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Welcome to Domain of the Wolf!

We are a semi realistic wolf based art and roleplay group with a little bit more emphasis on the realistic side. Similar to movies like Balto, Spirit, or The Lion King, our characters can speak to one another, have emotions, facial expressions, etc. But they should still for the most part act like, look like, and be like wolves!

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DotW is a mature RP group, some material may be offensive to readers. The opinions expressed through characters in RPs and artwork do not reflect the views of DotW as a group. DotW does not condone the actions of characters in any media submitted to the group.
Reader and viewer discretion is advised.


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With summer comes a new CotS, SaskedieJagerin’s Makenna! Though she felt as though she was born incomplete with her white hindquarters and malformed vocal chords, and felt out-of-place in Chandor, Makenna found her voice after leaving her birth pack and becoming a Shade of Vektren! Her tireless energy and devotion to her pack have made her indispensable, and as she and her pack mates adapt to the many changes in Vektren, we look forward to seeing where her story goes next! Congratulations, Makenna!


Character nominations are open for the Summer 2020 Character of the Season! Nominations will be open for the entire Spring Season, the months of March, April, and May!

To nominate the next Character of the Season, please fill out our google form: HERE

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You must follow these requirements:
  • Must not be your own character
  • Must come with a few sentences explaining why this should be the next character of the season (the player is very active, there is a super cool plot happening, etc. etc.)
Summer is here!
The bones log has been reset, we have a new MSE ready for June (as well as a new seasonal loner prompt), our page is flush with summer greenery, AND we have some fun updates and special thanks to share with you all! :D
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First up, we want to thank all of our wonderful members for pitching in and contributing to the renewal of our Super Group status! You guys are the best and we can't thank you enough for rallying enough points together within just a few short hours to get our page back up and running in all its beautiful glory. Thank you so much everyone! Our hearts are very full at how quickly you all jumped in to help. :heart:
Summer CotS
We have a brand new Character of the Season! A big congratulations to @SaskedieJagerin’s Makenna for winning this season's title. Hurray!  :dummy:
Riverfell & Xassa
Riverfell and Xassa are now up and running, and both @Quaylak and @Lunarshadowcreations are quickly settling into their new roles as admins. We are excited to have them on board and look forward to all the new characters and stories their packs will bring to the Domain moving forward.
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In an effort to accommodate our new team of Staff members, we will be changing the time in which turnovers take place on the last day of the month. Starting now, DotW will operate on GMT time. This will help ensure our GMT staff members are not forced to stay up super late helping out on turnover nights. But this also means the deadline (for our US members especially) will be much earlier in the day, so please keep that in mind when submitting your bones! 
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We have sent out invites to the last of the top 50 remaining people on our waitlist. Which means...the waitlist is now officially DONE! Those who have been invited are currently working with Staff on their applications, so we should be seeing a new wave of members within the next few weeks.
All future group openings will now be pack-specific. More details will come out the closer we get to this being implemented, but basically, we will have a certain number of slots per pack to fill, and a number of applications per slot. One pack will open and bring in their new members, then the next pack will open and bring in their members, and work down the line that way. This way, applicants are potentially able to apply more than once per opening, which in turn gives us more of an opportunity to not have to turn away great apps due to limited spots per pack. Again - more info on this as the time gets closer!
Eclipse Changes
We all survived the transition to Eclipse, for the most part. Staff has been working diligently behind the scenes to ensure a lot of the group's info, assets, and coding are backed up in the event that changes roll out for Groups in the near future. We appreciate everyone's patience as we adjusted to the changes and tried to fix some things that broke after the launch. 
Which leads us to...
Fond Farewell to Journal Skins
We shall all collectively mourn the loss of our beautiful journal skins, as all new monthly updates like these will no longer feature our normal seasonal skins. :c Any journals that were created before Eclipse launched (pack info pages, member list, etc.) were not affected, as it is only new journals that can no longer have skins applied. We will adapt and make the best of what we have for now and we appreciate you guys hanging in there with us while we put out fires and acclimated the last couple weeks.
As a final note…
While we know times have been tough all around, if you need an activity forgiveness for the month it would be greatly appreciated if you could send us a note before the last week of the month! We had quite a few last minute notes this month, and while we do understand, it’s a lot easier on turnover if we know ahead of time to avoid any hold-ups or accidentally missing anyone.
We hope you all have a great start to the summer! Stay safe out there. :heart:
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The Worried Mother's Cry || Dyana [DotW, LiT]Among the rocky cliffs and steep hills stood one big tree, The Lonely Apple Tree. It had always been the favourite spot of a very specific wolfess in Aryn. Though, this very spot was tarnished by the crimes that had been done against her pack and specifically her parents, as a secret passage had allowed the wolves of Vektren to sneak past the patrols and uproot her reality, as well as Aryn’s in a whole. Still, the young brown female was drawn to this place and would pay it frequent visits to try and calm herself down. The paranoia and fear, which held Aryn in a squeezing grib, much like a snake suffocating its prey, would not help her case, if she was ever questioned about why she was spending so much time at a ‘crime scene’. Though, she was blaming herself that, if she had been HERE that day when all everything fell apart, she could have stopped it. Could have seen the enemy invading and ringing the alarm. Alas, she was not and she could never turn back time and so, she spent a lot of time patrolling this area and generally guarding it, as if it would prevent it from happening again.Being the more muscled hunter, Dyana had pushed boulders, which had rolled down the hills, towards the trunk. The muddy earth, being soaked by the Spring’s rains, aiding her getting them in the right position, so she could use the rocks as a help to jump up the tree and relax up there, taking inspiration from Master Hani. It had failed the first couple of times, but now that she had been successfully up there, Dyana was finally able to relax. Muddy and a bit exhausted, but relaxed. Such a feeling had been a rare happenstance in her life the past few… how long had it been actually? A year? Heck, she couldn’t even recall for how long this nightmare seemed to last and so, while convincing herself she just needed her eyes to rest for a moment, she snoozed off….Finding herself walking through the forest, Dyana was sure that she was on a hunt or.. something. Surely on a hunt, right? Yeah, she was always hunting these days, being one of the very few Raphael still trusted enough to walk alone around their territory, without being on his paranoid radar too much. That reminded her, she HAD to tell the young wolves to stay away from the border AND outsiders. It did not matter, if they had been allies before or not,- hell, the visitors they had led into their own home, which posed as fake pack members, were the very ones that had started all this madness. The Deceiver’s minions mantled in wolf’s hide and fur only to abduct and corrupt one of their own.No, none of those outside scum could be trusted. NONE OF THEM!It was then and there, that she had heard it, a soft whisper at first “Dyana...”Being so lost in thought, she did not realize that the origin of this voice was long gone… Athena, her mother. Automatically she stopped and answered, “Mom?” Looking around, she heard nothing but the wind whispering through the trees. As soon as she was about to walk away, thinking it had all been an illusion of the soft rustling of leaves and twigs, she heard the the voice once more, in further away in the distance. Much louder this time and more pressing “Dyana!” “Man,” the brown female sighed, “She can be a pain, can’t she? Coming!” Tilting her head with a puzzled frown, the Courser tried to locate the she walked towards the voice and as soon as she stepped into a forest clearing, it seemed to come from, she questioned once more, “Yes, Mom?” It was at that moment, that it hit her like a fallen tree,- her Mother was… dead. Eyes widening and filling up with tears, both from shock and rebubbling grief and sadness, as well as actually freaking out. As she backed away, heartbeat and pulse beginning to raise a final scream of her Mother’s voice, “DYANAAAA!”, shook her and woke her up so abruptly that the brown one almost fell out of the tree.Claws scraping at the bark, desperately trying to hold her body in place, while her sleep clouded mind tried to process what had happened. A thunder from above shook her once more and got her moving, jumping down - less gracefully, though hurriedly - the tree. Everyone knew that the storms in Aryn’s mountains were not to be trifled with and no cunning wits nor brute strength would safe you from them. Was that why her Mother had chosen to wake her up?? “No…” She breathed, “No, it was just a dream..” Walking away from the Tree and towards the safer low grounds, she glanced over her shoulder once more, “Mother is … dead…Spooked and rattled to her core, the confused daughter of the fallen Alphess made her way back to the Main Den. Not noticing the second pair of ghostly paw prints next to hers at the bottom of the tree trunk….They were just a dream, an illusion, a trick of the eye of mud and dirt and light…Or maybe imprints from a soul of a worried Mother….Who knows?

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These are the things... by BlackMoonKennels
Fellfang Pack Art and Literature
[DotW] A Dream of Spring by tyger-pax
DOTW | Night Tale by Wolgron
[DotW] What's the purpose of a rose? :: Part 1Featuring Nach and Doba.NachThe spring warmth was in the air, as Nach laid down on the soft grass. The snow of winter was finally gone, and this time of the year was always his favorite time. His kids were all grown up, his mate was as happy as can be, and Chaell was always taking care of all of them. A smile grew on his face just from thinking of all these things, with just how blessed he was with his entire family, of both blood and bond relations. Nach’s tail happily swayed against the grass, as his sights were focused on the treeline before him, watching it sway slowly from the spring breeze.DobaA gentle breeze moved through the trees, finding Doba’s fur as it passed by. She closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath, relaxing with it. She loved the spring, but the fall was her favorite time of year. It was when the trees changed their colors and it made the forests so pretty to look at. However, spring was a close second with the sprouting of new life all around her. As she made her way through the forest alone as she often did, she happened to come across her bond-father. She smiled softly as she made her way over to him, finally flopping down beside him, heavily leaning on him. “Hey, papa.” She smiled, nuzzling into his thick fur. NachHis ears turned to see his sweet daughter Doba sitting next to him. As she nuzzled up next to him, Nach saw how much she had grown, ever since the first day he saw her. She was just a small pup, but now was all grown up. “Hello Doba, my sweet little rose.” He put a paw around her, just to bring Doba closer to him. He gave her kisses on her head, and all the affection, just like when she was a pup. “You’ve grown up so much, and you’re almost as tall as me!” He kept holding his sweet little daughter close to him, as all the affections he could give would never be enough for any of his children.DobaDoba’s ears folded slightly as he called her by the nickname he gave her as a pup, blushing slightly. She nuzzled into her father as he pulled her close, but wiggled slightly in his grasp as he started kissing her and giving her so much affection. “Papa! Papaaaaa! Stop!” She continued to wiggle against him. He was always crazy affectionate when it came to his family, especially his children. She figured she would get the worst of it sometimes because she’d been around the longest even with Nayeli technically the oldest, but since Doba had been in the pack longer, she got the brunt of all of it. NachNach couldn’t help but laugh as his daughter kept asking him to stop giving her affection. “What’s the matter, does my little Rose not like my affections?” He knew that he was teasing her, but he couldn’t help loving his daughter. He stopped the kisses of affection, but kept holding her tight, putting his head over her’s. “How’s my girl doing today?” His voice was still cheerful as ever, but with a more calming tone from a few moments ago. His tail was still swaying, as it occasionally brushed over Doba’s tail.DobaA soft huff would come out of her maw as she looked up at her father as her ears folded back. “I do but you just give too much. I’m not a pup anymore.” Her tail swished behind her as she finally relaxed against him since the affection had finally stopped. Her eyes closed as he rested his head on hers, putting her head down. “I’m okay, just figured I’d take a stroll through the woods since spring has finally come. I was also thinking about finally picking a task and what I should do about it.” She sighed softly and shrugged, trapped under her father.NachNach stayed quiet for a brief moment, as his daughter talked about how she was deciding her task for Fellfang. “Oh? Is there a task that you have your eye on in particular?” Nach moved his head, to where he was laying it down right next to Doba. He looked right into his daughter’s yellow eyes, smiling as he waited to hear what she thought of going for. Nach himself wasn’t sure which task she would choose. He did know one thing though, and that was that he was going to support her and help in any way that he could for her.DobaDoba would shrug a little as she thought for a moment at his question. Her body slowly started to sprawl out against him. “To be honest, I’m not really sure. I want to be useful, but I don’t know what I should do. I thought about being a Sage, or a Witch-Doctor, or even part of the Hunt…. But there would be no way I could be in the Vanguard like you and Ian, papa.” She shook her head some as she looked at him and sighed a little. “I’m worried that I won’t be good at whatever I do. For a Sage, you have to be very wise and knowledgeable about the world around us. And be great with teaching pups, like mom. Witch-Doctors are what the pack relies on for healing.... Then there is the Hunt, which is probably one of the most important jobs because the entire pack relies on them for food.” Softly Doba would sigh again as she leaned into her father. “I’m just worried about messing things up and not being good enough with whatever task I end up picking.” She was very conflicted and put a lot of pressure on herself to do well and to let her family down. Everyone was so good at the tasks they’ve chosen, so she continued to compare herself with her family and her skill level.NachNach just listened, wanting to hear his daughter's opinions on each task. It was clear that she was thinking long and hard on each task that was available to her. What was truly noticed by Nach though, was Doba’s fear in failing at whatever task she chose. He couldn’t help but smile softly at his daughter’s words. He softly gave her a kiss on his head, giving her calmness, and assurance about her thoughts. “There’s nothing wrong with failing while learning, it’s all a part of life. You shouldn’t let the fear of failure keep you from going through with life’s decisions.” He put a paw around her once more, giving her a fatherly hug while talking. “On top of all of that, you’ll always make me proud, cause you’ll always be my daughter, my little rose.”DobaHer eyes would fall to the ground as she listened to her father, folding her ears. She knew failing was what she was afraid of most, it’s why she had been waiting so long to finally pick a task. Hell, the Jarl’s pups were already in their tasks! She was older than them but she still hadn’t decided on one. Now that her younger bond siblings were getting to the age to decide on theirs, what if they picked theirs and got good at the ones they’ve chosen before she could even pick? So many thoughts running through her head as her father spoke.Finally her father called her by the nickname he’d been calling her since she was a small pup, bringing her out of her racing thoughts. “But, papa, I don’t want to be a burden on the teachers of the task I chose. I want to know I will be good at that task. It’s just… hard to pick something and feel you’re going to be good at it….” She sighed once more before her golden orbs looked up at her large father. “Papa, how did you pick your task? I mean… I figure because you’re so big, no one would mess with you really… but what drew you to pick yours?” Fair question, maybe it will help her decision process.NachThe last question struck Nach, he wasn’t expecting it, and it made him freeze for a moment. Doba was asking about his past, something that he was always wanting to forget about. While thinking about it, he then realized that Tadita doesn’t even know about Nach’s past, nor Chaell, or any of their other children. Nach did choose to be a Vanguard, but the reason he had the skills for it was not because of curiosity, or inspiration. Nach’s younger days were of him being an assassin, him and his sister Sionn. They did whatever their ‘mother’ wanted them to do, believing her lies from thinking that what they did was good, to the lie of her actually being his mother. He broke out of his thoughts, before looking at Doba for a second. “I, uh, didn’t really get to choose my task in truth. I was trained at a young age to do only one thing, and being a Vanguard was the only task with related skills.” He paused again while trying to think of what to say next, not realizing that his thoughts haven’t thought about his past in a long time. “You do get a choice though Doba, whichever task gives you that drive, you have the chance to think for yourself.”DobaThe red she-wolf listened to her father quietly as he explained himself and the reasoning for his task. She could see a bit of hesitation, but wouldn’t push on that. All she was interested in at that moment was to learn the secret of picking the perfect task for herself. He had a good point to make sure she picks something that drives her and to think for herself, which she rarely does. She almost always does things for her family without thinking about herself. Maybe she should speak with others in the pack to learn their tasks and figure out one that was best suited for her…She nodded at his final words looking at him and finally getting up slowly from his large frame. “I will try to find something that does drive me. I want to contribute and feel like I’m worthy of being a part of the Skuld.” She leaned over to him and nuzzled her father’s cheek with affection. “I will make you proud, Papa. I promise you.” A smile would move across her maw as she looked back at him with affection and drive before turning and slipping back off into the forest to find her place within the pack....
[DoTW] Goodbye For Now by EternalHusky
Vektren Pack Art and Literature
DotW: Deep Red by mongoosefangs
Safe and sound by BlackMoonKennels

Mature Content

[DotW] Signs - Part 1 - Ravens by KingWolfInk
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The Inner Realm by Fireshrike
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Brave New World by YazukyYuu
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Sunset at Girra Canyons | DotW by LunarShadowCreations
Loner and Other Creature Art and Literature
DotW - HeathenFeaturing: Silas & SoulstormPlace: North of ArynTime: springSoulstormSoulstorm left the territory of Damascans without saying goodbye. She didn’t ask anyone for a permission to leave as she cared little for their feelings. The ex-princess had enough of the horde and their lifeway, Damasca couldn’t offer her much more. Being called a shaman of that shithole was an insult for her.She wanted to find ocean she missed, desired to mingle with more eloquent wolves. And, most importantly, she wanted to investigate the rumours about a white she-wolf living in the swamps Wick had told her about. So when she finally found a clump of white fur in her path she was confused. Contrary to what the young wayfarer had told her it belonged to a male, not a female, Soulstorm could smell that.Was Wick that stupid…?Soon heavy rainfalls came, watering the flourishing spring greenery. While Soulstorm didn't mind being drenched (she expected the climate to be cooler and more humid as she traveled north-east) the downpour was a great inconvenience. After just one day of following the promising track she lost it.Now the black she-wolf circled around trying to pick up the scent again, in vain. The mud under her paws smacked loudly and the plants rustled when she hecticly scouted the area.SilasThe large russet wolf plodded stoically through the rain, blinking streams of cold water from his gold-flecked hazel eyes. Silas vigorously shook his thick fur, trying to relieve himself of the damp, heavy weight of his own pelt. He sighed irritably as he continued to scan the area before him, moving forward carefully across the slick muddy ground. He was in search of a likely place in which he and Zinnia could hunker down for a bit; anything that might help keep the wind and rain off them for a little while would be welcome. Zinnia was nearby, also on the lookout, though he could no longer see, hear or smell her through the downpour. But neither of them planned on going very far without the other; he knew she was still within howling range, even in this weather, so he tried not to worry.A copse of trees loomed out of the thick sheets of rain just ahead, closer than Silas had realized. Gods, this rain makes it impossible to see. The young wolf marched toward the trees to scout them out, hoping they might offer at least a modicum of shelter, when suddenly a noise caught his attention from shortly ahead: the sucking sound of someone else’s pawsteps in thick mud, as well as the cracking and rustling of undergrowth. Zinna..? Maybe she saw this copse from a different angle and had the same idea...Silas continued forward and was about to call Zinnia’s name when he was finally close enough to scent the other wolf through the rain. He stopped short and adrenaline immediately flooded his system; it wasn’t Zinna. But at this point, Silas realized, it was too late; if he had noticed this wolf, surely they in turn had heard him blundering up through the mud, making no attempt to hide himself. Stupid. Stupid! he berated himself. Silas stepped forward more slowly, squinting into the rain to try to catch a glimpse of the stranger. “Who’s there?” he called out loudly, raising his head and tail up into a position that betrayed confidence and wariness, but not outright aggression; at least not yet. “Show yourself!”Soulstorm The sounds of the rain tricked Soulstorm’s senses too. She heard pawsteps too late, someone else plodding through the goo and torrent too. Lifting her head she looked around energetically, her nostrils and ears twitched. Where the stranger was?“Who is asking,” a reply came back to Silas. It wasn’t a question, rather a bold reminder she had the same right to interrogate. The wolf’s voice guided the Damascan to its source, she slowly approached Silas showing no signs of hostility. Actually there were no emotions on her face, no gestures that could betray the she-wolf’s attitude toward the other individual.Just a dark silhouette against the gray dull surroundings and two orange eyes staring at Silas.“My name is Soulstorm.”The she-wolf hadn’t expected how pleasingly it would be to introduce herself again with the real name. For the Horde she was Ignis. But Ignis was dead now and Soulstorm was symbolically reborn in the driving rain, in the embrace of cold water she loved so much. SilasA black figure loomed out of the wall of thick rainfall, appearing slowly as it approached, appearing slowly like a manifesting spirit until it finally resolved into a small, dark she-wolf with a tawny chest and belly. She was smaller than Silas, her long body low to the ground on short legs, but she looked at him with complete confidence, emotionless, her unique umber eyes meeting his gaze coolly. Silas narrowed his eyes in mild annoyance at her rather sardonic response, but didn’t immediately reply as he looked her over.Is she alone? It was too hard to tell with no scents or sounds to be observed through the deluge… briefly Silas wondered if he should howl to bring Zinnia close, but his protective streak immediately won out; better to let this stranger assume he was alone, and keep Zinnia away from a potential threat.“A fellow traveler who would see the stranger that walks nearby, nothing more…” he finally replied. “I am Silas.” It only seemed polite to reciprocate the introduction. He relaxed his shoulders slightly. Silas was on edge, but if Soulstorm wasn’t going to show any signs of aggression, it might be better to try to appear less like he was ready for a fight… even if he was, if it came to that. Silas knew they weren’t near the borders of any known pack… but one never knew when and where one might need to defend oneself.Soulstorm Soulstorm seemed to contemplate his words for a while. In her opinion the wolf had his feet on the ground, at least at a glance. Then she pivoted in the direction she came from and her wet tail sprayed droplets around. Exposing the back was the another signal of ignoring the tense atmosphere.She smelled the air conspicuously and glanced back at the loner. “Silas. Do you smell any other wolves here?” The question was rhetorical. Obviously neither he or she could catch any scents. “Nothing,” the black she-wolf sighed with strained disappointment. “Come on, I will show you something.”A weird offer for a complete stranger. Yet Soulstorm trusted the russet loner will follow her and she walked down the slope to the place she had been scouting before the arrival of Silas interrupted her.“Maybe you could help me.” The words came from behind the curtains of rain.SilasSilas gritted his teeth, feeling his hackles rise with frustration as the dark she-wolf whipped around, exposing her back and hind end and simply marching away. A wave of negative reactions kept Silas’ adrenaline running on high alert; he felt insulted at the lack of respect that seemed to him to lurk in Soulstorm’s imperious demeanor, confused about what this mysterious, overconfident stranger wanted, and even uncertain about his own intentions: should he just walk away?He was glad that Zinnia was far enough off to go unnoticed for now, though; it was a relief to know she was out of potential danger if things went south here. But Soulstorm seemed… disappointed that no one else was around, which was odd. Perhaps she was looking for someone, or had expected someone to be here who was not. Maybe you could help me. The she-wolf was already almost invisible up ahead in the rain. Silas hesitated for a fraction of a moment before following her, ire still provoked but curiosity taking a firm hold. “Help you with what?” he demanded suspiciously, speaking loudly to be heard through the spring storm, which if anything seemed to be getting worse. He kept his distance, following just close enough to be able to watch Soulstorm’s back through the rain. Soulstorm Two minutes later Soulstorm stopped. The wolves covered a short distance, she didn’t dictate a fast pace. “I am new to this area,” the black she-wolf admitted finally facing Silas again. “I came from the south, from a pack called Damasca.” They were strangers but she boldly gave away the details about her origins. “I am looking for someone.”Soulstorm approached a bush. “Here.” Silas received an answer to his question at last. The she-wolf pointed at wet clumps of white fur hanging on the branches. Most likely a wolf had recently brushed against the sticks traveling through the groove and left the shed fur there. “Maybe you know them. I was told a white wolf lives somewhere in the north. Unfortunately for me the rain washed away the scents.” She was aware the chances for Silas to know such an elusive wolf were low. But it was worth trying anyway, Soulstorm watched him closely, anticipating the response.SilasSilas was just about to call ahead to demand she tell him where they were going when Soulstorm suddenly stopped. Silas caught up, listening warily as she explained where she had come from and what she was looking for. He looked where she indicated and sniffed doubtfully at the white fur, keeping one eye on the stranger.But Soulstorm was right: there was no scent left on the fur after hours-- or days, or more, the gods only knew-- hanging there in the rain and the elements. A white wolf lives somewhere in the North? Gods, somebody sure didn't give you a lot to go on, Silas thought, but he held his tongue.Finally he looked up from the bush. "Sorry… uh, wish I could help," the big young wolf said, suddenly feeling awkward as his suspicion toward Soulstorm began to ebb away a little. "I'm just passing through this area as well, so if a white wolf lives around here I'm not aware. I used to know a white wolf," he added, thinking of Rocko, whom he had never known well but whom he had seen around while growing up in Heyl. "But that was a long time ago, and I have no idea where he is now…" Silas cut himself off, suddenly aware he was practically rambling. "You don't even have a name to go on? Who are you looking for? Why?" Silas couldn't help but ask. Everything about Soulstorm's story just seemed… odd.Soulstorm "Sorry… uh, wish I could help." This was the kind of reply Soulstorm was prepared for. She wasn’t even disappointed knowing the chances were small. But the third sentence Silas sounded sparked her interest. Before addressing it she answered to the loner’s questions. “Religious matters.” That was all what the she-wolf said about the causes of the search. “I know the alias of the wolf, she is called The Wraith. But the track here smell… smelled of a male. I had been following them until the rain stopped me. So either my informant can’t tell the difference between male and female,” she chuckled. “Or there are two different white wolves living in the area.”Soulstorm was so wet already she sat down in the mud, the puddle under her butt made no difference. “Tell me please more about that wolf you used to know. Perhaps you can help me. At least with clarifying the informations I obtained.”SilasReligious matters. The other wolf said it flippantly, as if it were of no importance, but Silas’ interest was immediately piqued. He could hardly keep the surprise off his face as he listened politely to the rest of Soulstorm’s explanation and further questioning, but he was distracted, digging his claws into the mud in a combination of excitement and trepidation.So this stranger wasn’t a passive nonbeliever, choosing a life of skepticism of the divine like many of the wolves of Heyl, Vale and Highvalley that Silas had ever been familiar with. But what god or gods did she claim to follow? Was she a kindred spirit, one of the chosen..? Or a heathen?“Truly, I know little,” said Silas, remaining standing even after Soulstorm had taken a seat in the mud, impatient now. “A white wolf, a male called Rocko, a little older than me, lived for some time in a pack quite far West of here called Heyl. But that pack is no more and I have no idea where he might have gone.” Word of Heyl’s destruction and disbandment at the paws of the Alpha pair’s son had reached Silas through the grapevine, and though it was rather a shocking story and Silas felt for the wolves he had known in his puphood in a detached way, his ties to them had been severed long ago. It had been a pack of nonbelievers, after all…"But please… Soulstorm…" It felt odd to call a stranger by her name, but she had supplied it readily, after all. "Tell me… what do you mean by religious matters? I would be very interested to hear."SoulstormSoulstorm’s facial features sharpened, she clenched her jaws - Heyl, the home of the white wolf, was no more. The white individual seemed to be slippery as an eel, always unknowingly fleeing the search. Nevertheless the informations were valuable. The she-wolf was now sure there were two white wolves that could be a worthy offering for her Gods. The odds were in her favour. “It is more than you think.” Her voice sounded almost thankfully.She wanted to leave immediately, Silas was no longer useful. Maybe Heyl was gone but she wanted to investigate that territory anyway. However the loner asked a question and Soulstorm didn’t reject an opportunity to spread her faith. “If you are so curious… I am, in all probability, the last true worshipper of the Gods of Stormhaven. The pack slain by Damascans who now…” She stopped for a while choosing her words. “Hold on to a neglected and heretical form of my faith. I think they even forgot how to pray. Truly, a rape on my culture.” She smacked with disgust. “Dawnwaker and Duskweaver. These are the names of my Gods.”SilasThe gods of Stormhaven… The gods would make themselves known to wolves as they chose, Silas supposed… but he had never heard of Stormhaven and was therefore suspicious by default. Though he did also feel a connection, some empathy for this wolf who harbored such anger toward her former pack for diluting her beliefs… how well Silas knew that feeling, after seeing former Havirians living amongst nonbelievers in Vale and Highvalley, after years of internalizing the stories of Havir's destruction after the increased propagation of godless ways. More and more as he grew older it made Silas' blood boil just to think of it.But the empathy evaporated as Soulstorm's words suddenly made it clear that she wasn't speaking of the true gods under different names. Not if there were only two gods in her religion. There would always be three high Ades.Heathen. The amount of vitriol Silas felt suddenly rising within almost surprised him. He hadn't realized just how excited he had felt at the prospect of finding another believer, only to have that hope dashed so quickly. The stocky russet wolf's hackles went up, all his suspicion and hostility rushing back as he set his paws wide and lowered his head in an aggressive stance. "Dawnwaker and Duskweaver?" he repeated, eyes flashing dangerously. "You speak of false gods," Silas spit.SoulstormThe sudden rush of the negative emotions surprised Soulstorm too. While she noticed the wolf was unusually wary she didn’t blame him until now, as they were two complete strangers. But now she stood up and moved her head back with disgust even more prominent as if she stepped into a poo. Wolves who were easily carried away by their emotions were not a type of company she enjoyed.“It seems our meeting is over.” The she-wolf hissed. Soulstorm obtained some useful informations, therefore Silas was no longer needed. She rose above any scrambles, rarely resorting to stern measures. Not willing to fight she decided to retreat. “Goodbye, Silas. I will not forget your help.” Soulstorm circled around the wolf slowly edging away from him.Finally, she disappeared in the rain and fog.SilasSilas spluttered, multiple different half-formed retorts rising then dying on his lips. But the dark figure of the she-wolf had already turned and was walking away.How dare she, the young wolf fumed. Who the f*ck does she think she is? Dismissing me as if I'm some nobody, then she thinks she's just going to walk away?His large, dark paws took a couple aggressive, pounding steps forward through the mud, but then hesitated. Silas shook his head violently, trying to clear the rainwater from his face, thoughts whirling. His rage vied with a more pragmatic thought… what was he going to do? Follow the rude heathen she-wolf and attack her from behind?I could… maybe I should.But the retreating form had already disappeared into the weather, and with a growl of frustration, muscles still tense with unspent adrenaline, Silas whipped around and stalked away in the other direction. Not worth it, he tried to rationalize. But the anger wouldn't let him go as prepared to regroup with Zinnia. That she-wolf better hope we don't meet again.
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