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Welcome to Domain of the Wolf!

We are a semi realistic wolf based art and roleplay group with a little bit more emphasis on the realistic side. Similar to movies like Balto, Spirit, or The Lion King, our characters can speak to one another, have emotions, facial expressions, etc. But they should still for the most part act like, look like, and be like wolves!

Advisory Warning

DotW is a mature RP group, some material may be offensive to readers. The opinions expressed through characters in RPs and artwork do not reflect the views of DotW as a group. DotW does not condone the actions of characters in any media submitted to the group.
Reader and viewer discretion is advised.


Before signing for the Waiting List, please read the following important links!

DotW is a group with a member cap of 75.

We are currently NOT accepting members to be added to our Waiting List.

DotW runs on BRST time! (Clock)

DotW Theme

DotW theme by Storm-Blue

Seasonal Character Feature


From serf to Warchief, UKthewhitewolf's Nimh was not blessed with a smooth ascension in the ranks of Vektren - and such a nature was exactly what forged a wolf in blood, beaten into shape to become a true, loyal servant of the Shunned Ones. Respected and feared in equal measures, Vektren's enemies avoid these scarred features while dark brothers and sisters look to them with valor, ready to follow their trail into war whenever Void calls for it - and have all of us at the edge of our seats, eager to see where her trail of fire will end up next! Congratulations UK and Nimh, we can't have enough of this story!


Character nominations are open for the Fall 2019 Character of the Season! Nominations will be open for the entire Summer Season, the months of June, July, and August!

To nominate the next Character of the Season, please fill out our google form: HERE

Members who submit at least one nomination in a season will earn 1 bone!

You must follow these requirements:
  • Must not be your own character
  • Must come with a few sentences explaining why this should be the next character of the season (the player is very active, there is a super cool plot happening, etc. etc.)

September Updates + Hiatus report!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 16, 2019, 11:53 AM

Hello, dear Domain!


So- over August, the staff worked tirelessly to do some general behind-the-scenes maintenance and rework some group mechanics that needed some revisting after having been an evolving organism for so many years. We wanted to give you a little progress report to alert you to the things that are either updated or changing slightly, now that we’re getting back into the swing of things. This doesn’t necessarily cover EVERYTHING that was done over August, but we’ll do our best to abridge the things that may affect gameplay in minor ways so that you’re aware of them, moving forward. :) These will also be added to the group’s existing rule and info pages, though it may take a while to work through everything!


Group Input: The staff is always open to input in suggestions regarding group in a healthy, open discourse. You will see below that we have indeed incorporated many facets of member input into the reworking of some of the mechanics we’ve been working on. That being said, we’re starting fresh this September. For any input given to the group, we ask that it be free of past baggage. We have done our best to address past concerns. Please address any suggestions as new input for a new organization. We also ask that any such suggestions regarding anything of a group-wide (not character specific) nature be brought to the group staff as soon as possible. There is no reason for someone to be stuck feeling frustrated and building up feelings that don’t need to be there!


Staff Response to Input: Depending on the nature of the input, we may have an immediate answer, or it may be something that needs to stew longer for another large-scale organization revisit like in August. We will very rarely give an out-right “no”, but may not always have an answer right away for the previously-stated reasons, and we cannot guarantee implementation of something at any point, but it will always be discussed and considered. 


Staff Shuffle: This may not greatly impact from an outside perspective and general feel of the group, but we believe it’s important to mention nonetheless! Just like in the past there had been a switch between who’s the Admin, Halk has decided to step back from such spot. Now, don’t worry! She’s not going anywhere and will merely shift back to a regular admin! As of now, our new “leading admin” is the one and only Ramala (a.k.a Rams the Shrimp Queen).


Pack Organization/Permanence: We as a team think it’s important to always leave the opportunity for individuals to bring in their brain-child packs and retain ownership of them and their fates, and believe that a certain level of come-and-go for packs is important to keep ideas fresh and the world exciting (this is not a new or revolutionary idea amongst wolf arpgs). That being said, especially after the recent slew of packs disbanding in quick succession, we do acknowledge the desire for some IC stability amidst the potential whiplash. As a result, we will be experimenting with the possibility of a certain number of permanent or provisionally permanent packs, amidst and not as a replacement for packs that will be left to the creator’s discretion. We may outright make such a permanent pack in the future specifically designed for this purpose, but will be for now provisionally experimenting with the permanence of both Aryn and Vektren as “fixture” packs. In these two cases, the ownership and primary creative control will remain with their creators; but they have agreed to having their packs remain indefinitely within DotW, even if the owners themselves choose to step down from the alpha role, and/or need to leave the group. Because these are existing packs that WILL remain owned by the creators, in the event that an alpha change occurs, the nature of the organization of how that will happen would be case-by-case and bespoke to the pack, the creator, and any new leadership that takes it on.  Hence, we do not have any specifics regarding that, as it will have to be cemented if/when that occurs. If we see the need for a specifically-designed, permanent “fixture” pack in the future, the guidelines and architecture of that will be tackled and rolled out if/when that happens.


Pack Applications: Please hang tight, as more specifics regarding applications for owner-maintained packs will be rolled out when we are closer to being ready to open for applications. Sponsorships are still on hold.


Character Activity: We have decided to do something a little different to manage character activity. Player’s activity checks and loner prompts will remain the same, but we will no longer require individual characters to make monthly activity checks - that means, no more slashes. As an alternative way to make sure the characters that are in the game are the ones we’re using, we will be lowering the maximum character cap from 10 characters per player to 7. While this unfortunately may jar a few players, our experience is that very few even hit this character count, and as a whole it will be an emotional/organizational burden off of most of your shoulders. We will see how this works, and it may get revisited. If you already have over 7 characters, you will not be made to get rid of any! This rule change goes for character additions moving forward.


Waitlist: As per some great input from members, we have decided to split the difference of a few of our waitlist-related solutions. We are phasing out the waitlist- but we are empathetic to the amount of time spent, especially by the people on the top end of the waitlist, so we are only cutting it down to the top 50, and will work through those last 50 people before moving on to the updated method. We will likely send out a notification for the top 50 so you know you’re there, but you are free to note to ask in the meantime. Do note that we will no longer be accepting deferment of waitlist positions, due to this change. If your name comes up on the list, you must be able and wanting to join the group then, or you forfeit your spot on the list permanently (meaning you won’t be invited again the next time 10 slots open). If this happens, though, you are still free to apply during future group openings!


Group Openings: Once we phase out the waitlist, we will be moving back to a model that looks a lot more like our old group openings. However, we’re going to be doing pack-specific openings. More details will come out the closer we get to this being implemented, but basically, we will have a certain number of slots per pack to fill, and a number of applications per slot. One pack will open and bring in their new members, then the next pack will open and bring in their members, and work down the line that way. This way, applicants are potentially able to apply more than once per opening, which in turn gives us more of an opportunity to not have to turn away great apps due to limited spots per pack. Again - more info on this as the time gets closer!


Greyscale Pieces: Greyscale (black and white) images have consistently been a point of confusion for members and staff alike. We are cementing a rule that we WILL accept black and white pieces, but they must be just as finished or polished as a colored piece would be, and we may even expect a little more in terms of what constitutes a background, because of the descriptive shortfalls of B/W. So, long story short- we’re accepting greyscale pieces, but they must be extremely polished and possess a clearly described BG (no skies with gradient-y clouds, for example.) Please note that because B/W images are a little sketchy with the rules to begin with, acceptance for bones will be up to the staff’s discretion


NPC/PC Parentage: Firstly, please note that this has actually come up a lot recently, so it is not directly pointed at any one conversation on the topic. It’s simply come up enough recently that we felt we needed to make an unspoken rule… spoken. XD So PUPS that are brought into the group must either have 2 NPC parents, or 2 player character parents that have gone through the proper pregnancy process. Scenarios that result in 1 NPC and one PC as parents are not allowed. Characters that come into the group as adults may have 1 PC parent and one NPC parent, if their conception occured BEFORE the parent character entered the domain. This may sound like an arbitrary rule, but it was made because a) an NPC parent would be bordering on a loophole regarding pup/pregnancy bone costs in most cases, and b) we want to foster those player and IC relationships that are simply not going to happen with random NPC hookups. XD 


Player Age Limit: We did not previously have an age limit, but as a group that is designated “mature” and does frequently deal with adult topics, and is also largely populated by people in late highschool or early-mid adulthood, we felt it was best to cap an age limit to a minimum of 16 years old. We cannot always be certain of someone’s age because online profiles are not always true, but the staff may be compelled to make current or future membership decisions based on the age cap if concerns are brought up.


OTHER: There are some smaller changes that we’re making that may not require a blurb to themselves, but we encourage you to go over our information pages when you want to do something, as little things may be different (a few bone price changes, etc.) 


We worked hard on these, we hope that they will aid us in running a smooth ship moving forward! 8D We also appreciate you all sticking through August, and are happy to have you all back. Welcome back to DotW, but updated!

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We will affiliate with any roleplay groups that have been around for at least a month and have at least 10 members as well as any other wolf related groups that have their affiliates widget visible :)

DotW Packs

Domain of the Wolf Map by Halkuonn

:star: Reminder to members:
Don't forget to turn in your bones! :star:

Sanctuary | Peaceful | Naturalistic | Protective | Hugs

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Nordic | Code of Honor | Witchdoctors | Mysterious

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Devout | Occultism | Hired Killers | Insidious | Devious

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Special thanks to the retired Founders of DotW,
Quailmixalot and MatrixPotato!

Newest Members


1. deimosai with Journey in Damasca!
2. SanjanaIndica with Keezheekoni in Damasca!
3. AutumnFlick with Runiehiem in Damasca!
4. k9kenodoxy with Johannes in Chandor!
5. JollyMutt with Diablo in Chandor!
6. Faainleog with Lorelei in Tentaka!
7. silencethewolf with Laureline in Chandor!
8. PenguLePenguin with Tae in Damasca!


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