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Aryn can be a lot for newcomers to take in! Here is a handy general guide to what cultural, task-related, and historical information characters can be expected to know based on their age, rank, and time spent in Aryn!

Those born into the pack may have the benefit of being raised into the culture, but the Clan is very open and eager to share knowledge, meaning that outsiders who join will have ready access to cultural expectations!

These lists are not comprehensive, and characters may possess more knowledge outside of their age/task/rank groupings! The following serves as an easy access to baseline information, things packmembers would be expected to know IC depending on their status in the clan.

Everything written in the Aryn Pack Information Page would be common knowledge to all wolves ranked Gamma or higher,  regardless of whether or not they were born into Aryn. Read it thoroughly!

More Gamma-related knowledge can be found below!


Typically, education for pups begins at the time they leave the whelping den and meet the pack body for the first time. Coursers and Vicars will typically function as pup sitters and teachers when parents leave the densite to perform their tasks. This functions a lot like preschool!

By the time they reach juvenile age, pups will have been taught:
  • Basic manners and terms of address

  • The names and roles of Aryn's current leaders

  • The names and general function of each task

  • The tenets and most applicable day to day rules
    • pups cannot leave the den unattended, life is sacred, etc.

  • Who the One is, the Deciever, and many of Aryn's religious stories
    • i.e. creation, the afterlife, and Fawrs like Hannah

  • What "The Path" and "The Song" are

  • That Vektren is extremely dangerous and WILL hurt them if given the chance
    • Merrill's kidnapping may also be mentioned

  • The names of most Coursers, Vicars, and other Arynians that frequent the den

At this age, Arynians spend most of their day playing, sleeping, and learning basic social skills. 

Fledgelings & Apprentices (Deltas)

Most Arynians take on an apprenticeship as juveniles, during which they learn more about their chosen task and develop a deeper understanding of pack life. This age group compromises the equivalent of primary, middle, and high school.

At this age, Arynians will be focused primarily on their education under an assigned mentor of higher rank, and will be in the process of learning:
  • How to navigate Aryn's territory and notable locations
    • Arynian terrain is often uneven and rough! In the beginning, even those born into Aryn may find it challenging to navigate with grace, and newcomers to the pack are likely to struggle with this a great deal!

  • The names and ranks of all fellow Arynians, and how most are related

  • The ins-and-outs of their chosen task
    • Vicars practice religion, medicines, rituals, history, politics, and counseling. They must memorize prayers and blessings as well as an extensive list of healing herbs, illness/injury symptoms, body language, anatomy, and oral history lessons. They should learn to speak publically and to lead the pack in ceremonies.

    • Coursers learn to track herds, stalk different types of prey, signal to hunt-mates and coordinate on hunts. They will also learn how to assist Wardens on patrols, identify outsiders, set up ambushes, and keep the den clean. If there are pups in the den, Coursers will learn to care for them.

    • Wardens learn combat techniques and how to assist Coursers on hunts and run patrols. They also learn how to distinguish intruders from allies and set up ambushes, maneuver and bait out threats, develop spotting skills and practice guard duties. Wardens are taught to recognize threats and to pick strategic ground, as well as some basic first aid.

    • Rangers are tutored in survivalist skills and political tactics, they learn to spy and to de-escalate threats, and must learn the cultures and laws of Aryn's allies as well as have a general working knowledge of other packs in the Domain. Apprentices Rangers are often cross-trained by the other three tasks, providing them with basic skills from each role that they can utilize while abroad, when the rest of the pack may not be present to lend aid.

  • About the Fawrs (Aryn's greatest leaders/saints) and their fables/the values they represent

  • The names of the previous two or three Lords/Ladies and Grand Vicars, as well as their temperaments and notable actions

  • How Alphas, Masters, and Grand Vicars are elected

  • That Aryn does not keep blood class or titles of nobility, and calling an Arynian "prince", "royal", "highblood/lowblood", or similar would be considered offensive within polite society, because all wolves should be equals regardless of their birth

  • A general history of Old Aryn
    • Old Aryn's wide political reach and many friendships
    • Athena's battle with Hedge and the reasons he was sent into exile (abuse of power, disrespect for his holy task, being a buttface)
    • That Hedge abandoned his son Alexandro because he was too weak, and that Adrian was raised under Hedge
    • The drought and decision to leave Old Aryn

  • An in-depth history of New Aryn
    • Athena refounded Aryn with Seaver, Charaka, and Alcatraz in order to raise her adopted son, Riley
    • Aryn's side of the events leading up to the Blutwald War
    • Raphael's illness as a pup, and how it led to the alliance with Fellfang and Athena's reconciliation with Winema
    • Aryn's previous alliance with Vale
    • The liberation of Vale and Aryn's aid
      • Vektren impersonated Aryn in a (thwarted) attempt to prevent Vale from seeking help
    • :new: Vektren and Aryn are at war
      • Adrian had dealings with Vektren, and Merrill was kidnapped in retaliation when Adrian cut ties
      • Merrill's return an eventual treachery
      • The murder of Alcatraz and Athena
  • :new: In the current political environment, some elements may be neglected, and will certainly be warped by paranoia:
    • Aryn's alliance with Fellfang
    • Aryn's alliance with Heyl and Alcatraz's long friendship with Fitu
    • Aryn's alliance with Chandor and their history of friendship

  • When cultural ceremonies take place and what they represent

  • Arynian Purification Rituals as they become relevant in the wolf's life

At this age, Arynians are training hard for their Gamma rite and are developing close bonds with their taskmates. Those born to the pack will also have the benefit of all "Pup" knowledge, while newcomers may have to learn Aryn's most basic cultural traits through exposure or an assigned Vicar tutor.


Gammas have passed their rite and are recognized as full Brothers and Sisters of the pack. They are entrusted with responsibilities which include training Fledgeling Deltas, and at this level of achievement, they know everything that pups and juveniles would have been taught, even if they joined the pack later in life!

 Wolves of this rank have:
  • A good working knowledge of Aryn Packits religion, & vocabulary

  • Will probably be up to date on Aryn's Current Events

  • Confidence traveling over the Hinterland, experience navigating steep and dangerous terrain that many wolves would balk at

  • Intimate knowledge of their task
    • Will still be learning finer points of their skills
    • May be hovering towards specializations
      •  i.e. Some Coursers might prefer hunting over going on patrols. Some Vicars may focus on healing physical wounds over counseling troubled minds
      • Depending on how long, a specialized wolf may be growing rusty in other areas of their task!

  • All Arynian Purification Rituals

  • All Pup and Delta points

Most wolves accomplish this level of achievement around their young adult milestone. They will continue to learn from their taskmates and from experience, but at this rank wolves are trusted as mature members of the Clan.


Betas are senior members of their tasks. Training never really ends, and these wolves have enough experience or raw talent to mark them above average achievers.

These wolves possess:
  • Exceptional skill in performing their chosen task
    • Often have a favourite specialty, but can perform all aspects of their task effectively
    • Vicars will be able to identify and treat all of the most common injuries and illnesses. They will have memorized most, if not all, of Aryn's typical prayers and will certainly have memorized all of its rituals. Beta vicars will know a great deal of history and keep up to date on the activities of Aryn as a whole, and the state of alliances or potential alliances with other packs. They should be talented readers of body-language and emotion, with confidence in advising packmates on matters of mind and soul
    • Coursers should be confident hunt leaders and be experienced setting up hunting parties for all types of prey anywhere in the Hinterland. They have experience raising pups and keeping the densite in order. Beta coursers will also have good combat experience - they work well within patrol groups or with rangers abroad.
    • Wardens will have experience fighting various types of intruders - wolves of various sizes, skills, and affiliations, and other predators such as cougars or eagles. They will know how to function within a patrol and how to guard the densite effectively. At the beta level, Wardens possess intimate knowledge of Arynian terrain and good strategic sense.
    • Rangers will be distinguished diplomats or spies, with exceptional working knowledge of other pack cultures and social norms. They should be talented survivalists able to cross any area of Arynian terrain and know how to find and track major herd movements. They know how to move without being seen and how to ingratiate themselves with outsiders and avoid violent conflict whenever possible.

  • Demonstrable respect for the Arynian chain of command

  • All Pup, Delta, and Gamma points

The Three Bodies

The Three Bodies are Aryn's leading lines, who carry significant social and spiritual importance. With these high honours come high responsibilities. Being a leader of Aryn means safeguarding it's past, present, and future.

Wolves of this rank will be:
  • Proficient in every aspect of their task

  • Understanding of the inner-workings of the other tasks

  • Committed to the Great Spirit and Aryn's tenets

  • Educated in all Aryn's laws and the penalties for breaking them

  • Driven to help make difficult decisions and dedicated to the wellbeing of Aryn as a whole

  • Able to coordinate and organize their task effectively alongside the others

  • Understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their taskmates, putting them into positions where they can be effective or where they can improve their skills

  • Up to date on Aryn's Current Events

  • Exemplars of Arynian Culture

  • All Pup, Delta, Gamma, and Beta points

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