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Palm Tree

There's still so much time till summer, ahh. I just wanna lay on the beach and swin in the sea ;)

This time - Victor, Yvessen Flowers
Sorry for anatomical errors, I still have much much to learn... But I just wanted to draw a guy once in a while ;)

Pencil, Photoshop, Wacom tablet
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Critique requested from #AurumART-Seed:

First of all I would like to say that I really like the composition of your picture. I also adore his face :heart: His eyes are very expressive. I actually think that the anatomy is quite well done and the shading is really great :D

If I should suggest something it would be to put more emphasis on the palm tree. Even if it isn`t in the the main focus, adding texture to the trunk would give your picture more dimension. Now your piece looks somewhat one-dimensional. Keep in mind the rules of perspective when rendering waves, which should become deeper as they come nearer to you.Water in a shore will have a smooth curving shape as it laps in on the sand.

Thank you for participating in the Critique day event :)
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Yeah, I should work more on the background. I focused rather on his body, than the water ;)
Thank you, a critique like that is always helpful :)
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Nono, jaki przystojniak z zezem zbiżnym XDD
Ładny mu nos narysowałaś :)
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zeza ma? o_o hm nie widzę tego, ale hm, może może :/
dzieki ;)
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Niewielki co prawda, ale wciąż zez :D
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Fajne kolorki, oczka tylko trochę płaskie przydałoby się wiecej cieni na galce ocznej i wokol na powiekach. I bardzo fajne morze w tle świenty kolor :)
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A możliwe.. zawsze najwięcej czasu poświęcam na twarz, ale widać i tak coś przeoczę ;) dzięki :) Szkoda że nasze może nie ma takiej barwy ;)
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reety, jak ja pisze x_x
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Kewwwll . What tablet do you have, btw?
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wacom bamboo fun, a5 :)
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Not to bad for male appearance, you should try rounding the chest less when shading though :) Work with them more as square :D
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hm, that's a good idea, I really don't have much experience in drawing guys chests ^^" thanks :)
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No probs, I love drawing male chests XD
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Fajne koorowanie ciała :D
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Jaki przystojniak :)
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why do you think so? ;)
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