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Little fairy and a normal human - how can they communicate?

I haven't painted anything with watercolors lately, I missed them ;)

Media: watercolors, black ballpen
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Turn the girl into a fairy, that'll solve the problem!
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Coś pięknego, stanowczo stworzyłaś tu klimat. I ta jesienna kolorystyka :] Bajka!
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This piece has a wonderful first impression - the color composition is great, the background is interesting yet fades away, and the lights really sparkle. I love the variations of green you’ve used throughout - from her shirt to the background, to her eyes, and the fairy’s own glow, it really lends itself to the concept of communicating with nature. The girl’s hair is really well suggested, too. I think I would suggest some improvement in the anatomy of the fairy. Specifically, the outstretched arm looks too long, which could be the result of positioning the shoulder too far to our right. Also, the transition from lower back to bottom to thigh could use some more curves, and the head looks too small for the length of the body. But really, I like this painting! It’s a great blend of delicacy and boldness, and the color relationships really sing!
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wow, that long post, I really appreciate that, thank you :) Indeed, I still have problems with anatomy, I will work on it :) I am happy that you like the colors, thank you :)
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The colors are really lovely :heart:
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I love all the green, and the hair is very well done~
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Dalej ponawiam swoje pytanie z profilu głównego... Ale rysunek jest kapitalny! :)
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Ładny styl i ciekawie zrobione tło ^^
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Śliczne kolorki. ^^
Bardzo klimatyczna pracka. ;)
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Beautiful! You are madly skilled at watercolors (i am just learning them and it is painful :faint:)

Awesome work :D
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Piękne światło w tle i urocze detale :) Cudeńko :)
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O.O cool, how do you paint the little beads in her wrist without combining with the rest of the paint?
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I used a masking fluid for this and for the wings, after painting the background and the skin I wiped off fluid and painted there with red watercolor :) Useful thing, but it could be cheaper ^^"
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podoba mi się kolorystyka ^^
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Bardzo ładne, trzeba przyznać.
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Fajne kolory :)
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Omg ten wróżka to goły facet! :O

Fajne, wiosenne takie :D chociaż profil tej typiarki przypomina mi trochę oposa :D ale kolorki bardzo przyjemne ;)
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Tak jeest, ten wróżka to najprawdopodobniej on ;)

oposa XD nooo, moze troche zbyt zadarty ten nos, ale zeby opos XD
dzieki :)
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Moje skojarzenia są zazwyczaj bardzo abstrakcyjne [żeby nie powiedzieć absurdalne] :D
:sun: wioooosnaaa :aww:
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