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Small opening in the forest

Another watercolor!
This time, small opening in the forest, in the beginning of the autumn.
I'm still searching for the good way of using these paints.
But it's fun :D
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Beautiful scenery. I love this painting.
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very beautiful Heart 
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you have such a talent with watercolor!
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Beautiful! I feel like I could walk into this scene.
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This is a lovely landscape painting!
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I love your landscape! :cuddle:
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Wow, I was really stunned when I first looked at this piece. Such skill and talent! I'm not even sure if I have anything to add!

Anyway, aurumart-seed admin here, here to critique this little jewel in terms of composition, even though I don't think I have anything but good to say on it!

Your colors are delightful, absolutely gorgeous. I've struggled with color and honestly don't have much experience in it, but I can still appreciate good color choices when I see them! As for the composition itself, you did a wonderful job of balancing the foliage of the trees with the grass near the bottom and avoided making it look lop-sided or unbalanced. My eyes are drawn all over the painting, but especially around the area where the light hits the leaves on the trees, especially the yellowing leaves, and I'm really left with that impression of early fall that you were going for.

Overall this is very very well done, and I'm thoroughly impressed with your gorgeous work!
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Soooooo Beautiful!
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Was this done from life? I like the textures.
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well, most of my forest pictures were painted based on a picture, but this one was made purely from imagination :) thank you:)
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Wow... It looks like you drew heavan! It simply so beautiful. I love how you used splotches of red
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Very pretty. It looks so natural :)
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Wonderfull watercolor, congrats!!
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śliczne *_*
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Nooo ja też jestem pełna podziwu :) to drzewo w tle po prawej pieknie oświetlone jesiennym słońcem, generalnie jest czad i oby tak dalej :D
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Moim zdaniem wyszła ekstra. Chyba najładniejsza z tych, które dotąd namalowałaś.
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Beautiful landscape! I can't use watercolors well but this just makes me want to dive in the meduim again!
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It's really beautiful..
If you are still looking for the best way to use it, you will get far..
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"I'm still searching for the good way of using these paints. "

Are you sure you haven't already found it?
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Well, I'm definietly closer to that than I was not so long ago, but well, my paintings are still far from how I want them to look like.
But thank you :)
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