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Saturday, September 30th @ 3:59pm

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Important Information

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Welcome to Domain of the Wolf!

We are a semi realistic wolf based art and roleplay group with a little bit more emphasis on the realistic side. Similar to movies like Balto, Spirit, or The Lion King, our characters can speak to one another, have emotions, facial expressions, etc. But they should still for the most part act like, look like, and be like wolves!

Advisory Warning

DotW is a mature RP group, some material may be offensive to readers. The opinions expressed through characters in RPs and artwork do not reflect the views of DotW as a group. DotW does not condone the actions of characters in any media submitted to the group.
Reader and viewer discretion is advised.


Before considering auditioning for the group during an opening window, please review the journals below.

DotW is a group with a member cap of 75.

We run group openings based on the current member count. Any potential opening updates will be mentioned via journals!

DotW runs on GMT/BST time! (Clock)

DotW Theme

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DotW theme by Storm-Blue

Seasonal Character Feature

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Fall is a season of change and not many in the Domain have gone through quite as much change as this Character of the Season - OddGreyhound 's Cadell! While a lot of their change was not quite on their own terms, being cast out of their birth-pack Fellfang, they have also done a lot of soul-searching that has resonated with us all. Everyone in the Domain is excited to see where Cadell goes next!


Character nominations are open for the Winter 2023 Character of the Season! Nominations will be open for the entire Fall Season; the months of September, October, and November.

To nominate the next Character of the Season, please fill out our google form: HERE

Members who submit at least one nomination in a season will earn 1 bone!

You must follow these requirements:
  • Must not be your own character

  • Must come with a few sentences explaining why this should be the next character of the season (the player is very active, there is a super cool plot happening, etc. etc.)

Gallery Folders

Domain of the Wolf Map by Zoketi
Chandor Landmarks by Zoketi
[DotW] Vektren Landmarks by KingWolfInk
Group Member Folders
DotW: Chandor Application Sheet by Zoketi
DotW: Fellfang Application Sheet by xCinderfrostx
DotW Vektren Application Sheet by KingWolfInk
Chandor Pack Art and Literature
[DoTW] - A Couple of Epic Catches by Lachtaube
[DoTW] Help - Script Group Rp by Cipisis-Sketch
DotW: Hiding by RosePhaganax
DotW | He Told Me by 4everhound
Aryn Pack Art and Literature
Not So Bad by switt
[DotW] Turning of the Tide [Exit] by speckledplanet
Promise by Sychynte
A Hint of Normalcy by Lotus-Wolfdragon
Fellfang Pack Art and Literature
[DotW RP] Snow Day | Ana/Sigr by SanjanaIndica
[dotw] fair winds by k-eilonwy
[Dotw] I was gonna go to work... (TW: Drug use) by SanjanaIndica
DotW | Rainfall - RP by goosened
Vektren Pack Art and Literature
[DoTW Collab] Gator Invasion by EternalHusky
[DotW] shades by Tygrhys
[DotW] Hey there besties by KingWolfInk
[DotW] scythes by Tygrhys
Riverfell Pack Art and Literature
[DotW RP] Pack Laws | Lyra/Tate by SanjanaIndica
DOTW | Feathers Are Not Food by Wolgron
Undesired Bloodline by Celtic-Barbarian
DOTW | Birds Of A Feather by Wolgron
Xassa Pack Art and Literature
DotW | Last Minute by 4everhound
Could, and Should by Lotus-Wolfdragon
[DOTW] Tales of Past and Present by SaskedieJagerin
{DotW - RP} Girra Canyon Patrol by xCinderfrostx
Mhor Pack Art and Literature
[DOTW] What Do You Think Of... by ThorinFrostclaw
Back At It Again by Lotus-Wolfdragon
DOTW: A Small Visitor by Houxe
[DotW] it's okay by Tygrhys
Hintertomb Pack Art and Literature
[DOTW] Young Friends by ThorinFrostclaw
[dotw] Nothing But Bones by FVKKAT
DOTW | The First Of Many by akitapup
dotw , vulnerability by newt-onix
Loner and Other Creature Art and Literature
DotW: Trapped by Weasele
Monthly Special Events
Seasons || Azriel by TheCatsPupil
The Hive
DOTW - Thoughts and Concerns by ChateauLatrans
Open Adoptions
DotW | AriAna Pup Tryouts by 4everhound
[DotW] Chandor Height Chart by Zoketi
DotW Characters Height Chart by SanjanaIndica



We will affiliate with any roleplay groups that have been around for at least a month and have at least 10 members as well as any other wolf related groups that have their affiliates widget visible :)

Countdown to End of the Season (Autumn)!

Thursday, November 30th @ 2:59pm

Make sure to mark your characters safe on the Seasonal Activity Check journal!

DotW Packs

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:star: Reminder to members:
Don't forget to turn in your bones! :star:

Sanctuary | Peaceful | Naturalistic | Protective

Chandor is currently OPEN!

Nordic | Code of Honor | Witchdoctors | Mysterious

Fellfang is currently OPEN!

Devout | Occultism | Hired Killers | Insidious | Devious

Vektren is currently OPEN!

Matriarchy | Sellswords | Traders | Mythology | Other Creatures

Riverfell is currently CLOSED!

Imperialism | Diplomacy | Intellectual Pursuits | Records

Xassa is currently CLOSED!

Druidism | Judgement | Balance | Reincarnation

Mhor is currently CLOSED!

Cosmic Horror | Ill-Fated | Gothic | Survivalist

Hintertomb is currently OPEN!

Loners are currently CLOSED!

Other Creatures are currently OPEN!
6 Creatures

Pack Application is currently CLOSED!



Newest Members

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1: LavndrWisp with Notte
2: excedere with Tesleen
3: chupacabrra with Artair
4: otterbells with Stahl
5: Aschefall with Kaito
6: latteador with Yves
7: t-anji with Edelweiss
8: hobbyjozzler with Andromeda
9: akitapup with Vigil
10: Houxe with Osonia
11: unknowntalent with Scoria
12: Accicularis with Sabine
13: Tygrhys with Morgana
14: newt-onix with Pompeii
15: RosePhaganax with Alana


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