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Our group is for supporters of the theory of evolution and the scientific method. We accept art related to evolution, anti-creationism, anti-intelligent design, Charles Darwin, biology, genetics, dinosaurs, and other paleontology subjects. In addition to artwork, we encourage discussion and debate on our monthly topics. We do not oppose religion in general unless it interferes with science.
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Rules and submission guidelines

:bulletblack: Update October 2017: After 11 years of activity, our Paleoart folder is now full to capacity. I have closed this folder to submission attempts and have created a new folder for paleoart, Paleoart II, so please direct all artworks of prehistoric life to this folder and this folder only. Any paleoart submissions to the General folder will be declined without comment!

:bulletblack: Group conduct rules
  • Coming here to debate is fine, but please refrain from personal insults against the other members. A little more leeway is allowed when dealing with creationists who troll here (which happens occasionally), but still please avoid saying anything that would give this group a bad reputation.
  • As stated here, although this group opposes creationism, it has a neutral position with regard to religion in general. Attacking other members for their religion (or lack of religion) is not acceptable.
  • Please keep comments on group's journal entries and submissions on-topic.
  • Don't attempt to import drama from outside this community.

:bulletblack: Submission guidelines

1/30/14: Please read this!

The most basic rule for submissions here is that they need to be relevant to the subject of evolution. However, we receive a lot of submissions where it's not easy to determine whether or not they're relevant enough, so we also have some more specific guidelines about this.
  • Paleoart (reconstructions of prehistoric creatures) is always acceptable, as long as it's reasonably accurate.
  • Fanart from dinosaur-themed fiction, such as Jurassic Park or Primal Rage, is sometimes acceptable. Whether or not we'll accept it depends on whether it's accurate enough to be considered normal paleoart.
  • Speculative evolutionary scenarios (such as the evolution of an alien species) are acceptable, as long as enough emphasis is placed on the process by which they've evolved.
  • We'll accept submissions with either a pro-religious or anti-religious theme, as long as their focus is on evolution and/or anti-creationism.
  • Art of people who are important figures in the study of evolution is acceptable, as long as it focuses their work related to evolution more than their work in other areas.
  • There's no limit to how many total submissions a single user can have in the group, but users are limited to a maximum of five submissions per day.
  • We do not accept sketch submissions that have not been cleaned up in Photoshop or a similar program, and we also do not accept anything on lined notebook paper or graphing paper.
  • Please only submit artwork that you created yourself, or that you uploaded with the permission of the person who created it.





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Gallery Folders

Precambrian Rabbit by anatotitan
Ostrom and the Terrible Claw by RAPHTOR
Evolution of Birds by Eurwentala
Troodontidae by Polihierax
Paleoart I
Frozen Hamburger by Tupandactyl
La La Land by Tupandactyl
Tyrant King by Sketchy-raptor
Prehistoric Life: Austroraptor cabazai by HellraptorStudios
Paleoart II
Six Prehistoric Animals Vol3 by YellowPanda2001
Titanoboa Size by SameerPrehistorica
Extra stripey Tiger by LythroA
Pixel-Art Dilophosaurus wetherilli by Sir-Conor
General Art
Damn... by JeneryFilly
NOM NOM by JeneryFilly
Greeny by JeneryFilly
Happy Birthday by AleksaBG
Cartoons and Comics
Disneysaurs! by Smnt2000
Claiming the Throne Page 101 by Ikechi1
Colored Gertie the Dinosaur 1914 by Szymoonio
Sketch_Oculudentavis and Mr. Hyde by Smnt2000
Photographs and Photomanipulations
T-Rex Cafe: Jungle Pteranodon by MaastrichiangGuy
T-Rex Cafe: Dimorphodon by MaastrichiangGuy
T-Rex Cafe: Rhamphorhynchus by MaastrichiangGuy
T-Rex Cafe: Sitting Pteranodon by MaastrichiangGuy
Charles Darwin
Darwin Day 2019 by WorldsandCenturies
Confidence-Dissonance by AmericanDreaming
The Indelible Stamp by AmericanDreaming
Ignorance Begets Confidence by AmericanDreaming
Charts and Graphs
American alligator size comparison by Paleonerd01
Enantiornithes: tentative phylogenetic tree by Inmyarmsinmyarms
Ornithothoraces deconstruction by Inmyarmsinmyarms
The size of the Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) by Paleonerd01
Natgeosocus sorini  by mixtix-freeman
Pickeringius acanthophorus by Gogosardina
Calm down and accept it by Akhnaton-II
Evolve by Akhnaton-II
Speculative Evolution
Six Speculative Creatures Vol3 by YellowPanda2001
Crafts and Sculptures
V,mongoliensis hip bone by Pootis97
Animations and Interactive Art
Spinosaurus Roaring Animated Icon Base [FREE] by IrritatorRaji
Past Contest Submissions
Evolution of Dino-Chicken by Schatten-Drache
A folder that alphabetically precedes the others


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Please note the addition of a new addition to our submission guidelines: from now on we are only accepting submissions that were created by the person submitting them, or that were uploaded with the creator's permission. A few examples of things not allowed under this new guideline:
  • Renders of 3D models created by someone else. (However, original scenes that use someone else's models are acceptable, as long as the scene was created by the submitter.)
  • Video game screenshots, unless the screenshot is showing an original scene that was created in the game, such as a reconstruction of a paleo scene or a model created in Minecraft.
  • Images scanned from a book created by someone else.
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Champsosaurs apparently had nasal conchae to allow them to regulate their body temperature in cold waters. Warm blooded river dolphin analogues it is, then:…
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I Challenge You: 2019 EditionDear all,
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If you're curious, you can go look at the old journals here and here. The second edition blew up almost immediately, if I recall we had around 300-400 sign-ups. Well, it's been years and it's time to bring back this challenge game again! I'll try to make it happen once per year, hence why this is "2019 Edition" ;)
The idea explained in a few wo

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I used to believe in creation much more than evolution. I used to think evolution was just some dumb theory. But now that I’ve faced the evidence, evolution is more than just “a theory.” It’s beautiful and outstanding and it explains how life came to be in all of its glory. I am very interested in this group. Would you mind if I joined?
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hey there, to anyone who is interested in extinct animals, there is currently a kickstarter project about a card deck full of cool extinct critters! check it out here: +fav… +fav 
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so this place has gotten attacked by a religious zealot, a "biologist" who doesn't understand biology, and quite a few people who just didn't do research

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i love god. i believe in evolution also. i believe in jesus christ as well.
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Now, now guys, don't just reprimand him, provide a verse. Although in this case, the entire chapter is needed. When in Genesis, the word "yom" is said, it means "day" ONLY A 24HR DAY. There is no mistaking that the earth was made in six days. So... um... yeah. I know u wrote this years before but yeah.
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you can't believe in both you know .-.

read the bible
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You are ignorant.
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I wanted to know if there is any form of information on extinct eel species? sorry if this is bothersome in any way 
Gogosardina Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
What sort of eels are you after?

The earliest radiation of eel-like stem-Anguilliformes are from the lower Cenomanian Sannine Limestone, Lebanon (Abisaadia hakelensis, Anguillavus mazeni, Anguillavus quadripinnis, Luenchelys minimum, Urenchelys germanum)

The earliest crown-group anguilliform in the fossil record is probably Nardoechelys robinsi  from the Santonian-Campanian Calcari di Melissano, Italy which is generally accepted as early member of the living Ophicthidae (snake-eels).

Members of living eel genera make their appearance in the Eocene = eg. Anguilla ignota from the Messel Shales, Germany Echelus branchialis from the London Clay and Nettastoma belgica from the Lede Formation, Belgium.
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