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Last apple this summer

There is one thing I like, in the process of drawing... making these strokes on the hair XD

Unnamed girl, trying to reach the last apple from this tree. Summer is passing, with not too many really warm days. I was like, two times on the beach? :/

Media: pencil, SAI for lineart and photoshop for colors

Are colors also so bright on your monitors? :o on the laptop, where I was drawing that, it was ok, on pc they are somehow very saturated :/
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Absolutely love this one! The stylization, but especially the perspective!
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  and no  the colors are not over saturated. It's pretty good
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  Either I'm really cold (physically) or there's something warm I like about this picture
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great work !!! wonderful colors !!!!!
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Oj te Ewy!Rewelacja!
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*.* Art... perception... concept... all so beautiful...
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Aurumart-seed admin again, thanks for participating in our critique-day event!

I'll be giving my thoughts on the composition of your piece here, so bear in mind that these are my own opinions and thoughts, and I too have a looooot to learn!

I personally don't feel like the colors are saturated at all. They're bright and lively, yes, but not overly so. I think you did a very good job of placing the girl near the center of the drawing and directing her eyes moreso to the viewers than to the apple itself. There's something intoxicating and alive about her eyes, and they're probably my favorite part of this.

My only complaint is that the lineart on the apple and the leaves seems a little too thick and contrasts the colors pretty sharply. This isn't a bad thing, it just doesn't seem to fit the lively feel that I think this piece has, almost like it's bordering around your pretty colors, instead of complimenting them.

Another wonderful piece, really. I'm impressed by your gallery, and slightly jealous! Thanks again for participating in our event, and i hope to see more of your work pop up in our galleries!
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This is beautiful.
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Love the perspective on this!!
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It is actually very saturated, but it is nice this way! And I love the perspective :happybounce:
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Love the perspective and foreshortening on this.The color is perfect.
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Wow o.o what a creative idea!
Great work especially on the hands and hair :3
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Śliczne :) Jabłuszko wygląda na bardzo smaczne, ale chyba najbardziej podobają mi się oczka :)
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Cudowne~! Świetne ujęcie, kolory i wszystko :love:
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This is awesome! I love the angle :D
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Lovely colours and the girl is pwetty~ :D
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Podobają mi się włosy i trawa, świetnie zrobione. Liście trochę mi tu nie pasują do całej reszty i może linie powinny być jeszcze cieńsze?
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Możliwe.. chciałam, by było widać, że te liście są bliżej kamery, ale może i przesadziłam z grubością linii, hm :/
Dzięki :)
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widzę zmianę proporcji twarzy. zajebiście na plus!
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A tak, próbuję się zastosować do Twoich rad :) Choć trudno wyzbyć się złych przyzwyczajeń ;)
dzięki :)
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Podobają mi się kolory, jabłko i... włosy tej dziewczyny ^^ Włosy robiłaś na Photoshopie?? ;>
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Tak, wszystko prócz lineartu robiłam w photoshopie :)

Dzięki :)
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