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Welcome to Domain of the Wolf!

We are a semi realistic wolf based art and roleplay group with a little bit more emphasis on the realistic side. Similar to movies like Balto, Spirit, or The Lion King, our characters can speak to one another, have emotions, facial expressions, etc. But they should still for the most part act like, look like, and be like wolves!

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DotW is a mature RP group, some material may be offensive to readers. The opinions expressed through characters in RPs and artwork do not reflect the views of DotW as a group. DotW does not condone the actions of characters in any media submitted to the group.
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As summer gives way to autumn, so does the Character of the Season give way to PaperElk’s Faolan of Mhor! This feisty Scourger has fought her way into the hearts and minds of the Domain; whatever her misgivings about Mhorian leadership and spiritual connections, she has managed to stay unwaveringly loyal to family and friends. Certainly something to admire! From sweepingly beautiful artwork to fantastic character development, Paper has definitely bewitched (a little spooky pun, eh?) our hearts! We’re very excited for both Faolan’s and Paper’s future in the Domain. Congratulations again!


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Teach meTeach MeFeaturing: Siren, Honi, & Ivar Location: Somewhere in VektrenSirenSo many of the wolves that abounded in this place were different than he expected. As he acclimated, he began to learn who was the more approachable of the lot, and who to avoid. He had heard many names thrown this way and that, multitudes pelts about. His wariness had decreased over time, and he felt that he may as well begin to reach out now. The longer he waited, the longer it would be before he was fully comfortable here. He needed wolves to fall back on, cover his back when he could not. A friend or two might be nice as well but was not nearly as prominent as allies. A grey and brown pelt passed through his vision, flanked by a more golden furred wolf, much like the intimidating she-wolf that had been a part of the patrol that found him. Related perhaps? He would need to find out. Poking himself free of the shrubbery, he made himself known. He had already begun to gain weight now, frame beginning to thicken just a bit. With time, he’d be where he’d neeed to be. But for now, there was still work he could do. Padding towards the pair, he began to wrack his mind for what he knew of them. If he remembered correctly, the grey's name was Honi, Vieste had said the name in passing but he had not been distinctly listening at the time. Now he wished he had, nerves sparking as he cleared his throat to make himself known. "Um, hello. Honi is it? May I speak with you both? I have just a small request if you will?" His head tilted to the side, tail kept close and still as he gave the pair a curious up and down look. The golden sported a pronounced limp, but the more he eyed him, the more he made connections to The Patron, Mistress Nimh. Certainly related, a child perhaps? She didn't seem the type, but she had saved him, hadn't she? Honi“Oi shut your face you fat ass! I am obviously mama Vie’s favorite!” Honi exclaimed, walking alongside Ivar, a smile on his face. The dupe were out to check some traps close to the nest and to make some new ones. To make sure the white beasts were not coming close. Vie was serious about her children not being hurt. The agouti male laughed harder as he tripped Ivar, before a soft voice called out to him. Immediately he quoted down and turned. A soft face looked at him, and he cocked his head. “Oh! Hello there! Come on out! Ignore the gimp here! We don’t bite. Ivar might land his fat ass on you though.” Ivar “Tell yourself your favorite. If you’re mama vie’s then I’m dads. It’s ok, Honi. You’ll always be second best.” Here Ivar sent a kiss at Honi, before the male tripped him and the golden male fell to the ground laughing his ass off. The same voice had Ivar looking up and he rolled, tail wagging. “Oh! Hey there! You must be siren! Mama vie said you’re our new brother! Don’t be shy! We won’t bite!” SirenWincing at the pair's antics, he felt a momentary prick of uncertainty. Perhaps these two weren't prime candidates, for what he needed. It brought a small frown to his muzzle, and he was quick to wash it away. No need to insult the pair to their faces, and perhaps there was more under their… energetic and lively appearances. Drawing a few steps closer and allowing himself to appear a fraction more confident, he gave each a nod. "Yes, um, my name is Siren. It's good to see you as well, Ivar. Misstr-" He halted himself for a moment, tail twitching. Technically the rose colored Mistress had adopted him, offering him a kindness and shelter he had never experienced before. The idea of calling her mistress felt odd, but calling her mother made his stomach twist just a bit. She had so far been nothing like Devina, more of a mother than the twisted she-wolf that had born him. He had no reason to feel suspicion or anxieties, but he just couldn't help it. A natural response based on fear and torment. Giving his head a shake to return it to the present, there was a momentary break in the facade he masked himself with before he completed his sentence. "Mother, suggested that I get to know my packmates, and I will admit I have been curious myself. Who better to start my new family with? I was hoping we could go out into the territory a bit, I'm a bit too small to be off on my own yet, so says the other adults at least. I'd really like to stretch my legs, if you'd have me along?" He kept his voice soft, letting a nervous smile break across his muzzle. He wasn't much for smiling, but he would allow one for the pair before him. Honi The agouti male watched the dark youngster and made note of several things. He wanted to reach out and comfort him but he also knew the crowding of a relatively unknown male could cause issues. He clicked his tongue and bent his head to give Siren his undivided attention. “You know, mother might be a trigger. And sometimes the m word has bad strings attached. Most of us say mama. Cuz that’s what she is. She’s been more warmth and love then most of us have ever received. Just food for thought ok?” He gave siren a soft smile before he tilted his head and looked at Ivar. “You up for a jog today gimpy?” IvarHe watched as Honi spoke softly to the youngster, imparting some wisdom to Siren. Ivar had his own mommy issues, Nimh seeing him as another pack mate more then a child of her blood. Ophi had more of a hold that way. Yet vie had always given him the maternal love and attention he craved. So yes. Mama vie was just that. Mama. “Oi. I can do with that. My leg feels good enough for a good workout. Come on there Siren. We can show you about. Do you have any questions? Or do you want to meet more if the family? Like have you met Dad yet and Edward?” Ivar asked, ignoring Honi’s sarcastic “it’s Edmundo!”.SirenAs the larger male lowered his head to be more on level with the youth, he cocked his head slightly. His words earned an arched eyebrow, expression thoughtful under a furrowed brow line. He could see the sense behind the words, and if anyone would know the Mistress, no, mother, it would be her blood son Honi. Quietly he nodded, but didn't speak, unsure of whether or not he could actually *speak the words. The last wolf he had called 'mama' had torn the very flesh from his face and threatened to leave him to starve alone. But if it would earn love and good graces, and most importantly trust, perhaps he could try it. His ears twitched curiously at the mention of more family, wondering just how large this family he had joined was, it seemed if these two had it their way, he'd certainly find out. But not today, he needed outside first. "I was hoping you could show me the territory actually, if you wouldn't mind it. The geography is quite interesting, I would be very appreciative if you would do this for me." He hummed, attempting a smile to show them that their kind words and warm attitude were working, warming him up. He was in fact, quite curious of the duo.HoniHe chuckled, rising up. He stretched his legs,And shook out his fur. He casted his eyes over to Ivar, eyebrow raised. A silent question as he stared at his golden brother. Getting the answer he wanted he nodded at Siren.“Aw yes, come on then. You can join me and the big head for a walk before dinner. Ready?”IvarHe nodded at Honi, smiling as he began hobbling and walking fast after his darker brother. “Is there any place that catches your interest? Maybe we can take you directly there and answer any of your questions.” Ivar offered, the trio moving into the shade. It helped take the heat off him but it also made his leg muscle tense up, causing the leg to give out just a little more. He really needed to warm up more.Siren“Perfect, thank you, both of you.” He hummed, nodding to the pair as he fell in step just at their haunches. He was already letting his eyes cast about, letting his mind wander as he formulated an answer. “I’ll be honest I don’t know many places yet, perhaps take me to your favorite?”He couldn’t help but notice when the goldens leg gave out, arching a brow and turning those curious eyes to his face. “Um, Ivar, how did you get that wound? It looks quite nasty.” Perhaps anyone more socially inclined then himself would have known it rude to ask, but for all his smarts, he was still learning how to navigate speech in many ways.Smooth, but still blunt and to the point. Honi“Well right now we are in the nest. The big cave over there? That’s Mama and mistress Nimh’s den. My den is at the edge of camp k? It’s under a Boulder. Gold boy here sleeps next to Not Dad and mama. Though sometimes we go to the crimson peak where all the wardens train and such. Let’s head that way.” Honi explained, using his paw to gesture to the peak in the distance and around the camp.Though, the question Siren has brought him up short. He snorted softly and looked back at Ivar, before continuing. “He got hurt because of me.” IvarHe got to walking, content to listen to a Honi explain things. Then however the question their new brother gave them made him hesitate. Oh. Well it looked like he needed to explain things. “So Honi is a shade and he works with poisons a lot. One day he needed to get more herbs for the booby traps he makes. When we got outside the packlands, well we ran into another wolf. Now this wolf, he was bigger then even the white wolves running around. He was mad beyond belief and he went after honi. As my job dictates I stepped in. He broke my leg and tore my cheek up. Mama and Dad Monty saved us that day, but now I got the scar on my face and my leg.” Ivar explained gently. “I don’t blame Honi. I blame that aryn wolf.” Ivar said gently, before he gestured outwards. “Look here’s the trail that leads to crimson peak.”SirenEars twitching as he listened, he turned his eyes to study the scars Ivar had made note of. They looked as though a vicious beast had torn into him, and Siren realized how harsh of a moment it must have been for the Enforcer. "I'm amazed you can still carry out your duties with that leg, it must make things very hard." He murmured, before turning his eyes again to the ground they were tredding on. Crimson Peak, an ominous name that seemed to fit in perfectly in the ecosystem of Vektren. However Ivar's mentions of Honi's poisons also had him quite curious, and so he allowed his attention back onto the pair. He could passively learn the land while he walked, but poisons had him curious. "You were collecting things for poison? What kind, if I might ask?" He'd always had a loose interest in poisons, as he was certain he would always remain a small creature. Poisons tended to uplift those too weak to defend themselves, doing the leg work for the wolf. "I remember Devina speaking of them once, telling some stupid story of hers."HoniHe smiled as Siren talked. Sure it was unpolished, kinda out there, almost rude but he was talking. vie had been concerned that he would forever be a quiet child but not he could happily report that it wasn’t the case.“Yes. I use nightshade berries primarily but I needed a couple of Lilly of the valleys as well. mostly to incapacitate these white heathens here and hopefully catch. I tweaked it though to make sure that whoever gets spiked can die.” Honi explained, suddenly freezing and his ears twitching. There was the damn scent again. Growling, he raised his tail causing Ivar to halt.“Looks like the idiots are in the border.” Honi said quietly. Ivar“No harder than it is every day.” Ivar said gently, a daring smile on his face. Then he damn near ran into Honi’s haunches as his older brother froze. He coughed and then flared.“Hey fatty will you…ooooo.” The words his brother said caught up to him then he slipped into enforcer mode. He walked past siren and Honi, slinking down so most of his weight was on his fore paws. He slipped into the shadows and peaked out from the thick foliage. There in a small clearing stood two white wolves. Both snarling whining and spittle flying when they flew at each other. Ivar quickly backed up and made it to Honi and Siren. “Tour done. Home now.”SirenHe nodded, curious thoughts twirling now as Honi explained what he often looked for most. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two from the Shade about poisons, they would be useful for one like himself. He opened his mouth to speak again when Honi froze and Ivar went still. His ears perked, nose catching that awful smell that had seemed to linger anywhere he went. But it was stronger now, and a sudden explosion of snarls and yips sent him scittering for cover. He placed himself under Honi, sinking into the shadows under the male as Ivar paced forwards, surprisingly silent despite his limp. Siren himself remained as still as a stone, ears perked and capturing every noise that came to them as Ivar returned, words sharp and quick. He certainly wasn’t going to argue, not with the noises coming from the bushes head. He gave a quick nod, pressing close against Honi’s foreleg now, feeling much safer under the Shade than in the open. Honi Ivar always surprised him. Even with the limp his brother managed to command the trio with his body. Honi watched for a moment before he felt a trembling body crawl underneath him. Looking down he found a cowering Siren. He frowned a moment before Ivar’s command washed over him. He gave a soft grunt and then leaned down, his teeth snatching a siren and he gently turned his head and placed him on his shoulders. “Hold on, squirt. Run Ivar. We need to go tell dad.” With that, like a dancer, Honi turned and bolted. IvarIt was a heavyweight he carried. He knew alerting his new brother and Honi to the intruders would cause some discomfort. He didn’t expect poor little siren to crawl under Honi. Internally, Ivar sighed. He would need to work with the youngster. Sadly being afraid would get him killed. “Right behind ya fat ass.” Ivar mumbled, looking one last time over his shoulder. The growls were louder so when Honi took off he began his wierd bunny run. They had work to do now....
Riverfell Pack Art and Literature
[DoTW] Practice by VilkasVale
DOTW - Old Riverfell RP - Playdate by ahonirik
Winter Escort [Dracarys + Rocko - DotW] by Shichibi
.:DotW:. Teasing by AhikuWolf
Xassa Pack Art and Literature
'Your Mission' - Response Prompt DoTWThe wind pulled violently at Nineveh's fur as he stepped out of the Sacred Caves, his Melchior's words running through his mind.This was his chance. Enough wasting time. Wasn't that how Tawakoni felt? They weren't doing enough? Well...maybe this was what they had wanted.Nineveh cast his gaze to the sky as dark clouds galloped across its zenith. A storm was coming. One could feel the electricity humming in the air, the storm just waiting for the right moment to come roaring to life. But for now, it was just the clouds, moving swiftly overhead.For a moment, he faltered.Do not fret.Nineveh flicked one ear, twisting to see if someone had spoken to him. Nobody was there. He frowned, shaking his head. I must be imagining things.Still, the closer he walked towards the Stele, the more resolve filled his heart. We do this, or we die trying. Nineveh reached the base of the massive stone, and bunched his muscles to leap up, and scrabble the rest of the way to the top, where he could see the entire Tell.The wind whipped the fur from his face, carrying reddish-orange leaves on its currents. Autumn was here, and before long, it would be winter. He had to make his move. Before it was too late.Now, Nineveh.Pitching his head back, Nineveh let out a long, steady howl, which rang through the Tell, strong in spite of the fierce winds. His chest felt cavernous, like the Sacred Caves below - light with a mixture of anxiety and hope for the future.The wolves of the pack slowly began to filter towards the Tell, following the paths from outside and stepping out of their dens around the edges. A quick, sweeping glance told him when all of his packmates had assembled. There are so few of us. I just hope we can make this work."My fellow Xassans!" he announced, his voice ringing with authority. "I have summoned you today with important news. As we all know, we have lost many packmates since these white demons first arrived on our borders. While some have left willingly, informing us of their plans-" he thought here, about Taibhse, the first to go - "many more have vanished without a trace. Our pack is the smallest it's been since the great plague which took so many of our elder packmates, including my father, Cyrus Zagros."Because of this," Nineveh continued, successfully keeping his voice from faltering, "I know I am not the only one with fears that this winter, if it is anything like last, could be the hardest we've ever faced. With these white monsters threatening our packmates, trying to pick us off like field mice, we can barely walk our territory without looking constantly over our shoulders. They take our prey and threaten our lives. No more!"He stomped one paw on the rock for emphasis, hearing his claws clack against the Stele satisfyingly. As he spoke to them, and saw their ears pricking with interest, Nineveh couldn't help but feel empowered. I can do this."I have spoken with the Melchior, and prayed to the great and powerful Xerxes for guidance, and this is the decision I have made:"We shall achieve Xerxes Peace!"Stunned murmurings came from the assembly. Nineveh's gaze flicked across the wolves, landing briefly on his siblings in turn. Anshar, Issa, Tahmina. There was Uncle Nouri. Majavis, his sweet sister-in-law. Zarina, less so. Ajax and Khamira and Mekhit, who'd grown up with him. Grumpy elder Vidar. Devoted Wick and Odin and Nayeli. The rest. We do this for each other."And I do not speak of this as some lofty goal of the future. We do this, starting today. I intend to send three diplomatic parties - small, swift parties - to the packs of Chandor, Aryn, and Fellfang, to speak with their respective leaders and request a meeting. A meeting the likes of which no wolf in the Domain has ever seen - a meeting between alphas. We will request that we all unite, not in the name of Xerxes, but in the name of peace, to bolster one another and come up with a plan to destroy these creatures that swarm us, like bees from a hive! We will unite the Domain, with one goal above all others - peace amongst true wolves, real wolves, not these monsters from beyond. These figurative, swarming bees...this Hive...must be destroyed. And the packs of the Domain must remain strong."The Hive. He liked the sound of that. "I ask of you, my packmates, to volunteer yourselves for this mission. It is highly dangerous, the risks, unimaginable, I will not lie. Beyond the relative safety of the Tell, of Xassan lands, the white wolves are numerous. The other packs may not wish to grant you entry but you must plead with them. We may seem weak, to ask for their aid, but if we do not come together, I fear all packs will perish in the face of this enemy. The time for careful negotiation is over. Lay out the facts, for they are true, and ask them to await word on a place and time for meeting myself and the other alphas."Leaves whistled past his ears, and for a moment, in the distance, he saw a ray of sunlight shine, briefly, through the clouds. It struck a chord in his heart. We can do this."I shall give all of you time to think on this, but not too long. We must act swiftly. Discuss with your packmates, your friends, your family, whether you accept the dangerous risk. Your tasks do not matter for this decision, only those with stout hearts and swift paws. Those of you who wish to volunteer for these diplomatic parties, gather at Naru, and we shall discuss your assignments. There is no shame if you choose not to volunteer."His nostrils flared, catching the scent of the impending storm. No more than fifteen or twenty minutes out, by his best guess. "We shall meet at Naru when the rain starts to fall. That is all. May Xerxes guide your decisions, all of you."Nineveh dropped down from the Stele and, giving a deep nod to Tahmina, his Melchior, as he passed, he strode up the path to Naru - the great cave where Cyruses normally met with their Councils. Today, his council was the pack. They were all working for one goal: Xerxes Peace.
DotW - Blushing [collab] by OneMinuteSketch
DotW | Fight ClubFight ClubFeaturing: Issa and RenaeSetting: Xassa Main Den, afternoonISSAThe land felt more aired than most days as the dry air seemed to choke her. The usually nice climate of Xassa was extremely dry today. Issa was truly annoyed as the sun’s beat on her back from her spot near the main den. She had just made her rounds around the pack territory and doing nothing was getting to her. The she-wolf had been sitting still for so long that the flies were starting to buzz around her ears and land on her side. Furiously flicking her ears and shaking her hide, she let out an angry huff before the she-wolf began looking around for something to do. Anything would do at this point. Doing anything would be great and as a thought about everything she could do became her main thought, the only thing that made sense was sparring. With no marduks in the area that would be difficult. Issa tried not to growl as her teeth clenched in anger. There was nothing to do and she felt like she could explode with the amount of boredom she held.Scanning the area once more for someone she could possibly spar with, Issa spotted a pale female with multiple scars on her hide. Issa knew that scars could mean multiple things so she wasn't sure what to make of the she-wolf. She knew wolves that gained scars doing absolutely stupid things, like jumping across sharp rocks or trying to fight a porcupine, but she knew there was another side of that. Wolves that came from a life of hardship, fighting for survival and just barely coming out on top. The wolf in front of her didn't look like she would be doing something stupid to get her those scars so Issa was willing to place her bet. Walking up to the she wolf, Issa didn't want to waste time sitting down next to her and introducing herself, hoping to get customs out of the way. Turning her head towards the female Issa did just that, "Good afternoon, I'm Asman Issa." Trying to quickly think of a way to ease the she-wolf into sparring with her, Issa thought of none so she chose the quickest option, "Would you like to spar with me?"RENAEJaws parted in a drawn out yawn, slumping against the cool surface of the rocks in the shade. Her days were often spent lounging about the territory, taking advantage of her lack of a task and being lazy. Though she’d never admit it outwardly, Renae was actually somewhat starting to enjoy pack life again. She had not been a part of a pack since she was captured from Vale, and had forgotten some of the advantages that come with being a member of one. She did not have to fend for food and shelter constantly, and always have an eye out for potential enemies.Renae stretched her legs forward, hunching her shoulders a bit and rolling them back as she further relaxed into the ground. She had begun drifting off into a light slumber when shuffling paws caused a single eye to pop open. Whoever that is, you better not be approaching me. She thought to herself, but much to her dismay, she watched as the wolf closed the distance between them and sat a short ways away. Grumbling to herself, Renae turned her head away, hoping her usual tactic of being silent and ignoring their presence would be enough to have them leave. Her ear flicked toward the stranger as her voice cut through the silence of the dens. Asman. She repeated in her head. The Xassans had such strange words, and Mekhit, perhaps the only wolf she ever was capable of holding a conversation with these days, was trying her best to teach her. Renae recalled the different titles they had for the various ranks, similar to how Vale was structured with their hierarchy. This was.. Delta?The pale wolf’s thoughts were interrupted when Issa prompted her with an invitation to spar. Now this was something that interested Renae. Picking her head up and turning to face the other wolf, she judgingly looked her up and down. She seemed to be pretty evenly matched to her, in height and weight, and as unromantically as possible for her to admit it, this wolf was beautiful. There was a twinge of jealousy on her face.Renae scoffed lightly, shuffling her legs so she tucked one under her chest and splayed her hind legs out to the side. “Are you sure? I’m rather seasoned.” She boasted, angling her face to sport her impressive scar that stretched from her forehead down to her cheek.ISSAThe she-wolf seemed annoyed by her presence at first, if not a little peeved about Issa in general, something Issa quickly overlooked. Maybe it’ll make for better sparring if the opposition doesn’t exactly like me, the she wolf thought as a wolfish smile played on her lips for a quick second. Besides, Issa thought to herself, wouldn’t I be annoyed too if I were in her paws? Issa mentally shook away the thought to think on the positive, at least she seems interested in sparring. The pale wolf‘s grumbling and annoyance seemed to disappear the moment she mentioned the idea. Finally seeing the she-wolf face to face Issa couldn’t help but feel smug as the wolf looked her over. Issa wasn’t a vain wolf but in this situation she couldn’t help but want to puff out her chest to seem like a worthy opponent. The jealousy on the other wolf’s face barely held any value to Issa as she waited for her hopeful opponent to respond to her offer. The she wolf seemed cocky in a way that made Issa’s competitive side rear its head. Barely glancing at the wolf’s facial scars, Issa looked into her blue eyes with a challenging smirk on her face, “Just makes for more of a challenge,” Issa stated with excitement lighting her eyes. The time for nicety seemed to be over so Issa once again challenged the she-wolf before her, “So do you want to spar or not?”RENAEA smirk traced her lips, a remarkably rare expression from the she-wolf. For a wolf she had exchanged so few words with, Renae felt more respect and liking for this wolf than most of the others she had come across in Xassa. And that may have been due to the fact of the lack of words being spoken between them.The pale wolf rose, stretching out her front legs before coming to her full height and nodding towards the other. “Finally, someone who actually offers something fun,Renae said, flashing a tooth beneath her arrogant smile. It had been a short while since she’d been in a fight, and she had to constantly remind herself this was not a fight for survival. This was simply a scrap.“Lead the way, Issa,” She nodded, waiting to follow the darker she-wolf to her desired sparring location.ISSAA smirk graced her pack mate's face and Issa couldn't help but mirror it. Issa hadn't sparred with a wolf she didn't know well for such a long time. She knew how almost all of the other marduks fought and at this point she was already used to any "surprising" moves that might come from them. The fact that she had only just met the she-wolf, a seasoned fighter at that, was something that only excited Issa more. The she-wolf, her name was Renae from what she'd heard, seemed to like the idea as well. It was rare for her to meet someone who didn't seem dismayed by her blunt personality or quiet nature. If anything Renae seemed to appreciate it. As the she-wolf rose to her paws and stretched, Issa had to hold back from moving anxiously on her paws, ready to go already. With a nod in her direction Issa could begin to feel her excitement grow at the acceptance. “Finally, someone who actually offers something fun.”Issa couldn't help but chuckle and flash a wolfish grin at the pale wolf's statement. If her and this she-wolf had anything in common it was their desire to spar. She couldn't wait to start so when Renae asked her to lead the way Issa started walking at a brisk pace towards the plain in the middle of the Tell. When they got to a clear area Issa looked around before stating, "We should be good to spar here," turning back to her companion the she-wolf smiled challengingly once more, "whenever you're ready."RENAEA light snicker came from her at the hasty pace Issa took off at. Perhaps she too was itching for something even remotely entertaining to do. It took her a moment to match her stride, legs a bit sore still from being relaxed just mere seconds before. Once they had reached the intended area, the darker wolf offered her the first move. Renae raised a brow, matching the rather supercilious grin that painted across her lips. Let’s see what you’re made of. Her back legs kicked at the ground, hurling herself towards Issa. Her sprinting path initially had her going towards the left, as if she were going to target her opponent’s right side. Though, at the last second before she would make her move for contact, Renae switched her leading leg, now able to push herself to the opposing side of Issa. Her intention was to have the she-wolf lean away to the left in an attempt to avoid any oncoming attack from her right, and in doing so, lean right into Renae’s first strike. If her plan would work as she intended, she’d clamp her teeth down on Issa’s scruff, the bite firm enough to keep a hold of her, but not enough to cause any sort of damage. Having control of where an opponent went at the beginning of a fight was Renae’s preferred method, be it a spar or for survival. It would be difficult for them to retaliate by teeth or claw, though if they were smart they’d be able to get out.However, if it failed, she would have to regain her stride and assess the movements Issa made to decide her next move, pending of course Issa did not meet her with her own assault. The movement of quickly switching from one side to the other and shifting her weight to do so was made with the purpose of her first hit landing, and failing it would eat up some precious seconds in the beginning of a fight to recompose herself and fix her positioning for the next move, be it offensive or defensive.ISSASeeing the grin painted onto her opponent's face made her all the more eager to begin their spar. As the pale she-wolf started towards her, Issa waited in place for Renae to make her move. The she-wolf was almost certain that she’d switch at the last second. It was a popular move used by some of the marduks in the pack and one she’d used once or twice before. Standing tall as the she-wolf sprinted towards her, she waited for Renae to fake before moving away from the pale wolf’s strike. Despite not falling for Renae’s trick, the she-wolf still seemed determined and sure of her movements. Too bad Issa was ready with her own hit. With the she-wolf still moving with the motion of her previous strike, Issa side-stepps her opponent and moves to snap at her hind legs. Attempting to either get a nip at Renae’s hind legs or even better completely knock the wolf completely off balance. As Issa lunges at the paler wolf’s hip, two things cross her mind: one; if succeeds then it’ll be a whole lot easier to pin the pale wolf to the ground in a move or two and two; if it fails or doesn’t affect the she wolf then the move was pretty pointless, if not detrimental. Well then, Issa thinks to herself, hopefully this works.RENAEA snort of frustration sounded from the she-wolf at the failed first move. Fuck. Despite being at more of a disadvantage with where her body was positioned now, she kept her eyes glued on Issa. She was able to see the oncoming attack, and as her teeth grazed the fur of her leg, Renae kicked the leg out, hoping to maybe knock her jaw a bit. It wasn’t exactly a move that would win her a fight, but sort of a “I can hit you right back” sort of thing. Renae’s ego refused to let her lose.The action of kicking her leg out made her lose her footing a bit, and she stumbled to the ground, her chest making contact with the dirt. Her eyes widened and jaw tightened as she watched Issa make another move, going for her hip. In a scramble, Renae swung her hips away from Issa, pushed the front half of her body upright again, and scraped her paw along the ground to stir up dust and debris and send it in the darker female’s direction.If it was enough to briefly hinder her, Renae would take the opportunity to nip at her tail. If not however, she’d merely use the opportunity to get some distance again. ISSAHer lips curled up at the pale wolf’s frustration, though it quickly went away as a paw connected with her jaw. It barely hurt but the fact that it connected is what got to her. Putting even more effort into her next movement, which was definitely helped as the wolf stumbled to the ground. She wanted to snort at that. It was a bit obvious that just kicking out a leg wouldn’t do much, which was honestly why it surprised the she wolf in the first place. The darker she wolf tried not to think too much on it as her opponent scrambled to move away from her. Issa was so close to pinning the she-wolf, so close, and then she saw the dust. Oh so we’re playing dirty are we, Issa thought to herself as she moved towards the she-wolf as if she were prey. Ducking her head the onslaught of dust hit her forehead and ears, Issa wasn’t able to see very clearly in the cloud of dust, but she could just make out the sight of her opponent’s shadow. The she wolf wasn’t usually a risk taker, but she knew when to take them in fights. As soon as the thought came into her head, the marduk began planning. If I take a bit of a leap, maybe I can pin her down or at least knock her over. If that failed then two things could happen: one, she would land short and maybe stumble a bit, or two, she’d miss the she-wolf or go over her. Renae would have ample opportunity to pin her if that happened and in any other fight the she wolf probably wouldn’t have attempted this, but she wanted to see if it could work. And besides this was only a sparring match. With that in mind, the darker wolf ran through the cloud and took a bounding leap towards the pale she-wolf, paws extended and excitement in her eyes. RENAEAs Renae repositioned herself, she was greeted with the she-wolf flying through the air towards her, legs out. It was clear what her aim was; to get a hold of her and pin her down. In an actual fight, Renae, perhaps foolishly, would have been quick to react and meet her head on with her own rushing attack. However, this was meant merely for practice, and in some way, perhaps to test each other and see what they have to offer. Her guard was down and she had not anticipated such a bold move from Issa.She attempted to move out of the way, though her actions were too sluggish and she was met with a slam of the Xassan’s weight against her side. Renae was still healing from her fall into one of Vektren’s traps, so physically, she was not able to perform as well in a fight as she would have previously. The impact forced the pale wolf over onto the ground, stirring up more dust as the two of them scrambled to regain their footing. A snarl hissed out from her teeth as Renae pushed herself back up, searching for the darker wolf. Once she had managed to locate her, she rushed forward, jaw open and prepared to clamp down on whatever she could of Issa. You’ll regret knocking me down.ISSAIssa grinned savagely as she slammed into the paler she-wolf. Despite the impact dislodging herself from her opponent, Issa was quick to get back onto her paws once more. Dust erupted in the spot they had slammed into the ground and Issa could barely see through the cloud of tan and brown particles. She could hear as Renae moved to get up and Issa was prepared to put an end to the spar when she heard a sharp snarl pass the other she-wolf’s maw. The marduk wanted to lunge back into the fray, but she had a feeling that Renae would do that for her. Issa waited as a smirk spread her muzzle into a wolfish smile, well this just got about ten times easier. Standing her ground and setting herself into a steady position, Issa watched as a shadow lunged through the slowly falling cloud of dust. At the sight of the pale wolf lunging at her, Issa quickly moved to the side before grabbing her by the scruff of her neck. Quickly, Issa brought her opponent down to the ground with the force of her own lunge. Heavy breaths fell from her maw, Issa released the she-wolf wolf with a smug smile on her lips. She wasn’t usually this smug at the end of a spar, or at least she hadn’t been since she first started training. That’s probably it, Issa thought to herself, besting an opponent she hadn’t sparred with multiple times is a lot better than beating Mekhit again. Getting off of her pack mate, the marduk stood confidently as she waited for her to stand as well. “Looks I won this round,” Issa began with a smug smile and a chuckle passing her maw, “maybe next time you’ll be able to pin me.”RENAEIdiot. Renae repeated in her head to herself. Her emotions began to drive her actions, overtaken with the frustrations of Issa getting the better of her on multiple occasions during the spar. She knew better than to rush her suddenly, and yet, here she was, barreling towards the darker Xassan.To no surprise, Issa was once again able to get the upper hand on Renae and pinned her to the ground. It was the end of the fight. In a life or death situation, the other wolf would have had easy access to her throat and taken her out right then and there. In some ways, the pale wolf almost preferred that. Her face burned with humiliation and anger, rolling her lips back and exposing her teeth. The Marduk was quick to release her hold on Renae, allowing her to stand up in a flurry. The smug words that poured out of her mouth only drew out a deeper growl from the female, snapping in her direction. “You got fucking lucky.” She declared, attempting to discredit the win Issa had on this spar.Next time I won’t go so easy on you. I just didn’t want your baby ass getting hurt.” She said with a huff before promptly stomping away, a trail of curses and frustrated words leaving her as she moved to a shaded area, away from where anyone could see her or bother her.ISSAAs the pale she-wolf stood in a flurry of movement, Issa realized that perhaps she’d been a bit … arrogant. Still, that gave Renae little right to snap at her. She could understand the frustration in a lost spar but damn, even she hadn’t been that moody as a pup. Issa stood stoically as the she-wolf growled and snarled about luck and next time and this and that. Honestly it was all a bit dramatic.Watching as she stomped away, Issa couldn’t help the huff of amusement that left her. The colorful words faded along with her pack mate bringing a small smirk to her face. The marduk didn’t think that her “baby ass” was the only reason the pale wolf lost but Issa would let her be. Though her reaction at the end was childish, the spar as a whole was really enjoyable. Issa hoped that a rematch would come in the future. And honestly, letting the pale wolf think that she’d been going easy on her now would make her next win so much better.
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