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Usedom's forests II

And again I am not doing what I should XD
Painting made based on a photo I took near my house.Maybe it's not that realictic, but well, I think watercolor doesn't need to be too realistic ;)

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colour combinations too good
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Marzenie... Chciałabym tak posługiwać się akwarelkami :)
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Mam pytanie czym robisz liscie? Mnie zawsze jakies pokraki wychodza i nie potrafie zrobic takich lekkich poszarpanych listkow :( Twoje wygladaja drzewka swietnie <3
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Do liści używam starego, dużego pędzla, tak jakby rozczapierzam go, i maczam w farbie tylko końcówki ;) choć i tak te liście nie zawsze wychodzą takie, jakie powinny ;)
To się cieszę, dzięki :)
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Wiec powinnam tez zrobic sobie taki pedzel choc nie mam starego zepsutego bo strasznie dbam o pedzle i nawet stare sa w dobrej kondycji XD
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Beautiful art! the sky is such a lovely blue and the depth in this picture is great :D
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It doesn't have to be too realistic... After all, you'd only be a human photocopier and where's the fun in that? :)
This is very lovely by the way. Love the splatters of paint. :D
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Jeju, zajebiste! :D
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Your splendid work has been featured: [link]
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thank you so much!
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I don't think watercolor needs to be realistic at all! Its charm is in not-to-be-real!
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yeah, that's true :) thank you :)
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Absolutely beautiful. I wish I had talent like yours :)
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you just have to practice, and your pictures will be fabulous :) thank you :)
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This does to look realistic, a very nice job painting the atmosphere and background are right on, a job well done...
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This is gorgeous. :clap: Fantastic job.
Til-Til's avatar
It's so beautiful! :love:
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pieknie wyszly te drzewa:]
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to się cieszę, dzięki :)
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^^ nie ma sprawy:]
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Fantastic :love: The trees are perfect! :love:
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I wanted them to looks a bit different, but they are satisfying too :) thank you :)
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It does have realistic value to it. And it also makes it seem like a wonderful place to take walk in:)
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