite, formal, and inclusive.
    • Bribing sponsors with promises of free art, special ranks, extra unrevealed pack information, etc. are not permitted. (Wow them with your amazing culture page, instead!)
    • Putting down other packs and applicants is not permitted. (Wow them with your sparking personality and potential, instead!)
    • As long as your pack is still looking for sponsors, you may submit one official advertisement to the group AND Discord chat per week. 
    • After reaching the sponsor cap, no further advertisements should be posted until an official window is announced, at which point you may post one additional advertisement between the announcement of the window and the start of debates (although you may continue to post IC art and plot as described above).
    • :new: No advertisements may be posted during the popular vote portion of pack windows.

Pack Acceptance Process

  • Pack applications may be sent in at any time (see the next heading for what is needed to do so!) Staff checks that the application has the correct format and number of sponsors, and makes sure there are no outstanding issues with the potential staff member or culture. If approved, the pack is added to a group log where it remains wait-listed with all the other vetted applications.
    • If you modify or expand on your pack's culture, you should send it in for another review, to ensure that these changes are also approved!
    • If your behavior changes drastically after this time, your pack's acceptance may be revoked without refund! 
  • When there is room for a new pack in the group, staff will message all of the approved applicants, who may accept or decline the invitation to be considered for the pack window. 

    • Accepting will lead to a second examination of the application, where staff reviews the progress of the pack and member since being waitlisted, and the how the pack would potentially change current group dynamics IC. If there are no outstanding issues, the approved pack(s) will go up for member vote. 

    • Declining will prevent the pack from being considered during the pack window. The applicant will be invited again during the next window, and so on, until they either accept or officially withdraw their application.
  • After staff review, the approved packs will go up for member vote via Google Forms. The poll will remain open for a specified period of time, or until one pack gains a majority vote. The chosen pack will be officially implemented, the others will return to the waitlist until the next window!

    • If only one pack is available, there will not be a vote!
  • Newly accepted staff enter with the role of "Contributor" while they learn to effectively manage their own pack and integrate into staff routine. As time goes on, these duties ideally expand to other areas of DotW, including (but not limited to) turnover, wait-list management, rule enforcement, and design reviews.


Although pack windows are often competitive, we aren't specifically looking for applicants who can "sway a crowd" or "win." We're looking for someone who will ultimately bring growth and stability to the group as a whole

The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your application is how qualified you are to serve on staff.

The second most important aspect is how interested members are in the dynamics your pack would bring to the group.

You may have a great concept and a huge member following, but if you do not conduct yourself in a way that shows us you would behave responsibly in a staff position, the popularity of your pack will not matter!

How to Apply

In order to apply for a pack, you must complete the following:
  • You must have been a member for at least 6 months.
  • You must spend 24 bones to turn in an application. This fee can be split between any characters of your own. This fee is non-refundable and is the price to pay in order to be serious about applying for a pack. If your pack becomes part of the game, there will be no further fees to make it. 
    • If your application is REJECTED for any reason, you will not be charged the fee for turning the application in. This only applies to the initial application review - if your application is revoked post-acceptance due to behavioral issues/theft/etc. you will not be refunded.
    • If you are creating a brand new character to be the alpha of your pack, you must also have the correct amount of bones for that character to be created. If they are an existing character, there is no additional fee. 
  • You should have 4-10 other group members sponsor your pack. Please see the next heading for what it takes to be a sponsor.
    • 10 is the cap on sponsors! You cannot have more and should not continue to advertise for sponsors after having reached this number.
  • At the time of your pack's application, you should have a minimum of four sponsors note the group to have their sponsorship fee deducted! 
    • Sponsors may note in, but bones will not be deducted and names will not be recorded until the pack has been officially submitted.
    • The pack will not be officially approved until the minimum number of sponsors are also queued.

Star! Your pack application should follow this template in a note to the group:
  • Which characters are paying the 24 bones application fee?
  • What character are you applying with to create your pack? (This is the alpha, it may be an existing character or a new one. If it is a new character you must be able to pay for it with the correct amount of bones.)
  • Who are your pack's four sponsors? (Please provide proof of sponsorship by having your sponsors note the group, as well as listing them here in your application)
  • Your completed pack culture page (Either pasted into the note or a link to a stash file)
    • How does your pack behave in regards to its members?
    • How does your pack behave in regards to outsiders?
    • What is the culture of your pack?
    • What are the rules/laws of your pack?
    • What tasks does your pack have? (You may have up to 5)
    • What is your pack's hierarchy?
    • Links to any other supplemental culture material
  • Other (Anything else you'd like to add)

 Pack concepts are encouraged to fall between 2-2.5k words, and should not exceed 3.5k words. Supplemental journals such as religion spotlights and lore are accepted, but the main "page" of the pack application should fall within the specified parameters.

I want to sponsor a pack!

Though exciting, sponsoring a pack is a serious decision and should not be taken lightly. While there are perks to sponsoring a pack, it is a commitment
  • You must be a part of DotW for at least 2 months.
  • In order to sponsor a pack you must pay 5 bones. These bones can be split between any characters of your own. These bones are non-refundable and it is the price to pay in order to be serious about sponsoring a pack. 
    • You may sponsor more than one pack! The expectations remain the same for each individual pack, no matter how many you sponsor!
  • Note the group to confirm that you are an official sponsor of the pack. Let us know which character/s to subtract the bones fee from. 
    • Sponsor notes will not have bones deducted until the pack is officially approved for consideration!
  • At the time of the pack's creation, you must either move an existing character to the pack or create a new character for the pack. (If creating a new character, make sure you have enough bones to bring them in as well!) The sponsors' character will be guaranteed a starting rank of Delta in the new pack.
    • There is a hard cap of ten sponsors to each application! Once this number is reached, no more members can sponsor and no more characters can enter the pack with a starting rank of Delta!
If you're interested in sponsoring a pack, or are looking to advertise your pack, you can check here for a registry!

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