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Hi everyone!

This group has gotten far more active than I had ever anticipated, and now requires constant vigilance to keep submission acceptance and category sorting up to date. I have noticed that it is very common for people to submit images to the wrong folder, which makes my job a lot harder. Up until now, I have usually been willing to remind the person to submit to the correct folder, or sometimes just move it myself.

From now on, submissions to the wrong folder will be rejected without explanation. I no longer have the time to manually move dozens of images every day, and type out many comments for something that should be very self-explanatory. If you submit an image to this group and it is rejected without explanation, please check to ensure you've submitted to the correct folder - this will be by far the most common reason for rejection.

The biggest problem tends to be people submitted any and everything to "General Art", or "Animations" because it's the first folder alphabetically and evidently people are lazy. Here's a brief synopsis of the purpose for our most active folders, and what you should avoid.

General Art - NOT a wastebasket folder for "anything". This is a folder for living animals, portraits of scientists, and generalized concepts that relate to biology and evolution. Do NOT put artworks or photographs of prehistoric animals in this folder. This is by far the biggest submission problem we have. If the animal in question has gone extinct in the time of modern humans, then submission to the general folder is fine.

Paleoart - All submissions related to prehistoric taxa can go in this folder. This includes prehistoric Cenozoic animals, not just dinosaurs. Photographs of fossils can go EITHER in this folder or the "Photographs and Photomanipulations" folder. If you are unsure whether something is or is not paleoart, please don't hesitate to ask.

Charles Darwin - Anything related to Darwin goes in this folder. Anything related to any other evolutionary scientist goes in General Art. Yes, Darwin gets special status. This is his domain, after all.

Speculative Evolution - ALL spec evo goes here. Speculative dinosaur species go HERE, not in paleoart. Paleoart is for REAL ANIMALS ONLY. Also, we do not accept generalized dragons, Pokemon, Digimon, or other "evolution-related" cartoon fanart UNLESS it has some extenuating feature in the description or image that relates it uniquely to evolution. A sequence of Charmander "evolving" into Charmeleon is not evolution-related enough for this group.

That is all, carry on!
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Thanks. I was wondering that. :D