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New Aryn's Renaissance New 

Aryn is picking up the pieces after the fires of the Inquisition burned through the territory, leaving behind disarray and uncertainty in its ashes. Grief pledges fellow Aryians that have resurfaced after the fire; some have passed over to meet the One, others have been lost, while all those involved carry their own scars.

Newly elected Lady Cassandra has taken the lead as the result of the Great Fire and the remains of Aryn’s division bring great despair, however, with death comes rebirth. The fires have brought growth back into the forest and as such, the creation of a new era for Aryn. One that seeks to reclaim what was lost, replenish what was damaged and build a new path that pushes Aryn back into the light of the One.  

The teachings that once held strong in Aryn are sought to return and while progress will be slow the destiny ahead is determined to be reached. All Aryians will be encouraged to embrace this new transition, as those remaining in active support of the Inquisition will be asked to leave. While Aryn will never be the same after the events of the Inquisition, Lady Cassandra strives to create a brighter future for her pack-for her family.

To rebuild the pack, Aryn is now forced to band together as one more than ever, in order to recapture their home from the fire’s ashes and come back into the light...

Read more about the Renaissance here!

Aryn's Past Inquisition 
Aryn is meant to be a haven and a brotherhood, where family and truth are one and the same. But of late, fear has twisted these values. Grief and paranoia continue to enflame the growing division between packmates, brought on by the vile murder of their leaders - Lord Alcatraz and Lady Athena.

Once a place of refuge for the lost and downtrodden, Aryn is now a dangerous land to trespass upon - hostile to outsiders and mistrustful of one another. Raphael and his Agents are less of a Unifier and more of an Inquisition - quick to dole out heavy punishment at the slightest offence, and bitterly suspicious of "outsiders."

Those who do not actively profess and adhere to the pack's traditions are seen as potential enemies, spies, and risk heavy punishment in the form of imprisonment, starvation, scarification, and permanent exile. The thought of permitting traitors and defectors to remain hidden within the brotherhood is now intolerable.

It's all to protect the pack... but fear rules above reason, and Aryn teeters ever closer to collapsing inwardly on itself.

In lofty mountain valleys high above the rest of the world, there dwells the noble clan of Aryn. The hinterland where this pack ekes out an existence is a dually captivating and fierce territory, and the same can be said of its inhabitants. These wolves are surefooted and hardy creatures, and take full advantage of their homeland's terrain. Arynians often seem to appear and vanish like ghosts, forging hidden trails through untamed wilderness. 

Surefooted, stronghearted, the wolves of Aryn are notable for the depth of their devotion to one another and the passion with which they approach life. They are curious about the world and see the Song of the One in everything. Arynians are prone to speaking boldly and from the heart, and possess a keen firmness of conviction. Packmates are brothers and sisters of the Song - bound both by their kinship to each other and love for the One who brought all things into being. 

Unity is the ultimate goal of Aryn. Almost all customs involve some degree of cooperation both within tasks and between them; and the entire pack shares a single den-cave, regardless of rank or task. Trust and respect make each pack member kin to his fellows, and it is considered of the utmost importance that nothing divide them. The pack cannot exist without the members who make it, neither can an individual reach their true potential alone. Their unity is their strength.

Conflicts should be settled honestly, work should be done purposefully, and help should be given freely. That is what it means to be Aryn. 

The Circle of Time

A great emphasis is placed on the world's circular nature (ex. moon cycle, change of seasons, passing of generations.) Aryn believes that events constantly reoccur and every ending is also a beginning. Sets of three are highly revered for their relation to the circle and unity of time. (ex. Beginning, Middle, End | Past, Present, Future | Faith, Hope, Love)

Rank & Title

Rank denotes experience and authority, giving the pack a chain of command, but even the lowest omega is an asset to the clan's survival and should be treated as such. Individuals are all considered spiritually equal, even if their physical responsibilities and talents differ. To refer to any Aryn wolf as "highblood", "lowblood", "royalty", or similar would be considered offensive in polite conversation, and some Arynians may even neglect to respect such titles for wolves of other packs.

Members greet packmates formally by their rank-denoted Prefix, occasionally also followed by their name. (i.e. "Madam" or "Madam Hani") More familiar greetings use the packmate's given name or the gender-specific "Brother/Sister" (i.e. "Brother" or "Lawson.") 

The Three Bodies

Aryn's Lord and/or Lady are the pack's highest authority, its Alphas. They are elected by the Rah'at and considered ordained leaders, chosen by the Great Spirit to guide the pack. Their word is law. They maintain order and structure for the clan, and it is considered the sacred duty of Aryn's Alphas to protect the members who have put faith in them. It is a demanding role, and, despite their title, Lords of Aryn are considered to be servants of order rather than "kings" or "princes" of it, for they are often required to set aside their own wants and needs in order to provide for their packmates.

The Grand Vicar is usually recognized after the pack is provided with a sign which the Vicars and Alphas concur to be Divine providence. They serve as the religious expert of the pack, safeguarding the pack's culture and collective knowledge. Grand Vicars have no recognized executive authority, but are highly revered and possess great swaying power over Aryn. Their interpretation of the Tenets and the Path invariably effect the journey of all their Brothers and Sisters.

The Rah'at (Lit. Council) is the pack's main advising body, comprised of its most esteemed members who are deemed Masters. Alphas and other Masters may promote any pack member considered worthy to this rank. They may organize patrols and hunting parties, as well as settle minor disputes between members. :new: The Lead Rah'at is the pack's head advising body, comprised only of its most esteemed Masters, who are deemed Grand Masters. There is only one Grand Master per task and they are known as representatives of their position. They provide counsel to the alphas, and assist in managing the daily routine of the pack. In the event that the alphas are incapacitated or abroad, the Lead Rah'at assumes leadership of the pack.


New Aryn is currently led by Lady Cassandra, a survivor of the events that followed Aryn’s Inquisition and The Great Fire; niece of the late Lady Athena and cousin to the late Lord Raphael. The Great Fire ultimately destroyed a large section of Aryn’s territory, even burning the distinguished Old Rowan down to nothing but ash. Putting a dark cloud of uncertainty to fall over Aryn in an inner battle of perseverance and recovery, hurt and suffering from a missing leader, Cassandra had stepped in to take hold of the chaos. Leading her pack to order and pushing for rebirth as they picked up the pieces of what was left of the place they all called home. Cassandra’s actions resulted in her election as Aryn’s new Lady and lit a determination to issue in a new era to befall over Aryn-one that held promise and restoration. The Renaissance works to restore lost customs and act as the first step toward rebirth from previous fears and dark times that changed Aryn’s foundation and rattled them to the core. This new age of trust and unity between fellow Arynians is only just the beginning…    

Previous Lord Raphael, a victim of the crimes of Vektren who stood against the chaos when the ultimate tragedy struck, and his brother Aivar - who's instincts and powers of investigation have proved uncannily keen. Their predecessors, the Lord Alcatraz and Lady Athena, were murdered by the cult of Vektren - a loss which has shaken the pack to its core. In order to restore stability and protect the family from further tragedy, martial law had gone into effect. The Inquisition's eyes and ears were everywhere, and paranoia enflamed the growing division between packmates. The Clan's desperation to root out any and all traitors encouraged brother to turn on brother. Which ultimately resulted in the Great Fire, a tragic event in Aryn’s history that will never truly be forgotten.

Aryn was founded by Athena, a small, fierce black she-wolf. The pack was once a well-established, thriving family occupying a territory in the far West. Drought and wildfire forced them from their ancestral home, and during this exodus, the old clan was scattered to the winds. Lady Athena's decision to reestablish the pack was not made lightly, but the pack has quickly made itself a recognized clan within in the Domain.

While Aryn places great value in tradition, the exile and subsequent death of the previous Grand Vicar have left much of its old ways lost or forgotten. Moreover, most of the pack's current inhabitants either came from their own distinct culture or were born into New Aryn. As such, many original traditions are being changed and adapted, and new practices are being adopted.

For a more detailed account of their beliefs, see: 

Aryn's Religion | & | Purification Rituals

Religious Authority

Aryn's society and religion are inextricably entwined. Titles of authority are both material and spiritual callings - indeed for the Arynians, there is no separation between these two things. The nonreligious of the pack are considered equals in spirit to their devout brothers and sisters, but may not claim the title of Alpha, Master, or Vicar. This is not to say that unbelievers are censored or suppressed, but rather it is firmly believed that pack can only succeed if its leaders acknowledge and follow the tenets of the One - which built it.

The Inquisition clings to fear to motivate its harsh mandates. Those who do not follow the Path are being led my none-other than the Deciever themself. For the good of all, Aryn must be certain of the loyalty of its members. In light of recent betrayals, it is illogical, irresponsible to leave any stone unturned. The pack cannot risk allowing another traitor into their midst. If a few innocents suffer for that, well, the One will see them rewarded in the afterlife.

:new: The Renaissance moves to return Aryn to their once open and accepting nature. Those who do not follow The Path will still be recognized for their loyalty to their brothers and sisters; meaning they shall not be punished for being nonreligious and will be considered equals once more.

The One

The Great Spirit is just that, The One, who created, rises above, and presides over all things. He is an eternal being, who exists outside of time and territory. Each individual's relationship with the One is greatly personal; members are encouraged to find their own unique place in the Great Spirit's plan. This is considered the most noble of accomplishments.

The Song & The Path

"The Song" refers collectively to the divine will of the One, His creation, and the connection between the wolves and their God. In the beginning all wolves are said to have known the Song. In their hearts, they still do, but it has since been forgotten or corrupted by the Deceiver. "The Path" is the spiritual journey all wolves undertake to return to the Song.

All activities, even down to the most mundane, are believed to carry great importance. The Great Spirit's presence can be seen in all things, so, to walk the Path means to be in harmony with all things. The very act of living is a kind of prayer; no part of it should be taken for granted. 

The Deceiver

The Deceiver was created to be Guardian of the Song, a title second only to the One Himself. But in his privilege the Deceiver grew jealous. He believed he deserved to be ruler of all, and answer to none - not even the One. Spreading his jealousy throughout the Spirit Pack, he turned nearly half of the One's followers against him. The traitors attempted to usurp heaven - a coup which inevitably failed. Unrepentant, the spirit lord was stripped of his name and title, and cast out of the heavenly realm with all his followers. He is a demon, cursed to wander the earth until the end of time, when the Great Spirit will bring him forth for judgement. The Deceiver and his followers hate all who remain loyal to the One. Servants of the Great Spirit must remain ever vigilant against the Deceiver's wiles. 

Holy Days and Journeys

During every full moon, the pack sets aside their duties for a day and a night, and come together to enjoy a time of rest. Only the most critical of tasks remain - such as healing for the sick. Packmates are welcome to explore territory and hunt at their leisure.  Vicars often prepare a set of stories to tell the pack as the moon rises that night, and afterwards the entire clan howls as one. These are holy days and social events, when Aryn comes together to reaffirm and refocus itself.

The first winter snow is considered the start of a new year in Aryn and begins a celebration known as the "Days of Rejoicing." During this time, the pack begins final preparations before their traditional nomadic winter trek, in pursuit of the herds. Emphasis is placed on the blessings of the One and hope for the future. Packmates often exchange gifts, and this is also a popular time for vows to be exchanged between lovers.

The first spring rain heralds the beginning of a fortnight known as the "Days of Atonement." During this time, the pack recalls their own mortality and all healthy members of the pack are expected to fast. Special emphasis is placed on humility and recognition of each individual's imperfections. The Days of Atonement serve to promote introspection and self-reflection, that the clan might better itself in all ways. At the conclusion of the ritual, the Grand Vicar recites the Pilgrimage Verse, and declares that Aryn should now hunt and feast as one.

While soaring mountain peaks and steep river gorges provide a natural barrier to much of territory, the fords and passes into Aryn are vigilantly guarded. Mind your manners, and generally the wolves of Aryn will remain civil. The pack is not inherently aggressive, but does tend to be both proud and circumspect. Those outsiders exhibiting hostility or general rudeness won't find their hosts quite so amiable, and will be met with cunning aggression.

In the event of a trespasser, patrols will invariably choose the high ground and set up an ambush before challenging the outsider(s). Should strangers prove unfriendly, the hinterland is dotted all over with cliffs, caves, and gulches, many of the latter invisible until an individual is directly over it. The pack's intimate knowledge of these pitfalls enables them to maneuver hostile intruders into traps or dead ends. Unfriendly intruders are either chased out or captured and brought to the alpha pair for judgement. 


:new:Outsiders seeking entry are primarily found by Rangers or Patrols in the borderlands, who may decide to bring any worthy newcomer to the Alphas for their consideration. In most cases, these wolves are not immediately accepted as packmates but rather live as 'Honoured Guests' who are slowly absorbed into Aryn over a period of several months. During this time, they may stay or leave as they see fit, but are carefully watched by all Arynians and may be assigned an escort. 

Previously during The Inquisition, Honoured Guests were no longer welcomed in Aryn. Peaceful outsiders, and even allies wishing to enter the pack, were forced to remain in the outskirts until they were deemed 'safe' by Lord Raphael. Which really just meant they'll were ignored until they left. During The Renaissance, Honoured Guests are still not welcomed in Aryn. Any outsiders wishing to join were turned away immediately, however, diplomats from allied or previously allied neighboring packs offering aid were allowed. Those diplomats were escorted directly to the Lady for approval upon their arrival at Aryn’s borders. Once agreements were reached, they were allowed a short staying period and monitored by Arynians at all times. Some individuals were even assigned a single Arynian to shadow them until their leave. Agreements that were not reached had visitors immediately escorted off Aryn territory. While new packs who seeked to form an alliance with Aryn were asked to remain at the border of their territory until the arrival of Lady Cassandra for a discussion of details and to gather information.


Aryn considers relations with other packs to be of great value. The pack actively seeks out alliances with other clans of the Domain, eager to share knowledge and friendship between the various cultures therein. Allies of Aryn are entitled to cross the border with impunity, and are welcome to take part in cultural celebrations and feasts. Aryn readily provides aid to its friends when called upon.

Rangers are expected to maintain an active diplomatic presence among Aryn's friends, as well as facilitate new alliances. While Aryn is hesitant to ally itself with packs which impede civil liberties, it may maintain positive relationships with such clans. Traditionally, major diplomatic motions must be approved by the Grand Vicar.

The pack refuses to associate with creeds which actively threaten Aryn, and will readily respond to such threats with shows of equal force.

The Inquisition attempted to protect the pack by purging it of evil has created a rift between those born in Aryn and those who were once foreigners. Though no wolf is safe from scrutiny, outsiders are judged much more harshly and viewed as less trustworthy. After all, Aryn welcomed one outsider into their midst, brought her to the very inner circle, and it left many wounded, and others dead. The Renaissance however, ultimately seeked to be open to the outside world once more, as a result of the Inquisition, it was harder to gain Aryn’s trust. Therefore, precautionary measures were taken to work on their relations with small steps at a time. Attempting to fix alliances that were previously broken by the Inquisition. However, Rangers were not actively maintaining a diplomatic presence or facilitating new alliances at this time. The focus instead, more geared toward re-establishing previous alliances and gaining aid from packs once labeled as allies.

:new:These re-established alliances was achieved through very small parties led by Lady Cassandra at appropriate times during the Renaissance. All new or unfamiliar packs will still be labeled with caution and are not to be dealt with until Aryn is more stable or unless action calls for it. Vektren will continue to remain a threat, but no action will be made toward them unless drastically needed. However, the stay of guests within Aryn lands has been opened once more. Hospitality will be provided to guests who come in good faith. However, Rangers will still not be actively maintaining a diplomatic presence or facilitating new alliances at this time.

  • Chandor: Allied 
  • Fellfang: Allied 
  • Vektren: Enemy (Avoided)
  • Riverfell: Neutral 
  • Xassa: Neutral (Conversing)
  • Mhor: Neutral 
  • Loners: Welcomed (Still Hesitant)
  • HIVE: At War

Three Tenets of the Spirit 

Breaking a Tenet for any reason separates a wolf from the Great Spirit, and removes him from the Path. For such a sin to be forgiven, the guilty wolf must repent in earnest. In some cases they may feel called to fast, abstain from a pleasure, or make pilgrimage to a holy place as acts of atonement. 

  • Honour and respect the Great Spirit in all things. It is He who has given the pack life, and watches over its members. Revering anything above the One will lead only to self-destruction.
  • All souls are equal in the eyes of the Great Spirit. So too should they be in the eyes of wolves. Love and care for each other as the One does.
  • Each individual has a unique place and purpose. Every action, no matter how small, carries incalculable meaning. Caring for and about one's self is an act of worship, no matter how humble the task.

Laws of the Wolves

Aryn believes that no rank, title, or intent excuses one from the law, and to let a wrongdoing go undisputed is to agree with it. They readily challenge abuse and injustice when it appears.
  • All life is sacred. One should not hunt more than is needed to survive, and should always show respect and gratitude to fallen prey for its sacrifice. 
  • Pups and Juveniles may not leave the densite without being accompanied by a wolf of Gamma rank or higher, for their own safety.

  • Pups, Juveniles, and Apprentices are forbidden from hunting alone and must be accompanied by either a Courser of Gamma rank, or other wolf ranked Beta or above.

  • NewLady Cassandra has allowed selected Arynian’s to leave pack territory on a strictly needed basis. If leaving the territory is necessary, approval must be granted by the Lady and the destination cannot be too far out from the pack’s borders. If approval is granted, any Arynian taking leave must travel with another experienced wolf. 
    • Stay within the safety of pack territory, and ensure each foray beyond the borders includes an experienced wolf in the patrol. Only members of the Three Bodies may grant permission to travel.
    • Previous Lord Raphael had forbidden all Arynian's from leaving pack territory. If absolutely necessary, they were be accompanied by one of his trusted advisers in order to ensure they aren't spies.
  • Eat in order of need. Pups and nursing or expecting mothers always eat first. The sick and elderly have priority over healthy and fit individuals.
  • A wolf is permitted only one mate, and their's is a sacred bond which lasts until death.
  • Taking a mate outside the pack is impermissible. One's loyalty to clan and family should not be separate. (Should one desire a union with an outsider, that outsider must first join Aryn)
  • She-wolves may not bear pups without permission of the alphess. This is to prevent undue strain on the pack's resources. (Having pups is generally restricted to Gamma and higher ranked wolves)
  • NewLady Cassandra has allowed the stay of guests within Aryn lands once more. Hospitality will be provided to guests who come in good faith. 
    • Wolves of Aryn have a responsibility to provide hospitality and protection to guests who seek these in good faith. Stranger, friend, or rival, if an outsider is welcomed into the territory they are entitled to the same shelter and protection as a packmate.
    • Previous Lord Raphael had cut ties with the outside world, and Aryn for a period of time was no longer accepting guests who were though to be spies.
  • :new: While eyes of the weary and supporters of the Inquisition may remain, harming any Arynian for previous beliefs that surfaced during the Inquisition is strictly forbidden and punishable through exile or as seen fit by the Alpha or Rah’at.
    • Misbehavior such as laxness, disrespect, or petty deceit are punished as seen fit by the Alpha pair or Rah'at. 
    • Previous Lord Raphael had deemed "as seen fit" as somewhat harsher until the law was changed back by current Lady Cassandra.
  • Pack members in general conflict with one another should first attempt to resolve the issue themselves. Failing that, an elder or beta should be brought in to mediate. If the mediator cannot settle the dispute, it should be brought before the Rah'at and/or Alphas for a final verdict.
  • Blood crimes such as theft, rape, and malicious deceit are punishable by scarification and/or exile. *Note that any IC scarification will be discussed OOC beforehand, and not done without the member's consent. 
  • :new: To murder another wolf is highly forbidden, and the only crime punishable by death. Killing may be practiced solely in self defense, and only as a last resort. *Note that any IC killing will be discussed OOC beforehand, and not done without the member's consent.
    • Killing a loyal Arynian is highly forbidden, and the only crime punishable by death. Killing black-blooded traitors and treacherous outsiders is permitted if they appear threatening. 
  • Any wolf dissatisfied by their leaders may challenge the elected alpha for their rank in the name of the One. If victorious, the challenger is entitled to take their rightful place as the new leader of Aryn. Should the current alpha retain their rank, it is within their right to exile the challenger.
    • New Cassandra has removed the previous stipulation that allowed challengers to elect “Champions” to fight on their behalf. From now on, the previous rule for challenges has been put back into place.
    • Previous Lord Raphael had added a new stipulation that challengers may elect "Champions" to fight on their behalf, enabling him to call upon his loyal Wardens for protection, should a deceiver have attempted to usurp the Lordship.

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Tasks are listed in order of general social desirability; All tasks are considered equally important. Higher ranks generally receive more responsibilities and recognition within the clan. 

Everywolf is expected to contribute when and where they are needed. Pack members should assume a task according to their individual skills, and wolves of each specialization may favour different aspects of their given task. For example, a courser may hunt more often than s/he accompanies a patrol, or may prefer the task of pup-sitting to any other activity.
  • To rise to the rank of Delta: Taking on a task with approval of the Alpha. Deltas will be assigned a mentor of Gamma rank or higher in the same task.
  • To rise to the rank of Gamma: Approval of mentor and completion of a task specific rite. Vicars must complete a pilgrimage and then recite a traditional fable before the pack from memory; Wardens must prove their courage and prowess in battle; Coursers must lead a successful hunt; Rangers must exhibit skill in the arts of stealth, strength, and cunning.
  • To rise to the rank of Theta:  Extraordinary display of task-specific skills and/or considerable experience in the field.
  • To rise to the rank of Rah'at: Sponsorship of two recognized Masters (at least one of the same task) OR an Alpha.
  • To rise to the rank of Lead Rah'at: Sponsorship of an Alpha.
*Note that, while depicting these lore-related rites is encouraged, they are optional. The only official group requirement for a character to rank up is to turn in bones. Rah'at is a special rank granted to gammas/betas via IC events. Lead Rah'at is a special rank granted to established Rah'at via IC events and is invitation only.

You can read more about training and education here:

Arynian Education & Apprenticeships



The heart of the pack, giving life and guidance to all

Vicars serve as the spiritual guides of the pack, offering wisdom to the rest of clan in matters of faith and health. Vicars bear a much closer commune with the Great Spirit than other wolves. They study and meditate on the will of the One, and function as the pack's religious experts. As such their advise is not to be taken lightly.

During patrols Vicars may follow in order to collect herbs, or to offer help should someone injure themselves.

In hunts these wolves do not usually take part. However, they may accompany a hunting party to provide assistance in the event of an accident. 

Around the den Vicars care for the sick and elderly. They also watch pups, teaching them about the pack's history and the Great Spirit. Vicars oversee many purification rituals and rites, and counsel packmates.

As diplomats Vicars usually accompany alphas on missions of negotiation. They advise and provide insight to the will of the One. 

It is unusual, but not unheard of, for a wolf who does not believe in the Great Spirit to become a medicine wolf. These wolves are simply known as 'healers' rather than 'Vicar', and still serve the pack with their knowledge of herb lore.

New HAKIM is an honorary title granted to a distinguished Master Vicar by the alpha pair. Raei sit on the Rah'at as a lead council member for their designated task and are responsible for representing and directing their task; Specifically in times of crisis and when the alpha pair is incapacitated or aboard.


The strength of the pack, never faltering.

To be a Warden, a wolf must posses great endurance and strength. Courage and loyalty are what bind Warden's to their task. They are the pack's main line of defense, and also one of the largest and most prestigious tasks. 

During patrols these wolves travel within a larger group. Their main task is to protect, and should intimidation fail, wardens are the primary fighting force in a violent conflict. 

In hunts
 these wolves wait in ambush for coursers to drive the prey forward. Wardens possess the necessary strength to bring down large game without injuring themselves or their packmates. 

Around the den Wardens guard. They make sure no outsider gets close enough to pose a threat. They are also tasked with keeping track of who leaves and returns. In the event that packmate(s) go missing, the guards are expected to know when they left and in which direction. Warden's also assist with watching young. 

As diplomats they are sent as guards in hostile lands, or to fight.

New ALMARAQ is an honorary title granted to a distinguished Master Warden by the alpha pair. Raei sit on the Rah'at as a lead council member for their designated task and are responsible for representing and directing their task; Specifically in times of crisis and when the alpha pair is incapacitated or aboard.


The quickest of the pack, fleet of foot and sharp of gaze. 

Wolves of this task must be swift and agile; the best of their kind are also observant and quick of wit. They must be capable of stalking prey undetected and must also be able to travel swiftly over all manner of terrain. 

During patrols they usually run ahead or behind a larger group, and are tasked with giving the rest of the patrol an early notice regarding anything which might be dangerous. If an encounter turns violent, coursers are expected to fight. 

In hunts these wolves chase and maneuver startled prey into position for ambush. They may also bring down faster and smaller game such as hare, pheasant, and fish. 

Around the den coursers assist with regular tasks such as watching young, caring for elders, and keeping the den clean. 

As diplomats a wolf of this task primarily relays messages between packs. In rare cases Coursers may also be sent to spy out rival territories. They may not leave pack lands without the company of another courser or a ranger.

New RAEI is an honorary title granted to a distinguished Master Courser by the alpha pair. Raei sit on the Rah'at as a lead council member for their designated task and are responsible for representing and directing their task; Specifically in times of crisis and when the alpha pair is incapacitated or aboard.


The eyes and ears of the pack, bringing news from afar.

Rangers must not only be stealthy and strong, but also smart. They spend much of their time roaming, hunting for and defending themselves with only these three things. The life of a ranger is not for most, as it is a dangerous and oftentimes lonely task. Rangers travel alone or in pairs, ghosting foreign lands and leaving no sign of their passing. They are the great secret holders. The knowers. Rangers are expected to offer a full report to the Ra'hat upon their return from any major excursion, and traditionally also bring an offering of food to make up for their absence. 

During patrols 
Rangers may accompany a larger patrol if there is good reason, but most often travel singly and unseen. They should fight to protect their own life and the lives of packmates, but otherwise the potential for deadly injury far from home is too great. Rangers are expected to disengage from violent conflict as soon as they are able, and to report back to the Alpha. 

In hunts these wolves track game. Herd movements, new warrens, and plentiful fishing grounds are the knowledge of the ranger. They bring this information back to the rest of the pack, so that hunting parties may be organized. 

Around the den rangers assist with whatever needs doing. Rangers usually return home only to rest or relay a new bit of information, and then set out again. 

As diplomats they come as spies into all territories, friendly and hostile alike. Some come peacefully to interact and learn about outsiders. Others stay out of sight, watching from a distance. Both tactics provide insight to the rest of the pack. Rangers also seek outsiders to bring into the clan.

New KASHAF is an honorary title granted to a distinguished Master Ranger by the alpha pair. Raei sit on the Rah'at as a lead council member for their designated task and are responsible for representing and directing their task; Specifically in times of crisis and when the alpha pair is incapacitated or aboard.

Aryn Height Chart by SpookyWonders

Wolf Count: 35 (14 M | 21 F)
Vicars: 3 (Demand: High) || Wardens: 3 (Demand: High)  
Coursers: 9 (Demand: Low) || Rangers: 6 (Demand: Low)
Untasked: 9 (Demand: None) || Pups: 4 (Demand: Closed)

Alphas: Physical Leader(s); Protectors of the pack's members; Given prefix 'Lord' for males and 'Lady' for females

    Elected: Lady Cassandra
        Marital: None!

Grand Vicar: Religious Leader; Protector of the pack's culture and history; Given prefix 'Father' if male or 'Mother' if female
    None! (Yet)

Lead Rah'at:
 Lead Council Members; Head Supervisors of a task; Assist the Alphas and lead in their absence; Given prefix 'Grand Master' 
    Hakim: None! (Yet)
    Almaraq: None! (Yet)
    Raei: Lawson
    Kashaf: None! (Yet)

Rah'at: Council Members; Supervisors of a task; Assist the Alphas and Lead Rah'at; Given prefix 'Master'

    Master Vicars: None! (Yet)
    Master Wardens: None! (Yet)
    Master Coursers: Hani
    Master Rangers: Daenerys

Thetas: Senior members of a task; Given prefix 'Sir' for males or 'Mistress/Madam' for females
    Vicars: Lidya
    Wardens: Rifle
    Coursers: Dyana
    Rangers: Amara

 Members of a task; Recognized as full Brothers and Sisters of Aryn
    Vicars: --
    Wardens: LeviathanUrsuline, Harley
    Coursers: Hera, Ori
    Rangers: Lorarii

Deltas: Apprentices of a task; Juveniles cannot typically progress beyond Delta rank; Affectionately referred to as "Fledglings"

    Vicars: Cricket,
    Healers: Sunrise 
    Wardens: Hieronymous
    Coursers: YamārashiSeava, Phanuel, Synnove
    Rangers: Jaeger, EzraSelena, Ilan

Omegas: No task; Honoured Guests

    Untasked: Sozin, Paimon, IleanaPriscilla, Caelan, Aja

Honoured Guests: 

    None! (Yet)

The Exiled: 
Those who have committed unpardonable crimes and have been exiled permanently from Aryn

Inspiration for Aryn gathered primarily from Judaism, Roman Catholic and Protestant Christian beliefs, and Medieval Wales.

Special thanks to Aryn's founder WynBird! <3

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Hey there can I get Lorarii's theme song added to the list?

It's 'White Flag' By Joseph