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Chandor's Family:

Risen out of a need for independence and solace, Chandor is a pack that strives for prosperity and safety among its members. Benevolence and equality are among the favored aspects. Chandor is willing to protect and embolden those who need it, and provide a loving home for all.

Chandor and Outsiders:

Chandor seeks overall sanctuary from the past and tranquility for the future. An outsider seeking such sanctuary is handled with a caring eye; although, they’re still cautious to outsiders. However, confrontations should be handled peaceably; hostility is a last resort. Aggression will be met with whatever means necessary to protect the pack, including violence if nothing else proves effective.

  • Aryn: Allied
  • Fellfang: Allied
  • Vektren: Passive Hostile
  • Riverfell: Neutral Curious
  • Xassa: Neutral
  • Mhor: Neutral Curious

(Pronounced: "SHAWN-dor")

Chandor takes great pride in being a family over that of a pack. As such, while there are naturally ranks only out of a wolf's instincts, Chandor seeks to ignore these distinctions whenever possible. They believe that with mutual respect and understanding, things can be done a lot better and more efficiently than with arbitrary dominance and submission. The difference between a high rank and a low rank, therefore, is only the experience one has gained within that rank.
Chandor has always been small, which perhaps enforces the family feel. They are all about creating a haven of peace and equality, and will not tolerate those who seek to oppress and disrupt. Their members are of all sorts, however, as Chandor is open to all who need a home. They tend to be known for their lighthearted nature and illuminating humor. Wolves of Chandor are taught to respect all, from the tiniest ant to the largest bear. Humility is an important focus, but they are not without a pride for themselves.


The very world upon which their paws stand, nature is the center of everything to Chandor. Respected above all and by some in a very spiritual way, the natural world remains the focus of gratitude and life. Nature is both static and changing, of life and death, beginning and end, light and dark. Cycles, circular patterns, are examples and often revered. Chandorians often express their awe for nature by decorating themselves and their dens with trinkets and baubles from their surroundings. Many of their festivals celebrate nature and its gifts. Chandor believes that wolves who have since passed on take refuge in the night sky.
Religion: As stated above, Chandor's focus on nature is often expressed in religious manners. However, there are no specific guidelines to this, nor is it inherently practiced by every wolf. Chandor is open to wolves who practice other religions, as long as they cause no harm to their members or other living creatures. (I.e. sacrificial practices or scarification would be prohibited.) Members are free to believe what they wish and are not to be persecuted.


Chandor is incredibly open about relationships. Wolves need not ask permission of the upper ranks if they wish to tie the knot with another as long as they are both pack wolves* - nor do they have to make things official in any way! However, becoming mates is a lavish ceremony should two wolves want to announce their love. Usually one of the Alphas or an Elder presides over the ritual, beginning with vows, and ending in a feast and day of relaxation. The mated couple are given a few days of ‘vacation’ to share each other’s company in the territory.
If two wolves wish to bear offspring, they are expected to notify the Alphas. This is so the pack can keep a tab on who is breeding or expecting, for the safety and well-being of the members.
*A pack wolf and a loner cannot be mates, but if they so wish the loner can join the pack and take part as a pack wolf would.


New Life: A pivotal moment, the birth of new life is something Chandor always yearns to celebrate. Whilst the mother and her nurse are away in the whelping den, the pack prepares a grand return for her and the little ones (which can be politely declined, if the family wishes to). This usually involves a feast and general time of pack bonding and relaxing, of which the new litter is the center of attention.

Passing: The fallen’s closest are allowed to choose whether they would like a quiet ceremony or just to grieve alone. If they decline the former, usually they take the body and care for everything themselves. If they opt for a ceremony, the healers prepare the body for burial, and a few of the strongest members dig a grave. A speech is often given by those who were closest. Wolves particularly affected by the passing are excused from duties for a day or so.


Chandor has a team of hunters, of course, but every wolf is taught in part how to catch prey - as it is a natural aspect of being a wild creature. Chandor likes to celebrate this notion on occasion through the event of a group hunt, in which the entire pack participates (minus the young and very old). Rarely is it aligned with any day (except for some Festivals) in particular, but chosen on a whim either by the alpha or the Lynx Totem, with the alpha’s approval. Lead by the hunters themselves, the pack prepares a chase and kill (usually of elk or other ungulates), with each task taking a different position in the routine. With a successful end, the pack enjoys a glorious feast together (joined up by those who did not/could not participate).


Chandor seeks to support an aura of creativity and invention. One of the simplest ways of such is the decoration of oneself using materials from nature. The most used tend to be twigs, leaves, and parts of flowers; but often feathers and insect remains (wings, carapace) are included. The Owl Totem in particular is known for “dressing up”, but anyone is free to adorn themselves as they wish.


Though Chandor is keen on peace and good will, they are not without a system for those who do wrong. Their guidelines are simple and fair, and as causing a problem is so heavily frowned upon, it is a rare occurrence. A minor mistake receives a warning; a scold from the leader. Hurting anyone (on purpose) calls for confinement to the camp for a few days. Murder, or anything as severe, usually results in exile. Chandor is forgiving and second chances are always given, except for the most horrendous of crimes. For the most part, punishment is taken as it comes, specifics decided based on the severity and situation.



Every full moon, the members of Chandor take the time to remember their loved ones that have passed and share memories that they hold dear to them as well as celebrating new lives that have arrived (either by being birthed or being accepted into the pack). The full moon is a symbol of togetherness and completion; an aspect that remains of utmost importance to Chandorians. It is a time of reflection, fellowship, and festivity. Often, a Storydance or two is included. The life of first alpha Aethelynda is played out usually once or twice a year.


Chandor is particularly in tune with the seasons, and sees each one as an important part of the natural cycle of the world. Thus, the beginning of each one is considered a celebration. Usually one day during a change is chosen for games and feasting. Wolves are free to relax and enjoy one another’s company, and thanks is given to nature and all its creations. The celebrations are dubbed for their season and are known simply as Springfest, Summerfest, Autumnfest, and Winterfest. Games and food tend to vary for each season, but the celebration itself focuses on the central idea of the earthly changes. The most popular location for the festivals is Watcher's Willow, and by extension, Green Run.  
Springfest: March 1st. Life is returning to the land! Celebration features lots of lighthearted games and relaxation (cloud-watching, flower-picking). Food usually consists of pheasants and other birds, white-tailed or mule deer, other smaller mammals.
Summerfest: June 1st. The forest is in full green. Shade is a favored spot for this festival, and it usually includes activities that are low-key such as word games, accessory-creation, and mud-play. The hunters usually provide elk or deer, fish, and some game birds.
Autumnfest: September 1st. Warm colors mark the beginning of the cold seasons. Games are more active; often little mini-hunts with prizes, sparring tournaments, and general frolicking. Food is more conservative but nonetheless a bounty - usually some ungulate and game birds.
Winterfest: December 1st. Often snow has fallen already, sometimes even on the festival day itself. Celebration is also plenty engaging. Spars, dances, and occasionally a large pack hunt. Elk or deer are the usual meal.


The art of keeping history and story is an incredibly important part of Chandor’s culture. Featuring members of the Owl Totem, wolves will be tasked with remembering events and happenings over the course of many seasons. The most important and valued tales are performed in a theatrical Storydance: a tale narrated and performed by the Owl Totem. Usually these dances are given during big events and special circumstances, i.e. New Life ceremonies or Season Festivals. The Owl Totems train for their different dances using their surroundings; hanging branches or crowns of flowers or mounds of snow to accent their performance.
*For dancing inspiration, look up the equine sport dressage!

  • Respect each other, no matter your age, rank, or task.
  • Those who are disrespectful will be given a warning for their first offense. Severe crimes vary in types of punishment; the worst Chandor will deal is exile.
  • Discord between two members should be dealt with privately. If the need arises, wiser, higher ranking wolves will be allowed to help and give advice.
  • Everyone should be protected equally; however, pregnant females and pups are put at a higher priority when threats are near.
  • Needless hunting, killing, or torturing of other species is seen as a punishable offense and will not be tolerated in the least. All life is precious.
  • Having a mate inside the pack is allowed, however couples should ask the alpha before breeding.
  • Having a mate outside of the pack is forbidden, but one is allowed to ask for their wanted mate to join (if they are of another pack or a loner) so that they may become mates.
  • Members are allowed to leave if they wish, but they must give notice to the alpha before their departure.
  • Members must be a juvenile to begin learning tasks; however if they are younger they may accompany older members on their task duties.
  • Watch out for each other, care for one another, and be kind whenever possible.

  • Alaka'i: Alpha (Hawaiian word for "leadership")
  • Koho: Council Members (Hawaiian word for "choice".)
  • Maika'i: Thetas (Hawaiian word for "good, best".)
  • Kumu: Gammas (Hawaiian word for "teach".)
  • A'o: Deltas (Hawaiian word for "learning".)
  • Ho'omaka: Omega, Rankless (Hawaiian word for "start up, begin".)
  • Uuku: Pups, cubs (Hawaiian word for "small".)
  • Kapuna: Deceased (Hawaiian word for "ancestor".)
  • Malihini: Guests or Temporary Visitors (Hawaiian word for "guests").

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Pack Themes

Member Themes

Though often taken as lax, Chandor encourages its members to take upon duties as soon as they can. Tasks are important to the daily function of the pack. Omegas are usually prompted to take part in different activities to give them a taste of the different tasks they can take up, particularly if they're young and inexperienced. It is not inherently frowned upon to remain an omega, but strongly suggested otherwise. Juveniles typically "shadow" older members when they start to decide which task they're interested, but there is no official mentoring system; everyone is responsible for their own abilities and experience.


(Also known as "Bears" or "Guardians" or "Warriors")
The thought of a bear is naturally connected to that of strength and physical prowess, thus it is quite easy to understand the job of their Totem. Bears provide the pack with protection and serve as warriors should the need for battle arise. Typically made up of those large and brawny (though any who prove themselves are welcome to join), they are expected to be willing to defend their packmates and keep an eye out for danger. During times of peace, the Bear Totem’s main jobs are guarding the camp, patrolling the borders, and mentoring/training their fellow Guardians.


(Also known as "Owls" or "Watchers" or "Dancers")
Debatably the most laid back role, the Owl Totem takes inspiration from the nocturnal birds, rumored wise and deadly precise. While wisdom is not exactly a requirement to become an Owl, they are often quite innovative and have excellent memories. Their duties involve the keeping and sharing of Chandor’s history, culture, and stories; as well as acting as keen-eyed pupwatchers, in charge of the current youth in the pack. The latter came about due to the Owls' common presence in the camp; more so than any other task. The Owl Totem is particularly known for its Storydance routines.


(Also known as "Lynxes" or "Quickpaws" or "Hunters")
While not as threatening as the cougar, lynxes are a clever and unpredictable race. Therefore, the Lynx Totem emboldens a league of quick-footed hunters, tasked with the bulk of providing for the pack. Their skills are honed to hunt every manner of prey found in Chandor’s territory, from fish to deer to hawks. Alongside their hunting duty, they are responsible for running messages between packs and keeping an eye out for anything unordinary. They are expert navigators, practiced in patrolling the landscape and knowing the whereabouts and health of the prey population, particularly the herds of deer and elk. Lynxes are the most in tune with Chandor’s lands, from their knowledge of the territory to everything that passes through it.


(Also known as "Elk" or "Healers" or "Medics")
The protective care of the wild elk is represented by their totem; the totem of healing. Wolves of the Elk Totem are the medicine keepers and nurses to the pack, in charge of everyone’s wellbeing. They are trained in a number of herbal remedies and techniques for healing the sick or injured. Needing a sharp mind and a devotion to helping others, wolves must be quite certain of their choice when picking this task. Though not as physically taxing as any of the others, being an Elk is a lot more challenging that it appears. That being said, it is also very rewarding, and healers tend to be the most respected out of all the tasks, despite the equal standings.

MEMBER COUNT: 28 Wolves (14 Female, 14 Male)
Bear Totem: 4 Wolves ........ Owl Totem: 4 Wolves
Lynx Totem: 7 Wolves ........ Elk Totem: 6 Wolves


Alaka'i (Alphas): Leader(s); responsible for the safety and care of the pack; to be respected but seen as an equal among wolfkind
Nadia (Lynx Totem)

Koho (Councilors): Chandor's  governing body, for lack of better terms; 'lead' of each Totem; help make decisions and run the pack in the alpha's absence; still considered theta with additional duties
Navindru (Lynx), Polarstag (Elk), Naiteru Kiri (Owl)

Maika'i (Thetas): Highest rank of their task; experts in their task; first picked for important duties
Bear Totem: --
Owl Totem: --
Lynx Totem: Kaen
Elk Totem: Dayanara

Kumu (Gammas): Midrank in their task; teachers of their task; generally the rank one is expected to achieve
Bear Totem:
Owl Totem: Mirakel, Mila
Lynx Totem: Balduin, Logos
Elk Totem: Anakoni

A'o (Deltas): Lowest in their task; those new to their task; learning their task
Bear Totem: Diablo, Virago, Dare
Owl Totem: Elderberry
Lynx Totem: Andi, Sleet, Ataw
Elk Totem: Jura, Eustace, Faucon

Ho'omaka (Omegas):New members; those without tasks; guests fall under this ranking too
Untasked: Nikola, Lunelle, Icicle, Meriadoc, Rowan, Cress
Malihini (Guests): Valentino

Uuku (Pups): Too young for ranks

Kapuna (Deceased): Members who have passed
Aethelynda (Alpha), Jaci (Gamma Sister), Lone (Omega), Remus (Gamma Bear Totem), Tieru (Beta Elk Totem), Arcuza (Beta Bear Totem), Mechka (Delta Bear Totem), Marrok (Omega)Duncan (Gamma Bear Totem)

Huge thanks to MatrixPotato, Chandor's founder. <3

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